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I can't tell if inbox is open only to kisumi but if it's not,,, this isn't really reader insert but maybe your take on how starish would handle Masato getting his heart broken by his s/o (like he got cheated on) and needing comfort?? I just wonder how they'd all handle it as his friends. I'm assuming Otoya and natsuki would be he best at comfort (lmao natsuki trying to bake masa a cake) but ye I'll leave the rest to you

When Masato discovered the affair he was devastated. The one time he let himself be free and open his heart was impaled. His band mates came to cheer him up each in their own way.

Natsuki: Made Masato plenty of cookies and curry cocoa to drink. His upbeat attitude was contagious, but Masato was too upset to catch it. He only sighed at Natsuki’s attempt.

Syo: He heard about Natuki’s attempt and shook his head. He sat beside Masato quietly. Syo offered to take him to the gym and taped his ex picture on a punching bag. With a vehement denial Syo was shooed away.

Tokiya: Being on very good terms with Masato he sat beside him and offered a book on heartbreak. A cup of tea was only a temporary relief.

Otoya: This ball of sunshine does his best to tell jokes and play with him. Masato did not receive his jovial spirit. Otoya was like a jester trying to cheer up the prince who could not be brought back from the depths of despair.

Ren: He took his roomie to a bar and ordered shots. He watched Masato go from crying drunk to questioning. Ren, of course, gave him advice on how to wax his car. He associated that with Masato’s dating life.

Cecil: He wanted to be a help to his band mate! He did his impression of Shining but it only made Masato cry.