“I was rorring on zah froor raffing!”

i ruv engrish ♥♥♥♥♥

Sometimes insinsts on something is really hurting isn’t Miyagi? I just tried my best to you, I was cooking or trying to it, I was changing my reality and surprising myself with you, but you was the same, quietly… don’t you think a opinion could make a great difference to me? BAKA! I just thought I was someone really understanding and really mature, but you showed I wasn’t… I tried a lot to be someone better to be closer and equal to you… but really you won’t forget that girl… I was useless and meaningless I start a fight to be with you… from the beginning… the one who was more bruise was me… but yet……!!!

MIYAGI!! Please tell me, what I have to do to pull you closer to me? -cry-

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