Since the Shinra photo book is taking forever and a day, gathered up a few of my faves and made a photo collage.

A2 poster (17 x 23 in), on 160gsm card, which I’ll be selling at any cons I trade at this year. I imagine postage will make them prohibitively expensive for overseas buyers, but they’re $20USD + whatever postage/handling is (likely to be around $10USD but don’t quote me just yet) if anybody’s interested. Ping me over the messaging system if you are and we’ll sort something out.

So for him to be friends with such a brother he may be a villain of criminals, but I don’t think he’s a bad person through and through! Only when he talks with that man in white does our brother smile with an honest expression.
—  Mairu Orihara to Kazane Kinomiya about Shinra Kishitani