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Am I the only one who's so sad that Naruto ended like a cheap romance movie? Is this even shinobi's world anymore? Is this even Naruto I watched for so long? I'm so done...

you’re definitely not the only one, anon. 😔 nope, this isn’t ‘naruto’ anymore – it’s ‘hinata’: a pierrot shojo production of retcons, fillers, fan-service and canon-contradicted bias… i think we’re all done; it’s just heartbreaking and exhausting at this point. this ain’t the series we loved.


“-The Hyuga clan will be rebuilded. Objections are not accepted.”

“- Ninja orphanage constructing is almost finished. Me and Kakashi was tried hard for that!“ 

“-I wonder, how soon Shikamaru and his team decrypt that Kaguya scroll? 

-Dunno, but I bet that if he will do it on their honeymoon, Temari will never forgive us, you know…”

The end  ♥

fluff friday “roommates” [madasakuobi]

this jaunt was inspired by @multicream‘s lovely comic. seriously, check her art out, it’s fantastic!

I need to write more poly pairings, it’s a lot of fun!

Sakura swung the door to her new apartment open, exhaustion hanging over her. The hospital was overrun following the war and Sakura was coming off of a double shift that left her drained. Still, it was a good sort of drained, an accomplished sort of drained.

She was an internationally acclaimed medic, a war hero, and a member of the up-and-coming new trio of Sannin.

All-in-all, she was quite talented in her own right, yet dread lingered over her like a cloud.


Well, her two roommates.

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So I saw the comment about shipping Kurama and Genma in Reverse and yes, I'm totally down for that. But can you imagine the chaos/destruction that would follow? Because then Kurama and Genma's *kids* would be together and Genma may not be the resident shinobi den mother in Reverse but you can't tell me he isn't adopting ALL the Root babies. Lies. And Root babies teaming up with jinchuriki/Uzumaki baby siblings would be terrifying. I don't think the shinobi world would survive lol


Just imagine what Genma/Kurama would be like, and then imagine Genma/Kurama/Zabuza. If double the kids is chaos, triple them must be insanity.

Ah, progress
  • -Chuunin Exam Arc-
  • Gaara: Shikamaru Nara?
  • Gaara: Thanks for the attempt at counseling
  • Gaara: Imma kill ya one day
  • -Sasuke Retrieval Arc-
  • Gaara: So, Shikamaru Nara is still alive
  • Gaara: That's nice i guess
  • -Shinobi World War Arc-
  • Gaara: Shikamaru Nara, you're pretty smart and you've been working with my sister alot
  • Gaara: You totes gonna be my general
  • -Shikamaru Hiden-
  • Gaara: Go to Konoha to get your man, Big Sis
  • Gaara: If he's in danger, I'll lend him some military supp-
  • Gaara: Crap, he IS in danger?
  • Gaara: Hold on sis I'm leading these forces
  • Gaara: I want nieces and nephews dangit
Naruto Headcanon Where:

-Naruto and Sasuke get married and adopt 3 children
-Sasuke becomes a Jonin and sensei
-Sakura gets married to Lee and gets treated like a princess
-Sakura becomes the best goddamned kunoichi the shinobi world has ever seen
-Neji is alive and becomes the most powerful leader of the Hyuga clan
-The Uchiha massacre is resolved
-Naruto actually fixes the shinobi system
-Everything makes sense

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it feels weird to see sasuke as a married man, I feel like he is somewhat out of character regardless of who he married. To be honest, I feel sasuke would be better off being single and being friends with team 7 and team taka who would help him achieve his goal of protecting the shinobi world like itachi did

I can understand why it’d feel that Sasuke is a little out of character by being really caring and having a family, but just remember that the person you got used to during the story wasn’t who he was in the first place. You became accustomed to a gross distortion of his actual character.

That, and it’s also important to remember that the time between chapter 699 and the new generation spans 15 years. Sasuke has had a lot of time to come to terms with the person he currently is, which is, the person he used to be.

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*tries to write the Danzo fix-it fic* *stops after typing out five pages of stuff* Damnit, I keep making him too nice! *starts rewriting* He needs more arrogance and murder. I can get rid of the ass-backwards priorities and hypocrisy, but I need to keep the murder. *mumbles to self* Don't mind me, I'm just venting into the Askbox void.

Tbh one of the things I like most about Danzo is how ruthless he is. If he’d stayed as he said he was rather than turning everything into a massive, drawn-out quest to gain personal power and surpass Sarutobi, I think he’d be one of my favorite characters. 

*pats you gently* Embrace the murder. People in the shinobi world can absolutely be nice to those in their village and murder anyone outside of it - that’s basically how I write Genma, honestly. Loyalty is a terrifying thing. 

Naruhina Week 2k17, Day 2 | AO3 | Day 1 | Day 2 - you are here | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 |

Day 2: Cravings

Summary: There was only one thing Naruto could think to give Hinata for her birthday. Only one thing that would show how he truly felt for her.


Naruto Uzumaki, the hero of the Fourth Shinobi World War and Hokage-in-training, had been tasked with a mission of great importance.

It was late when he awoke to the news. Or early. He couldn’t really tell.

The deserted streets of Konoha were clouded with darkness, making it difficult to gauge exactly what time it was.

Naruto stumbled drearily down the road, his jacket half-open and some of the buttons mismatched, exposing his otherwise bare chest. He had had little time to prepare, needing to live immediately. In his haste, he overlooked his usual mission gear in favour of the clothes nearest by before stepping out.

Determined as ever to not forsake his nindo, Naruto resisted the call of sleep, continuing his trek, unimpeded.

His destination was not difficult to find. Amidst the cover of night, a harsh beacon of light filtered through the air, beckoning him forward.

Naruto took solace in each step, knowing that he was growing closer, his journey nearing its end.

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So basically Naruto having a crush on sakura for 700 chapter , cared for her , get’s to know and respect her as person is considered as shallow feelings

While this is considered  real. He moved from an insignificant love to a real one .

forgetting that he can’t fall under genjutsu since kurama is there

So my question is ,why naruto’s feelings has to be ridiculed , he was made the same as the harem’s protagonist who doesn’t differs ramen from hinata obsession love.

Yeah folks the same person who was able to delete kurama rage and hate , who saved the shinobi world , who could undesrtand a fake confession and see the darkness within the uchiha clan .

I guess nh really is the best pair