I asked everyone who placed an order for those Final Fantasy VII playing cards who their fav FFVII character was, so I could include a print as a gift.

Plan is to turn these into stickers sometime down the track. Stay tuned!

Hi! Ireland was hit recently with a hurricane called Leviathan Ophelia. We’re grand, nothing phases us :D 

Coincidentally, I saw this on the day it happened, so I changed my phone background as appropriate, and thought I would share ~ 

Your art is absolutely gorgeous, I love your AUs, and I follow you on my personal blog. This one’s my RP blog for Rufus ShinRa :D 

Thanks, @theshinraheir!  I made this doodle when my city was about to be blasted by Hurricane Irma, so it’s fitting that you’d use it hahahahaha! Hope you and your family and friends stay safe!! <3 <3 <3

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Cloud and Noctis

-You bet your fucking ass these two will get along well.

-They’re both shy, awkward and are edgy as shits. They both have chocobo hairstyles, black and yellow.

-When they first meet each other, expect them to be shy at first. They would just say a simple “Hello” or wave and shy away later on. They aren’t really good at interaction.

Prompto, Yuffie and Zack

-They’re full of energy, holy shit.

-Yuffie and Zack would take turns for (fight over) Prompto’s camera, trying it out or playing with it. 

-They’re active, funny and clumsy sometimes. They’re also really cute and they run like hell.

Ignis and Vincent

-Both serious.

-They’re usually quiet but they talk a lot about their main protagonist and say how much they have to deal with them. 

-The two would both compliment each other’s outfits.

Gladiolus, Barret and Tifa

-These three are strong ass fighters. Gladio loves women who’re independent and strong on their own. He might have a little crush on Tifa.

-Barret gets in the way and wants to wallet him with his gun.

-The three would have a contest on who’s the strongest.

Lunafreya and Aerith

-Both die from the main antagonist by the use of a blade.

-The protagonist cries or just feels crippling depression inside of them while they mourn over the dead…girls…idfk. The main antagonist doesn’t give any shits and fucks off.

-Both are addicted to fucking flowers, especially Aerith, she collects them and sells them for PROFITTTTTTTT!!1!1!

Jenova and Gentiana

-I can see these two getting along quite well.

-Basically talk about history and their lives of being surrounded by idiots and taking care of people, which they don’t want to.

-Has to be included with something about the main antagonist.

Ravus and Rufus

-Both start with the letter “R”

-Kind of the antagonist.

-Both blame the antagonist or their relative for doing something that causes them to get revenge.

-I can see them talking seriously, wanting to get revenge. They both wear white coats as well.

Ardyn and Sephiroth

-Are both the main antagonist

-Harass the protagonist in any sort of way.

-Kill their female friend.

-One winged asshole.

-If they had a pet chocobo, they would name it after the protagonist, lmao. Sephiroth’s would be “Cloud” and Ardyn’s would be Noctis”, because their chocobos are black and yellow.


Cor and Sephiroth

-wanna see my katana collection?

Most Anticipated Things in Final Fantasy VII REMAKE

Cross-dressing Cloud

“Evil Dragon King” Theater Play during Gold Saucer Date

Cloud Destroying Participating the Marching Soldiers at Junon

Red XIII Attempting A Disguise as Human

Hojo Chillin’ Out at Costa del Sol with Bikini Babes in Full Lab Suit

Vincent Vampire Valentine Rising from the Dead (lol)

Naked Sephiroth at Northern Crater #DemnAbs


Knights of Round Summon so you have time to go to the toilet

and more importantly…





Since the Shinra photo book is taking forever and a day, gathered up a few of my faves and made a photo collage.

A2 poster (17 x 23 in), on 160gsm card, which I’ll be selling at any cons I trade at this year. I imagine postage will make them prohibitively expensive for overseas buyers, but they’re $20USD + whatever postage/handling is (likely to be around $10USD but don’t quote me just yet) if anybody’s interested. Ping me over the messaging system if you are and we’ll sort something out.