I got challenged last night to make an alternative Magneton evolution to replace the thing that I so despise. I figure since I had recently gone on a mini-rant about constructive criticism, why not? This is the result.

(Excuse the lazy animation; I worked 6 hours on it, after which I couldn’t find the resolve to make it a smoother/fuller rotation)

I call it Magnemerge, because of merging of the bodies into bigger ones and such. It’s based off of the ferromagnetic compound iron (III) oxide, whose structure appears as follows (with Magnemerge’s parallels added beside their corresponding parts):

I wanted something that was a bit more physically connected than Magneton, which is why the center ball has the magnets ingrained into it (I guess this can also solve chrononautical-eelektross’s recent question about Magnemite breeding; the one in the middle drops off a la Exeggutor)

I do believe Magnezone has been thoroughly deposed ♥

shinoluigi asked:

also the last smash game you can change the language from japanese to english in the options, so maybe it will get the "language" from the console itself, or made you choose from the beggining (as happens with pokemon x & y)

They took out that feature in Brawl, so it’d be interesting if it came back for this installment…

shinoluigi asked:

so is almost 100% the new character is a newcomer, so maybe is from xenoblade(because the tweet), but there is also some chance we are getting another capcom or namco character, or bayonetta! they said is not the last newcomer btw, they said they are "close" to end the newcomers, still too much characters that can get in! (i mean i think NOBODY saw snake coming in brawl)

I’m not so sure that it’s a new third party character since we already have three of them.  It’s certainly possible, but I have my doubts.  I’m thinking we’re getting a Nintendo character.

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Marico ni loco vayas por uno barato, y por cierto, siempre pide fotos de sus trabajos anteriores, porque a veces el carajo te va a mostrar solo dibujos q ha hecho y son dos vainas muy diferentes.. un amigo la cago y pago 2x1 y la vaina le quedo Fea

Bueno este local es como que el mas “profesional” de toda la ciudad ,y bueno he visto trabajos del carajo que le hizo a una amiga y de verdad quedan presentables , pero 8000 no tengo hahahaha xD


Just something i have being doing to practice my realism, a friend, me, and my just married friends :) the face shot were made in 30 min, and the couple like 1 hr…. also i keep forgetting to sign my work . _. as you can see only one have my signature on it