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Why not accept that manufacturing is gone from this country? Why not let the rust and weeds finish what they started? Why not just embrace the era of disposability? And why didn’t we buy a warmer coat before we moved here?

Through two Detroit winters, we’ve asked ourselves these questions. And worked not to find our answer, but to build it.

Because we don’t think American manufacturing ever failed for being too good. Our worst didn’t come when we were at our best. It happened when we thought good was good enough.

It’s a tall order to return to form, but we’re up for it. We’re starting with the reinvigoration of a storied American brand, and a storied American city. Because we believe in the beauty of industry. The glory of manufacturing.

We know there’s not just history in Detroit, there is a future.

It’s why we are here. Making an investment in skill, at scale. Creating a community that will thrive through excellence of craft and pride of work. Where we will reclaim the making of things that are made well. And define American luxury through American quality.


New on the Table: Shinola Runwell Watch

We all know that I’m such a sucker for watches and I’m always on the look out for a nice face. I feel like watches have really been on trend lately, 2 years ago to find a minimal face was almost impossible, but now the market is absolutely saturated, especially on Instagram!

I’ve always gone for the cheaper side of watches, simply because I’ve never been quite able to bring myself on splurging over a watch- maybe a bag- but a watch, mmm I don’t know. Though now my thoughts have definitely been changed! 

The sweetest, Shinola Detroit was so kind to send over a very special Valentine’s day gift! 

If you haven’t heard of Shinola Detroit before, you’re in for a treat. They not only carry gorgeous watches but also an abundant of other quality leather goods-bags (swoon), journals, bicycles, they even have (frigging!) luxurious pet collars. Talk about a quality life style right there! The best part of it all though, is that they’re committed to building products that last a life time, with their factories based right in Detroit. None of that off shore production.

Shinola sent me the Runwell 36mm finished with rose gold details and a beige leather strap. Rose gold anything has me at a heart beat, so when I saw this watch I was incredibly excited. Apparently you can tell a watch’s quality by how heavy the face is, as told by my watch fanatic brother, and this watch is definitely weighty. It’s a nice kind of weighty where you can tell that it has quality mechanics in it making it tick. It is by far the classiest watch I’ve ever put on, I mean it even has it’s very own serial number. Like whoa, I’m blown away! 

Make sure to have a little look around, I promise that it’ll have you adding a couple of numbers to your potential birthday gift list! Shinola you’ve out done my husband, now he has a hec lot to live up to this Valentine’s, lol!

Picnic with daddy by princessgabriellex featuring ThinkGeek

Short sleeve dress / Jelly sandals / Topshop leather handbag, $46 / Decree hair bow / Shinola men s watch / ALDO men’s boots / Lacoste men’s casual pants, $140 / Hurley men s casual shirt / Picnic Time picnic tote / ThinkGeek serveware / Clear Plastic Disposable Cups for Iced Coffee Bubble Boba Tea… / Plastic food storage container / The Cellar serveware / Stomper the Taddle Toes Elephant Stuffed Animal by Aurora at Stuffed… / Ice Cream Cone Duo