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Don’t Forget these 5 Menswear Accessories for Summer

When summer time comes around, it’s almost automatic for guys to reach for their sunglasses and hats; they have these sun essentials covered, no problem. There are still some accessories that guys tend to overlook during these warmer months though, and even though they may not be the most obvious accessory choices for summer, they’re still catchy details that complete summer outfits.

1) 1901 Silk Bow Tie - Why a bow tie? Well, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you’re not going to wear suits or blazers anymore. Instead of just wearing a tie, pair a bow tie with your khaki or linen jacket for a more refreshing summer look.

2) Topman Brown Leather Belt - Summer is the perfect time to transition from black leathers to brown. Switch up your classic black leather belt with a brown piece that can be used with both dressy pants and casual shorts for the season.

3) Shinola The Runwell Chrono Leather Strap Watch - You can use your cellphone to tell time, but when you start taking lots of pictures with it and quickly drain your battery, you’re gonna need a handsome watch to keep track of time.

4) Caputo & Co Washed Braided Leather Bracelet - Without going overboard with jewelry, you can wear a bracelet to showcase more of your style and personality. A braided leather bracelet is perfect for summer; you can wear it downtown, at the beach, and even dunk it in water without having to worry about damaging or scratching it like its metal brethren.

5) Hugo Boss Embossed Leather iPad Case - Bring your tablet wherever you go and stay digitally connected, but leave the bag at home when it’s not super necessary. Opt for a sleek tablet case instead that protects your gadget without being bulky.

What other overlooked menswear accessories can you add to the list? And what are some of your go-to accessories for summer? Let us know!

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