Okay but what if

the vampires in ONS could shapeshift into bats, but Mika’s never liked it/practiced it because it reminds him of how inhuman he is now, so he essentially has no idea how to do it. Which is all well and dandy, until one day something happens where he gets startled and then just suddenly…
There’s a small fluffy golden bat where Mika used to be and he has no idea how to shapeshift back (or how to bat in general really), so until they can contact someone who can help him or he figures it out himself the squad has to deal with a Mika that is very much still aware of what’s going on but is now in the form of a tiny fluffy flying rodent who hisses at anyone who isn’t Yuu and generally spends most of his time trying to communicate with them in some way (and failing)


Shinya: -Growll ~ /Do I look like a zombie? )0))/

Shinoa: -Gaoww~
Shinya: -Growll?…~

Shinya: -Growll!..
Shinoa: -Gaowww!!!
Shinya: /They aren’t speaking like this! It must be like a../ -…Groowwwwlllll !
Shinoa: -Gurgurgur!
Shinya: -… /What is that?…/

Kureto: Grrrrrrrr…

It was drawn to Russian ask group of ons~
( ´・ω・`)_且~