Volunteering with Lantern Festival Hawaii preparations

The Lantern Festival is held in May each year on Memorial day. These days it takes place at Ala Moana Beach Park where nearly 50,000 people attend. The lanterns are a way to remember a lost loved one, and those who died a violent death.

To see a video of the festival, click here

It takes a lot of volunteers to put the event together. Here is a look at some of the lantern making.

Volunteers meet at the Shinnyo En temple on Beretania Street in Moiliili for an orientation where they get a name tag. 

Volunteers are escorted to the work area where they sign in, and wash their hands. 

Tables are set up for those who make the lanterns, and those who are doing hand written wishes that came from online. Runners are the people who collect the completed lantern and give volunteers a new lantern. There is a break for a drink and some snacks. Then the work continues.

The Japanese Shinnyo En temple members coordinate the event. The first year it was held in 1999 at Keehi Lagoon. Since 2002 it has been held at Ala Moana Beach Park. 

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