Cooking in the Shinra Tower

Tseng doesn’t cook unless absolutely necessary, and even then, he only cooks the barest minimum.  He does, however, have an excellent collection of take-out menus, and over his years with Shinra, he’s slowly become the guy who always knows the best places to eat.  A running joke has it that if Tseng ever retires from the Turks, he would end up writing for various food magazines in Midgar.

Reno can cook, but he rarely does.  In fact, the only proof anyone has that he can cook is the one time Rude was too sick to get out of the bed, food kept appearing on his nightstand every time Reno dropped by to check on him.  There was a suspicious lack of take-out boxes in the trash when Rude eventually stumbled into the kitchen.  As it stands, Rude has never asked, and Reno has never volunteered.  He will help cut vegetables though, if someone else is cooking, but it is generally a good idea to give him more vegetables than are actually needed, because he grazes while he cuts.

Rude, Junon boy at heart, grew up with thick fish stews and chowders and more seafood than almost anything else.  He still prefers seafood, but he cooks far more Wutaian these days, especially after cooking with Reeve and for Tseng became a common thing.  He’s okay with that though, because the Little Wutai markets in Upper Eight are far better stocked than the few Junon specialty shops he has found.

Elena bakes, but she doesn’t cook.  And even more importantly, she bakes by look and feel more than by any sort of actual recipe.  She occasionally jots down notes when she particularly likes something she’s come up with, but everyone knows better than to actually expect her to ever make the same thing again.  Reeve often steals her notes and formulates actual recipes out of them.

Reeve both cooks and bakes, but he is a stickler for recipes.  Almost everything he’s ever made has been handwritten onto an index card in a set of perfectly labeled boxes in his kitchen.  He has a box purely for Tseng’s favorites and a box purely for Elena’s confections.  Everyone in Urban Dev fights for the privilege of attending a meeting with Reeve, because everyone knows that no matter how long the meeting may be, Reeve always brings an assortment of homemade baked goods to thank everyone for their patience.

Rufus likes to watch people cook, and he can cook breakfast.  Truthfully, he could probably cook anything he wanted if he bothered to try, but the fact is, he prefers to eat out, if only because he can have it delivered to his office where it will sit in his fridge for a few days until Tseng comes by and demands to know the last time Rufus ate.  Then it will be reheated and Rufus will eat it, just to make Tseng happy.

Sephiroth has been a vegetarian for years, and he doesn’t often let anyone else prepare his food.  Among SOLDIERs, this is often viewed as another point of his finicky nature, but the truth is, the sheer number of experiments and extreme stress his body is under has left him with dozens of allergies.  It’s easier and safer for him to prepare his own food, and he’s learned what he can and can’t cook with.  He will, however, eat food that Reeve has prepared if Reeve knew he was coming by.

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Eh that's alright, I knew it might be a long shot :P Can I substitute that for Cloud has a long lost (identical?) twin brother au?

  1. No one is exactly sure about the circumstances surrounding Claudia Strife’s pregnancy. She did try to hide it, then she disappeared. She reappeared again carrying a baby boy. Some say she had an affair with some wealthy man and he paid her a handsome sum to shut her up. It was…almost the truth. 
  2. Cloud Strife tried his luck in Midgar eighteen years later. One day the train he was on halted and he was dragged off by two men in blue suits. He had no idea what was going on, nor why he was being chastised for running away. “Love what you tried to do with your hair.” “What are you talking about? It’s always looked like this. Where the fuck are you taking me.” 
  3. Rufus ShinRa returned to the building to see the Turks trying to make some slum urchin take his place. Luckily said urchin was having none of it. “For Minerva’s sake, I’m from fucking Nibelheim! I’ve been in this city for less than a month!” Rufus had to admit, this guy looked…almost exactly like him, except for the hair. 
  4. The two get to talking and start to realize that they really are kind of identical. Even their fingerprints match (which was how the Turks confused Cloud with the real VP). Cloud is released with a half-hearted apology. Rufus confronts his father about his mother. He learns nothing. His father is admant that his mother died in childbirth. 
  5. Rufus finds a Turk who is willing to talk. The President apparently had a small scandal around Nibelheim. There was a woman, probably his mother. She had wanted to keep him, but President ShinRa made sure Rufus was whisked away before she could have her say. There was a nurse though, rather shifty like she was hiding something. Something like the second-born twin. Rufus starts to look up Cloud again, as well as his birth mother. They have a lot to catch up on. 


    Emerging from a dark corridor into Twilight Town once again, Axel stood atop of the stairs that would most likely lead to the Sandlot, where Struggle battles and competitions are held. Waving a hand, the dark portal had disperse into thin air, a few fragments of darkness floating to the skies and disappearing completely. He had to find this invisible heartless that was hidden somewhere in the town, or the woods in that matter. A sigh was cast from his lips as he rubbed the back of his neck, “Let’s get this over with I guess..” He mumbled lowly, starting his ascend down the beige steps.

So, I drew this lovely self-portrait a month ago, around when the FF7 remake was announced. It’s only until now I got around to animating is properly, thanks to my friend Sean’s AfterEffects guidance! (Critical error: this image is also missing Reno. But I was too lazy to add him later). <3



In all honesty, walking among the realm where those that lived dwell was something that yet to have processed within the Yuke’s mind. It is, perhaps, still one of the oddest things. The Lilty culture, having changed so much from the yellowed paged books that littered where Amidatelion lived, was something most unusual (but it is not as if Yuke culture itself had not changed).

Yet, even if Lilty culture had so changed, there was the issue of those gawking at them, as if seeing a being that had no flesh was the most absurd and impossible thing (but there wasn’t many that saw walking armors around the realm of reality, was there?). It might have been amusing to one that knew both stories of the Yuke and the one that kept staring at such being. The golden helm turned, feet had halted, and the sun so shimmered upon the rare and exotic metals that made of their armor– their flesh. “Do you need assistance?” There was no such mocking tone, but rather a half-serious question.

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AGSZC + Culinary Academy AU for the AU thingy cuz I'm super curious and just done reading Shokugeki no Souma (it's a cooking manga btw) > 3 <

Just to warn you, my idea of Culinary Art is baking chicken without burning it. I have fairly low standards when it comes to food. And I might have made this just a kitchen AU instead of Culinary Academy. Sorry, I try to work around things I don’t have knowledge about. 

  1. The five work in the same kitchen of an upscale restaurant. Angeal is the chef and Genesis is his sous-chef. Sephiroth is a Saucier (person who makes sauces and hors d’oeuvres) who has only recently started working there, but has a good reputation. Zack is currently an apprentice, but Angeal has plans to hire him permanently when he finishes his studies. Cloud is a rather independent pâtissier. 
  2. There is tension between Sephiroth and Genesis. Genesis believes Sephiroth is rather stuck up and full of himself when in reality, Sephiroth just doesn’t know where he fits in just yet and is trying to lay low. It’s Cloud who opens up to him first. “Gen can be a jackass, just let it go.” 
  3. Zack is eternally trying to make up for a bad review he believes he earned their restaurant. Angeal let him try to make one of the signature dishes. It wasn’t perfect, but Angeal thought it was up to their standards. 
  4. There’s a momentary panic when major food critic Rufus ShinRa makes an appearance in the dining room. ShinRa is yet to give them anything, but a mediocre review. They are determined to change that. They pull out all the stops. Sephiroth even “borrows” Zack to help him with some of the garnishes. It doesn’t look good for them, however.
  5. Cloud suddenly takes the dessert Rufus ordered and marches out there himself. “Quit being a fucking dick and get out of my restaurant.” Rufus laughs at his ex-boyfriend and admits everything was perfect. Except desert. “Good to see you’re still a fucking prick Rufus.” 

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“Amuse Me”

The first time she sees him in years, he’s in jail and she’s now Empress.
Through the plexiglass she can see how unkind a WRO detention center is, and her features harden slightly for a second, before the guard on the other side brings him the meal that she had prepared for him. An eyebrow rises at her kindness, and she chips through the handset, “It’s from Tseng. Eat up.”
So he does, and she fills him in on Tseng, using his new name and new life, then she moves on to the relocation ideas, and he hardens for a moment, a fork and knife coming to rest on the plate.
“Yuffie–” It’s a warning, telling her not to get involved with this issue, leaving this all to him, and she cracks a smile at him, bouncing her own son on her knee, before placing him in the hands of her caretaker. Her wranglers leave, and the guards step out for a moment, and she leans forward and drops the handset, facing away from the cameras and everything else–
She’s been waiting for an opening–
So she mouths: “Bails posted. Fight.”

Final Fantasy: Advent Children Booty Headcanons

Kadaj- bubble butt. It’s super cute, and hella mesmerising. He can hypnotise people with his goddamn cute ass. Not very firm, but it’s nice to grab.
Loz- absolute booty god. No wonder they wanted so many shots of it. Muscular and toned, you can’t help but wanna squeeze it.
Yazoo- it’s nice, but it’s not earth shattering. He’s really self conscious about it. That’s why he grew his hair, he’s trying to get it long enough to cover his ass.
Sephiroth- mystery, his hair covers it. Rumoured to be like Loz, muscly and toned. Cloud won’t confirm anything.
Cloud- So muscled it’s friggen painful. Feels like a damn statue. You try to grope it and your fingers break. The joke is that he purposely works it to be like that. Again, he won’t confirm.
Reno- literally no ass. At all. Flat and pathetic. It’s the source of much ridicule.
Rude- average. Boring. Nothing to get excited about.
Shinra- it’s flat. Reno puts that down to Rufus always sitting down. He does butt-toning exercises, but they make no difference.
Vincent- fucking glorious. The ass of a true god. Shame that bloody cape gets in the way of the view -3-
Tifa- averaaage. Not even vaguely impressive. I guess it’s toned, but still… Eh.
Elena- cute. Super cute. No one’s ever grasped the booty tho bc she has a sixth sense for people hunting for the booty and she falcon punches them before they can say a word in defence.
Tseng- CARDBOARD AF. Flat and bland. Boriiiing.
Yuffie- Also cute. Fun to grope.
Jenova- 2 words: Nicki Minaj.
Barret- uncomfortably muscled, like Cloud.
Aerith- she’s so pure and godly nobody has the guts to comment. Come on, guys. It’s just her butt. Gawd.

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Cloud/Rufus >.>

  • Who was the one to propose:

Cloud, but Rufus tells everyone it was him because he needs to “be in control of his own fate.”  Cloud thinks it’s weird but whatever.

  • Who stressed more over wedding planning:

Cloud, because he did most of it.  Rufus just sat there thinking wedding get planned by themselves or something.

  • Who decorated the house:

Cloud moved into Rufus’s penthouse, so it was already decorated, but Cloud took it as his own personal job to break the black and white minimalist crap Rufus had going on to bring in more color and make it feel more homey. 

  • Who does the cooking:

A cook.  Cloud can make a few things but he’s not the greatest cook in the world, and two grown men can’t live on mac and cheese and pizza.

  • Who is more organized:

Rufus.  Oh god, Rufus.  Cloud is fairly messy, mostly because of his depression, but it drives Rufus up the wall that Cloud can just leave his dirty underwear on the bathroom floor

  • Who initiates bedroom fun:

Rufus does.  And if he’s not being a 100% completely asshole about it, Cloud might just let him actually get off.

  • Who suggested kids first:

Neither.  Cloud has Marlene and Denzel that he still cares for, and Rufus lowkey dislikes the idea of children in general because he doesn’t want to be “Old Man Shinra” ever.

  • Who’s more dominant:

Rufus.  He’s a spoiled baby at times and very used to getting his way, and Cloud is generally just content to go with the flow

  • Who’s the cuddler:

Cloud.  Rufus isn’t huge on physical displays of affection, and has a very big personal space bubble, but he becomes more tolerant of chocobo cuddles once he understand that Cloud is just naturally affectionate and not intending to piss him off.

  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:

Cloud is eternal little spoon.  See above, but also because little spoon is best spoon.

  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:

Cloud likes tinkering with Fenrir quite a lot, if no one had noticed, and Rufus enjoys watching him work.  He doesn’t enjoy actually being in the garage though, so most of the time, Cloud doesn’t have a lot of time to get things done before Rufus makes up an excuse to go somewhere less filthy.

  • Who comes home drunk at 3am:

Neither.  Cloud doesn’t like being drunk in general, and if he does drink he’ll be either at home or at Seventh Heaven where he won’t have to drive home.  Rufus pretty much only drinks wine, and he would rather avoid having a hangover, so doesn’t overindulge.

  • Who kills the spiders:

Cloud.  Growing up in the country got him used to creepy crawlies and dealing with them, and Rufus is mildly freaked out by spiders.

  • Who falls asleep first:

Rufus has a somewhat regular sleep schedule, and Cloud’s mental illnesses mean he’s often up late trying to figure out why his life is the way it is.  Rufus sometimes wakes up to pee in the middle of the night and finds him staring at a wall, and he forces him into bed because even if he won’t sleep, he can at least try to rest in some way.

  • A head canon:

Cloud eventually gets a therapy puppy and names it Zack, and Rufus thinks it’s more than a little weird that he would name an animal after someone dead.

  • Their relationship summed up in a gif:
  • Do they have any “rituals”?

Does Cloud waking up to Rufus touching his butt and hoping to get lucky on a regular basis count as a ritual?  They also go to the villa in Costa Del Sol at least once every summer.

  • Who is louder?

Rufus.  Just.  Rufus.

  • Who is more experimental?

Sexually, Rufus tries to be, but unless he’s exploring something new while he’s masturbating, he doesn’t really get that far.

  • Who takes more risks?

Cloud.  We all know he’s an adrenaline junkie who likes extreme sports and junk.

  • Do they fuck or make love?

If it was up to Cloud, neither, but when they do have sex, they make love.

  • Lights on or off?

Lights off.  It’s just less awkward.

  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?

Rufus.  Cloud cannot count the number of times he’s walked in the bedroom to see Rufus jerking off and just noped out of there.

  • Who is more likely to suggest a threesome?

Rufus is the only one who would, and Cloud would very angrily say no 100% of the time.

  • Who comes first?

Rufus does, because sex is all about him.  Cloud doesn’t really like to come at all unless he’s in the right mood.  The stars have to be aligned just right for Cloud to want to come.

  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it?

Cloud, out of necessity, frickin rocks at giving a blowjob.  If given the choice to blow Rufus or do the actual do, he’d rather get it over with quickly.

  • Who is more submissive?

Again, Cloud, out of necessity.

  • Who usually initiates things?

Rufus is the only one interested in starting things anyway sooooo.

  • Who is more sensitive?

Rufus because he is very not so secretly a hedonist.

  • Who has the most patience?

When it comes to sex, it’s sure not Cloud.

  • Which kinks do they share?

Cloud pretty much has no kinks, so none of them, I guess.

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Send me a ship; 

  • Who was the one to propose: Neither of them did, they can’t get married, they have to think about Rufus’s reputation.
  • Who decorated the house: Rufus, he’s the boss and he wants things to be like he wants it.
  • Who does the cooking: Rude, Rufus doesn’t even know how to use the micro. But Rufus is the one who fix them dinners in really fancy restaurants. 
  • Who is more organized: Rufus.
  • Who initiates bedroom fun: 70% of the times it’s Rufus, 27% of the time Rude, 3% of the time Reno, but Rude kicks him out when he does that.
  • Who suggested kids first: Neither of them.
  • Who’s more dominant: Rufus out side the bed, in bed 50/50.
  • Who’s the cuddler: Rufus, that man requires a lot of physical touch, rough childhood.
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Rufus easily gets cold so he demands Rude spooning him. 
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: That’s a short list, most of their relationship is built on sex. But they enjoy to drink and eat dinners together.
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am: They comes together, often Rude supporting or lifting a drunk Rufus who had too much to drink on one of the company’s official partys.
  • Who kills the spiders: Rufus.
  • Who falls asleep first: Rufus, Rude waits for Rufus to fall asleep first before he does.
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif:
  • Who is louder?: Rufus, because he’s too rich to give a fuck.
  • Who is more experimental?: Rufus.
  • Who takes more risks?: Rufus, because Rude is usually really protective of the president.
  • Lights on or off?: Lights and socks off, because the president says so.
  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?:
  • Who is more likely to suggest a threesome?: Rufus, he has a thing for Turks so he wonders what happens if you involve a couple of them in bed~
  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it?: Rude, and Rufus loves to get them.
  • Who is more sensitive?: Rufus, but he won’t admit it.
  • Who has the most patience?: Rude.

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"How would you like to earn a reward?"

The words were well placed, sharp. 

He’d waited for the room to clear, for her to turn her back to him. He had waited for her to walk away before calling out. And elegantly, neck turned, eyes still heavy and half lidded. Interest somewhat piqued as hand rested on the doorframe of his office. 

Their game– 

She reminded herself, this was all part of their game, their power struggle between the pair. Truly, she had struggled to maintain her privacy, to keep herself secluded from his prying eyes, but he had eyes and ears everywhere, yet she was not faultless– signing a contract to work exclusively for him. Thus, in turn she had opened herself up to those invading her past– so he could try to read her like a book. Yet, she had done the same, sizing him up like some meal, however, the drawback was while she was wildfire– coming across clearings and burning those in her path, he was ice, slowly drowning her out, muting the flames with every touch. 

What do you m e a nRufus?”

As Phoenix would rise.

It was a simple ring, really – old, worn out both by years and hands that once wore it, and made from the very first Mythil their forefathers had dug with their own grime coated and sweaty hands from the mine to the south of Midgar. 

To some, it was a reminder of how far Shin-Ra Inc. has came. To his father, it was a relic of past and a shameful recollection of their heritage. 

And ashamed, were he not? Rufus would like to think that was one of the reasons why the ring was not on Rufus’ ring finger right now. Instead the crudely engraved silvern letter set that has long represented the might of Shin-Ra was burning a bright vermilion, licked by the flame inside Snr’s cold, dull and lifeless fireplace. 

‘You can’t shape Mythil without great heat’, his grandfather had said when the ring was first passed to Rufus. His father had wanted nothing to do with it, nor the senile man. 

Rufus’ failed attempt at overthrowing Shin-Ra Snr. had been a disappointment to both of them. 

So off, the first layer to his pristine jacket was to be shrugged; next, came the tie and the waistcoat. The white sleeves of his shirt were the last to be rolled up. 

“Sir?”, came a concern call from Tseng who stood just by the door, a flip-opened PHS in his right hand. They were negotiating the term of Rufus’ transportation earlier after Snr.’s dramatic leave. 

“Do you know how Phoenix raises from flame, Turk?” The last of Rufus’ right sleeve was rolled up and he knelt down. The flame from the fireplace cast a vermilion lick in his arctic orbs, making them nearly burning aglow. ”Covered in its soot.” 

And into the flame, he reached, flesh sizzling when met with heat and sticking when kissed by metal. 

But the ring was back in his hand when he stood up. It was a second before Tseng rushed forward with a first aid. 

“But Phoenix doesn’t remember.”, Rufus remembered saying. 

“I do.”     

So is the branding on his palm.