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Crumbling Hinata's "sacrifice"

A lot of people bring out Hinata’s HUGE sacrifice against Pain, when she gave her own life to save Naruto. However, when I read the manga, I find a completely different thing. WARNING: this is anti-Hinata, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. I’m not answering to anyone.


Well, let’s start. A really important thing for what’s coming afterwards is the following. We all perfectly know what is Tendo Pain’s ability: Shinra Tensei and Banshou Tennin. It’s basically the same technique, with the only difference that one attracts and the other one repels.

In chapter 434, Pain uses both. You can see them here:

This may mean nothing since Pain has used this technique like a thousand of times and the whole Konoha knows how it works, but it’s important because of what comes next:

Within the same chapter, we can see that Hinata is observing the battle, which means that she is watching how is Pain using these techniques against Naruto.

So we have a thing to be completely sure about: Hinata Hyuuga realizes how Tendo Pain’s techniques work.

But that’s not it, we also have the following:

In the same chapter, Hinata sees that Naruto is in trouble and runs after him. Fortunately the ninja that’s with her lets her know that she’ll be useless down there. Because it’s that way, in such a high degree battle, Hinata would just disturb.

It is then that Hinata stops, thinks about it and decides to stay. The fact that she had tried to go to the battlefield once, and then, thinking in a reasonable way, she had decided to stay, it’s really important. It means that she had time to think over and realize that she really couldn’t do anything against Pain. Or does anybody here believe that Hinata would just watch if she had the slightest chance of helping? Of course not! If she accepted that she’d be just an obstacle is because she accepted that she would’ve to be saved. 

So, to sum up, we can make a conclusion… Hinata knows she can’t help Naruto because she had the chance of thinking over it.


And now we go to chapter 437, when Hinata finally makes herself present in the battlefield. We all know that Naruto is in big trouble and needs help. But then… why does Hinata go? If three chapters ago she accepted she can’t help him, just disturb… is she being impulsive? No, because she already reasoned about this subject and knows how things are, like I explained earlier. The answer is: suicide.

Hinata is being suicidal.

And it’s now when we ask to ourselves: did Hinata really go to the battlefield to sacrifice herself for Naruto? Did she actually go to help him? And we’ll find the answer in the next part of the analysis.

Oxford says that sacrifice means this:

3. an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.

Which means that a Hinata that is sacrificing herself must be giving up something valued to her (her life) for Naruto’s well-being. But… where is Naruto’s well-being? It seems she didn’t think about it. 

Hinata’s first action is jumping to the battlefield and placing herself between Naruto and Pain. So, we’ve already seen that Hinata clearly knows that she can’t do anything against Pain… and she goes and stands before him ALONE?

Hinata could’ve called Ino, Sakura, Chouji, etc… if some of them faced Pain while the others took that black bars out of Naruto’s body, even if they all died, it would be a sacrifice for the village, a sacrifice for Naruto’s sake.

But, who did Hinata call? Nobody at all.

She went alone and that can’t be justified with the desperation she felt that moment because she already had time to analyze the situation.

She went alone because she wanted to, even knowing that she had no possibilities. 

“Hinata, what are you doing here? Go away, you have no…!”

“I know.”

It’s pretty clear in that panel. She is totally aware that she has no possibilities… so, what is she doing there? She admits she can’t help at all but she still goes to the battlefield. Why didn’t she call her comrades? Oh, well… she tells us why: she’s being selfish.

She isn’t there to help Naruto. You don’t go to help anybody if you know you’re not capable of doing it. No.

And this famous sentence is the one that confirms what we suspected: Hinata is going to commit suicide.

“If it is to protect you, I’m not afraid of dying”

What she says is absolutely right. She didn’t go to the battlefield to help him or to save him, she went to die protecting him.

And then, the famous love confession:

I love you, Naruto-kun”. 

This summarizes everything: she went to confess and die. She commits suicide, but before she confesses her love. That’s it. Oh, yeah… she frees herself from her emotional burden, but she charges Naruto with the sorrow of her death for the rest of his life.

She was going to confess before commiting suicide. That’s why she didn’t take her comrades. That’s why she attacked Pain FRONTALLY knowing his abilities (like I highlighted in point I). That’s why she didn’t try to help him.

Hinata wasn’t there to help Naruto.

That’s what she meant when she said she was being selfish. She didn’t go to help him, she simply went to die like a hero before his eyes.

Some good help would’ve been trying to remove the black bars out of Naruto’s body. If she didn’t succeed, it would still be considered a sacrifice because she would really have done it for the blonde’s sake. But unfortunately, Hinata didn’t do anything for Naruto’s sake and if she died it was because she wanted to.  

She attacks Pain frontally, and as we expected (and as she expected too), he kicks her ass only with one Shinra Tensei. 

It was a simple suicide.

Then Naruto loses his mind, frees the Kyuubi and saves himself, but of course that Hinata couldn’t see that coming.


To end with this, I must admit that Hinata’s character caused me nausea.

Instead of trying to help Naruto, she commits suicide in front of him. And yes, it is a suicide because she knows she has no possibilities and she still makes a front attack.

How can that be considered a sacrifice? She didn’t look for a way to save him or help him. She didn’t block a single attack, she didn’t try to take that bars off him, she didn’t ask her comrades for help… she attacked Pain recklessly and “died”, all in the same page.

And she didn’t sacrifice anything… after all she gave up her life because she wanted to, not because it was necessary to save Naruto. She couldn’t have known that her suicide would save Naruto’s life.

All she wanted was to confess her love and die in front of him.

She was being selfish.

She wasn’t wrong when she said that she was acting in a selfish way. Once again, Hinata focused her looooveee for Naruto on herself.

So, please, don’t tell me that Hinata sacrificed herself for Naruto. That’s a lie.

Also, don’t tell me that she gave her life to save him. It’s a lie too.

And don’t tell me that she wasn’t selfish, because she truly was.

P.S: It’s almost 2 am, sorry for the mistakes, english isn’t my native language and I’m falling asleep.