I’m not dead. My parents have been poorly. But finally trying to get back into work by painting all the Turks ( and Rufus SHinra) together from FF7. Just gotta finish Reno’s jacket, then just 2 Turks to go ( Rude and Elena).

  My work is being continuously stolen and sold on places like Redbubble and sites like that, even though I only post low res jpegs. So now I even have to obnoxiously mark my rough crap o__@. Why do people suck so much.

 Then I was alerted to someone impersonating me on Instagram, ( with like, 1200 followers FFS!). So if anyone followed that account, if they did anything idiotic, or off-putting- it wasnt me.

durarara in a nutshell

mikado: I don’t like being bored.

kida: must…pick…up…girls in the…city…

anri: boobs

shinra: celty

celty: shinra no

izaya: time to pretend to be a teenager online.

simon: eat sushi motherfuckers


tom: shizuo no

vorona: I like to read

kururi: love…sister…

mairu: hey wouldja look at that! Me too!

erika: shizaya

walker: erika pls

kadota: check out my badass beanie


Decided to draw the DRRR gang

I thought the placements were on point  ^(⌒o⌒)^ ♪

Credits for the base go to Imagine your OC