"I was rorring on zah froor raffing!"

i ruv engrish ♥♥♥♥♥

Sometimes insinsts on something is really hurting isn’t Miyagi? I just tried my best to you, I was cooking or trying to it, I was changing my reality and surprising myself with you, but you was the same, quietly… don’t you think a opinion could make a great difference to me? BAKA! I just thought I was someone really understanding and really mature, but you showed I wasn’t… I tried a lot to be someone better to be closer and equal to you… but really you won’t forget that girl… I was useless and meaningless I start a fight to be with you… from the beginning… the one who was more bruise was me… but yet……!!!

MIYAGI!! Please tell me, what I have to do to pull you closer to me? -cry-

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I think I’m Shinobu, not aesthetically, but the way he takes his life I ended up identifying.

Basically he loves someone and do the better, try to overcome someone special to Miyagi, but he thinks he would manage to get to top, but sometimes we fail in our goals… yaaa I’m not saying Takatsuki failed, but sometimes our mind creat such ideas that what we are doing is wrong or will prejudicate the loved one or summarizing our mind makes you useless untill something occurs.

Maybe to Takatsuki was missing the support of Miyagi, because he rarely talked to him about this situation… one thing a beg to people who are reading this is :

" I learned in that relationship (MiyagixShinobu) if we love someone, we have to support that person, that doesn’t matter sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity or all that things that set you… Speak even a little, misunderstanding is something fatal to a relationship… people get nervous and have fights WITHOUT NEED "