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Korean Grammar - Verbs [Part 3/∞]

At long last, here’s a list of some very common verbs in Korean!~


*remember to try and sound out each word before peeking at the romanization!~

오다 (oh da) - to come

가다 (ga da) - to go

먹다 (meok da) - to eat

마시다 (ma shi da) - to drink

주다 (joo da) - to give

갖다 (gaj da) - to have

받다 (bad da) - to receive 

배우다 (bae woo da) - to learn

가르치다 (ga reu chi da) - to teach

공부하다 (gong bu ha da) - to study 

연습하다 (yeon seub ha da) - to practice

일하다 (il ha da) - to work

준비하다 (joon bi ha da) - to prepare

앉다 (anj da) - to sit

운동하다 (oon dong ha da) - to exercise

쉬다 (shwi da) - to rest

일어나다 (yi reo na da) - to stand up

걷다 (geot da) - to walk

달리다 (dal li da) - to run

춤추다 (choom chu da) - to dance 

일어나다 (yi reo na da) - to wake up

자다 (ja da) - to sleep

꿈꾸다 (kkum kku da) - to dream

악몽 꾸다 (ak mong kku da) - to have a nightmare  

울다 (ool da) - to cry

웃다 (oot da) - to smile/laugh

듣다 (deud da) - to listen/hear

말하다 (mal ha da) - to talk, speak

보다 (bo da) - to see

감다 (gam da) - to close (one’s eyes)

빌리다 (bil li da) - to lend/borrow

돌려주다 (dol ryeo joo da) - to return

열다 (yeol da) - to open

닫다 (dat da) -  to close to open

사다 (sa da) - to buy

내다 (nae da) - to pay

팔다 (pal da) - to sell 

신다 (shin da) - to wear (shoes, socks, footwear)

입다 (ib da) - to wear (clothes)

벗다 (beot da) - to remove/take off/undress (clothes)

이기다 (yi gi da) - to win

지다 (ji da) - to lose 

읽다 (ilk da) - to read 

쓰다 (sseu da) - to write/to wear

기억하다 (gi yeok ha da) - to remember

잊다 (it da) - to forget

시작하다 (shi jak ha da) - to start

끝나다 (kkeut na da) - to finish  

묻다 (moot da) - to ask

대답하다 (dae dab ha da) - to answer 

출발하다 (chul bal ha da) - to depart

도착하다 (do chak ha da) - to arrive 

생각하다 (saeng gak ha da) - to think

알다 (al da) - to know

모르다 (mo reu da) - to not know

결혼하다 (gyeol hon ha da) - to marry

축하하다 (chuk ha ha da) - to congratulate

태어나다 (tae eo na da) - to be born

살다 (sal da) - to live

헤어지다 (hae eo ji da) - to separate

운전하다 (oon jeon ha da) - to drive

좋아하다 (joh ah ha da) - to like

싫어하다 (shil eo ha da) - to dislike

사랑하다 (sa rang ha da) - to love

미워하다 (mi wo ha da) - to hate

있다 (yit da) - to have

없다 (eob da) - to not have

들어오다 (deul eo oh da) - to enter

나가다 (na ga da) - to exit

씻다 (shid da) - to wash

청소하다 (cheong so ha da) - to clean

약속하다 (yak sok ha da) - to promise

거짓말하다 (geo jit mal ha da) - to lie

고백하다 (go baek ha da) - to confess

요리하다 (yo ri ha da) - to cook

끓이다 (kkeul yi da) - to boil

썰다 (sseol da) - to chop, slice

튀기다 (twi gi da) - to (deep) fry

재다 (jae da) - to measure, weigh

섞다 (seok da) - to mix, blend

굽다 (gub da) - to roast, grill, bake

볶다 (bokk da) - to stir fry

찌다 (jji da) - to steam

휘젓다 (hwi jeot da) - to stir

까다 (kka da) - to peel

만나다 (man na da) - to meet

주문하다 (joo mun ha da) - to order

전화하다 (jeon hwa ha da) - to make a phone call

타다 (ta da) - to ride

필요하다 (pil yo ha da) - to need

도와주다 (do wa joo da) - to help

하다 (ha da) - to do

걱정하다 (geok jeong ha da) - to worry

보내다 (bo nae da) - to send

사용하다 (sa yong ha da) - to use

싸우다 (ssa woo da) - to fight

Hope this helps and happy studying!~


  • me at the club: ass out, titties out, dicky bent, eyes open, bootyhole closed, nostrils flared, brain off, fucked up, shins waxed, thighs shaved, shoes gone, socks soaked

John’s favorite shoes are the velcro kind; it’s not that he can’t tie them, but they’re less likely to come undone this way. At some point his feet are too big to attain any, and he keeps his laces double-knotted at all times, preferring to cram his foot into his shoe painfully over just untying/retying them.

Jade’s favorite shoes are boots; they have good traction, they’re tall enough that nothing gets inside, waterproof, and they look really cool. She likes the ones that lace really high, and when she wears trousers she likes them tucked into her boots. When in a skirt, she goes with combat boots so they don’t rub against her shins. 

Rose’s favorite shoes are heels, ideally, but she doesn’t like to wear them initially because they hurt her feet. She sticks to vans at first, but eventually decides to tough it out and go with high heels. She gets used to them, and owns different styles for different outfits; she doesn’t wear them for the height, as there aren’t any shoes that will make her look tall next to Kanaya. 

Dave’s favorite shoes are men’s dress shoes. He wears a lot of Converse as a kid, which he still does like later on, but he prefers the classier looking shoe over the trainers. He calls it ironic at first, dropping the modifier eventually and just pointing out that they look sweet. He has them in a few different styles, some that Rose says she likes a lot, and others which look far too “Texan” in her opinion. 

Devil in Details

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Winchester Sister Imagine

Forever tag list: @Freaksforthewin , @thewinhunter, @cambriacaneatnoodles, @brokennoone , @youtubehelpsmesurvive , @chrisevansthedoritobastard , @winchesters-favorite-girl , @we-know-a-little-about-a-lot @godh8salyssa @dean-baby-Winchester @straightasdeanwinchester@animexchocolate@fabulouslycassie@lizbeth-loves-bobear @nicolesyneah25 

“You cross me, I cross you. You hit me, I hit you back twice as hard. You make me your dog, I make you my slave.” The black tux suited man before you had not a spec of dirt on his entire appearance.

“Man, you’re really getting a rise out of me, Crowley. I don’t know how I’ll manage. All chained up and helpless.” Your right finger raised just slightly to give him a special coated finger before your shoulder did a slight wiggle to show comfort.

“This isn’t even the start of the fun love. We’re just getting started.” His coarse voice huffed outward in your general direction.

“Creepy dungeons, sex chains, and there’s still more?” A dramatic gasp came from your lips. “Kinky.” The smile you had only grew wider.

“Ever been told you sound a bit much like Squirrel?” The loud tapping of his black shinning shoes hit dramatically against the cold concrete.

“Well he is my big brother.” Sarcasm filled every aspect of your voice. Every movement you made. “Speaking of my thick headed family, do you really think they won’t come for me?” His eyes glanced down to the floor. Shinning of the bit of light that came through the window. “Unless you made up some bullshit story and they thing you’re in the clear.”

“After that whole stunt with Feathers, do you really think I wouldn’t be on their good side?” The same smirk you wore showed up on his lips. “I knew after he was on death row and I magically swooped in to save the day I’d be within good graces.” There was a upbeat tone to his voice that sent a cold chill down your spine. “All I had to do was tell the Brits about the location so they’d send your lovely yet idiotic mother to clean up the mess.”

“You clever little shit head. You knew Ramiel would kill Cas for doing something stupid trying to be a hero. This was all planned.” Your eyes glanced from side to side in a fast manner. Playing everything over in your head before snapping back to reality. “So how long?”

A look of confusion furrowed in his eyebrows. “How long what?”

“How long have you been obsessing over my ass and planning to kidnap me?” The sarcasm was back in your voice.

Crowley wouldn’t hurt you. The boys would kick his ass into the next decade.

“Did you sit in here starring at this chair I’m siting in. Just visioning strapping me in and feeling all big and bad?” Every word you uttered was filled with sheer confidence. “Let’s face it. You’ve lost your mojo. Humans. My brother Dean. It’s created a crater of softness in that darkened soul of yours. You’ve got no touch anymore.”

Without warning a sharp pain hit your shoulder like a bullet. Followed by an unpleasant deep cracking sound from the same area.

Lost my touch?” His voice was deeper than ever. Like you has struck a cord.

A sting hit your cheek by four strong ball like objects. His knuckles had hit hard, leaving a light indentation of red coloring.

“Lets not forget who I am love, I’m-”

“Bloody Crowley. I’m aware.” There was a soreness in your voice as your right eyebrow in an irritated and cocky manner. “Do you really think he won’t come for me?” The words were practically spat at him.

“Lucifer? Didn’t your heroic brothers tell you the news?” His body moved slightly closer to yours, though still leaving a fair amount of space between the pair of you. “He’s back in the cage love. Exactly where he belongs.” In an instant your face tightened. Keeping your face down but your eyes upward in a threatening manner.

Don’t.” There were no more playful tones lingering upon your lips.

“Don’t what? Did I hit a nerve?” Your eyes shut at his words. Like they were carving into your soul.

Lucifer…” silently your mind called out to him. Hoping it wasn’t true that he was gone.

The moment your eyes slowly began to open, a smile just as slowly spread on your lips.

“This is just the beginning of our fun together.” The sound of his thick accent filling your ears was enough to make you gag.

“Wouldn’t count on it…love.” You taunted back at him.

“Oh really? And why’s that?” You only answered his question by twirling your right index finger at him.

His body turned around. Only to be greeted by a firm, locking hand around his neck.

“Threatening my defenseless, unborn little squirt? Tsk tsk tsk.” Lucifer’s mocking tone surrounded you both. Only sending a warm feeling down your spine instead of the chill that no doubt was creeping down Crowley’s.

A bright glowing, radiant light absorbed the air, shinning in every direction. A set of full beautiful wings hit the wall behind the towering Devil’s build.

“Buh-bye Crowley.” And just like that the bastard was gone. Only leaving a thick red cloud of smoke where he once stood.

“So you only came for the ‘little squirt’?” You asked, a smile on your face as a blue shield of light came to your injuries.

“Possibly.” A small smile rested perfectly on his lips as his hands did work to get your restraints off and finishing his inspecting of you.

“I’m deeply offended your arrival wasn’t for me.” Reaching upward you grabbed hold of his hands as he helped you into your bare feet.

“Don’t you think it’s kind of a package deal?” His lips pursed only slightly with a tilt of his head.

Hands extended suddenly to the reasonable sized bump in the middle of your body. Holding it from both gently. A deep hiccup like feeling emerged in a fit of excitement.

“I think he likes you.” Your cheeks turned red in happiness and slight embarrassment of how mushy the situation had gotten.

“He’d better.” His piercing eyes looked directly into yours. “I helped create the little Devil.”

Rafael Barba: Good Neighbors / Part 2

A Part TWO to “Good Neighbors”, a previous request re: living next to Rafael in your 20s & reconnecting. This one’s the re-connection, :).

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It took you at least a few days to finally get the gusto to call his cell;



“How did you know it was me?”

“How couldn’t I?”

“Well, I was wondering if you did want to get together sometime, I’ve missed you so.”

“Tomorrow night?”

“Uh… so soon?”

“It’s been too long already.”

“Right… Right, yes, tomorrow should work.”

“I’ll text you the place, eight sound good?”

“Sure, Rafi.”

You were just on time, apparently minutes after he arrived- and he rose to standing the second he saw you come in through the doors he had been absolutely transfixed on.

When he hugged you, you felt like you were twenty-something all over again; fresh, young, full of life and anticipation. And oh, he hugged you; the moment you were in reach, Rafael nearly tripped over the table in his rush to embrace you. It was kind, gentle, and he wrapped arms over your shoulders to keep you close for just a second too long- not that you minded.

“I’m so glad you called,” he held you out before him, and let out a shameful, hushed wolf whistle of approval. “Look at you; Lovely and all grown up.”

“Oh stop,” you brushed his hands off of you, before wagging your shoulders proudly. “The years have been pretty good to you too,” A pinch to his cheek, you couldn’t tell if the pink hue that came up was from your fingers or his blush, Lord he was handsome. “Bet you have to knock the ladies off of you with a baseball bat at this point.”

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“옷과 패션” - Clothing and Fashion Pt. 2!~

Clothing and fashion is an integral part of daily life and can really speak about who someone is. Today, let’s learn some words to describe different articles of clothing in Korean!

Speaking of fashion, I could really use some tips (sigh)~

*remember to try and sound out each word before peeking at the romanization!~

티셔츠 (ti shyeo cheu) T-shirt
바지 (ba ji) pants
청바지 (cheong ba ji) jeans
반바지 (ban ba ji) shorts
치마 (chi ma) skirt
안경 (ahn gyeong) glasses
귀걸이 (gwi geol yi) earrings
반지 (ban ji) ring
손목시계 (sohn mok shi gye) watch
단추 (dan choo) button
양말 (yang mal) socks
신발 (shin bal) shoes

Hope this helps and happy studying!~

Sounds of distant drums draw steadily louder…closer, the deep thrumming of the rolling sounds echoing from their call. Hips sway to unpredictable and thunderous waves of the ocean as they clap and clash against the surface of the soft beach sand…

Airy cotton dresses swaying left and right with timed intervals…the soft tap of spit shinned leather shoes and heels clacking away on the smooth lacquered flooring beneath them…

Burning incense filling the air with the strong spice of cinnamon and chai tea.  Silken wraps and bells littering sashes ring like the bells of a wind chime playing in the cool spring breeze.  Hands extending coiling and winding like the body of serpent enticing and enchanting his audience.

There are various styles of dance, all which we use to express to express ourselves for many reasons.  Perhaps it is to take our minds off a stressful sun, delight a audience, woo a lover or simply for the joy of just knowing you took upon yourself a challenge and found you enjoy it more that you might have first thought you would have.

Does this sound like something that interests you? Then let’s meet our next instructor!

Alexei Zolotse is a man of many talents, he has a vast background in the performance arena as well as various dance methods and styles under his belt.  While his favorite is belly dancing from his homeland he has striven over the cycles to learn other styles to increase not only his artistic knowledge by aid in his teaching others.  It is one of his greatest joys to watch other express themselves through song and dance.

Alexei is a performer that excels in dazzling crowds with the bouncy and energetic sounds of Rhythm and Blues, his tenor toned voice filled with soul and promise seek to always delight his audience.  He has worked with many of the performing greats we all know and love and still does so to this day as one of the star Idol’s from the popular Kpop group 3B lead by ‘The’ Waltz Concerto.

Does this sound like something you’d like to learn? or someone you’d love to meet and never get the chance to due to crowded rooms after performances? Then here’s your chance! Come on down to Isles of Paradise every Thursday evening for Lex’s class on Multi-Cultural Dance and Music @ 8pm Est/5pm Pst for a chance to meet and learn some of his trade mark performing secrets as well as how to bust a move on stage in style!

We look forward to seeing you all there!

AHS Imagine - Mr. And Mrs. March. —————–

“Mrs. March, welcome back!”

Miss Evers – James’ maid greeted you. Her small figure trampled you in a hug. A shy smile carved on your lips before letting it drop back into the pessimistic frown you entered with. Miss Evers collected your things and placed them on the bed you and James shared. You walked to the bed and placed yourself on it, the smell of freshly washed sheets made you feel as if drowsy on drugs. But it wasn’t your bedroom, Even though it had been weeks since the marriage, the room remained a room to you, it was no home, this was simply a place you were living in. The pit in your stomach grew as you longed to sleep in your room again; it was your safe haven. But as a result from the arranged marriage, you were forced to live in the Hotel Cortez. The thought of the arranged marriage was avoidable, but the outcome was inevitable. You were raised to believe marriage was for love, from a mother whose greed was far much stronger than her will, resulting in you lying in your bed, thinking about what could have been.

“Mr. March will be here shortly, I must get these awful stains out,” Miss Evers whispered to herself before trotting away with a handful of wrinkled sheets.

“Great” You mumbled, propping yourself up with your elbows. James Patrick March, he was the man you were forced to marry, if he wasn’t as intimidating or secretive, you might have accepted the fact sooner. Shivers inch up your spine every time he looks at you, but not the pleasant shivers, it was the shivers every character feels in a horror movie…that something bad might happen if you look at them for too long. Eye contact stayed short with him, as well as conversation…it was a relief he was usually away which meant you didn’t have to involve yourself in his pathetic attempts for small talk. You focused your attention on the front door; he let out a loud cough before entering. Your palms instantly got sweaty, and your heart pounded in your ears. He entered the room and peeled off his boots. His boots were drenched in water so he placed them on a shoe mat.

“Afternoon, darling” he made his way to you and placed a kiss on your cheek,

“How’re your parents?” You decided to visit your family after being forced to interact with James for weeks, you simply needed a break and you had no other place to go but to your mothers – Whom you don’t speak to anymore.

“It was fine a guess” You shrugged, James lightly nodded before walking to the bathroom,

“I might be going out again today, work has been awfully busy” James chuckled as he entered the bathroom. From what James has told you, he worked around the hotel since he was the owner, but with the only thing coming into the hotel being the trash the wind picked up or lost tourists simply asking for directions, you found it hard to believe. But you chose your better judgment to not question him. The sound of shifting shower curtains indicated he was finished. James opened the door, with a cream colored towel wrapped tightly around his waist. Droplets of water reached the tips of his drenched hair before falling onto his pale skin. The dark bags under his eyes compared to his pale skin made him look like a live skeleton. You watched quietly as he quickly changed into his daily attire; suspenders, suit and a tie. He shinned his black leather shoes before re correcting his tie.

“I must head out, but when I get back there’s something we must talk about” He held your hand, slowly grazing it with his thumb, his last act before departing was leaving a kiss on your hand. He picked his hat from the rack and fashionably left the room. His sweet actions meant close to nothing to you; his frightening aura while doing so was the reason why he left you speechless.

You picked yourself up from the bed and decided to get some air. James wouldn’t be too long so leaving the hotel didn’t give you much time to think, so you walked through the endless halls of Hotel Cortez. Its designs as if popping out from the floors made your dizzy, and elongated the already long halls. The hotel was in a deep silence, and it was something you’ve longed for. Whenever you could, you would stay deep in your thoughts for as long as you could because that’s where you felt most safe.  The walls seemed to get narrower, but you’ve already convinced yourself it was just an illusion affect. The whole hotel reminded you of the Labyrinth, the endless maze with hidden doors and every door had its surprise. The further you went, the lower the numbers on the doors became, James’ office was in room 64, and you were unintentionally making your way towards it. James never showed you his office, frankly he’s never showed you anywhere but the room you slept in. Your face was now inches from the perfectly carved golden pair of numbers that were nailed to the decorated wooden door. 64.  Your fingers snaked around the doorknob contemplating what you would say if Patrick was indeed in there. With an extra push, the door was open.

“James?” You called, turning on the lamp beside you. The pure horror that unfolded in front of you held you speechless. A maid was drenched in blood in a tub of water. Slashes were on every piece of her skin making it hard to identify her. The only thing that helped you realize that she was a maid was the dress that was shoved down her throat. You let out a scream, your legs became numb and your head became dizzy. James ran out from a dark room and glances at you. His suit was drenched in blood, and blood stained his pale face and hair, he stared wide-eyed as his heavy short breaths filled the room.

“Y/N” he whispered, dropping whatever weapon he was planning to use and walked towards you. You used to laugh at horror movies, making fun of the stupid characters that followed the funny sound, and had a puzzled – yet funny face when they see the ghost. This time you weren’t laughing, you were in the position those characters were in and now it wasn’t in a movie. You backed away slowly, but his stride was always two steps ahead of you.

The tears streamed down your cheeks and your heart pounded just as fast as when you first heard him enter the room today.

“I would never hurt you” James reassured you, as he continued to cautiously walk up to you.

“ I’m sick, and I’m twisted, but darling, I would never lay a finger on you if you didn’t want me to”

“I’m sorry you had to see this, but I’m not sorry for being who I am, I’m not ashamed about what I do, and I’m not ashamed about the feeling I have for you” James placed his clean hand on your cheek, gently caressing away the tears.

“I don’t want you to be scared of me, I want you to know I’ll do just about anything for you…that maid, she called you things that, I myself refuse to repeat. I wasn’t going to let her get away with it, nope. I want to protect you, and I want you to trust me.” James lifted your chin with the palm of his hand, his eyes, even in the darkened room showed compassion, it was a familiar look that you previously refused to acknowledge, but now, out of all the times you could have really looked into his eyes, it was now.

“I love you” His whispered,

“I always have, from the moment I saw you,”

You stayed quiet, focusing on his eyes, they showed more of his emotions then he was letting out. His eyes were glassy with compassion and pure love, they showed that he was telling the absolute truth when it came to your protection, they showed that you were all he thought about.

His lips brushed against yours, he wouldn’t kiss you until you let him. You finally caved in allowing him to press his lips onto yours, all the fear you felt towards him started to slowly drift, it felt good to be loved by someone. You never got a chance at love because of your mom…but maybe after all, thanks to your mother you now get to have your chance.

“Are you okay with all of this?” James pulled away, motioning to the gory mess he left behind him. Being married to a serial killer wasn’t necessarily on your bucket list, but you found a way to go around it.

“Yes but, next time you go to work…let me watch” a smirk formed on your lips as James looked at you puzzled. It was soon replaced with an identical smirk as he raised an eyebrow,

“You’re just like me,” He said extending his hand to you,

“Shall we, Mrs. March?” the smirk only grew on his face once your hand touched his,

“We shall,”

“The infamous Mr. and Mrs. March” James spoke to himself, and you couldn’t help but love the way that sounded.

In case ur wondering

i started this blog basically as motivation to get myself to write. Wonder how my snappy one liners and bullshit character prompts translate to in a longer fic? Well, believe it or not, I’m doing a novel project right now (which is why I started the blog)

Here’s a snippet for u fucks


“Just pull them aside?” she asks. Her voice sounds far away, and the wards just- fall apart, a little gold glimmer responding easily to her fingers as she wafts them away to make room for Noah.

It must be different for non-witches, going through the wards. Noah gives her an easy grin as he shuffles through.

“Smells like air freshener.” he says, toeing off his shoes. “Shin says you noticed a smell-”

Lilac strides forward quickly and grabs Noah by the throat (surprise), pinning him up against the wall with a solid slam. A frame clatters off the wall to her left, but she doesn’t turn her head.

Noah ekes in some air in a gasping squeak, pupils flooding until his eyes really do look black. His nails cut into her skin, red blood bubbling up and pattering softly onto the floor.

Gwiazda.” Lilac hisses.

His whole body jerks once and falls limp.

“Aaa.” he groans, raspy, thudding the heel of his palm against her wrist. His feet dangle loosely instead of kicking against the wall for leverage, his hands don’t pry for her thumb, he doesn’t care, he isn’t really trying to get away from her. If anything, that makes her madder, red flooding her vision as she snarls angrily, how could you, how dare you, secret, secret, how could you.

Her fingernails glitter gold as the edges turn and bite into the soft flesh of his throat. His blood is red, red, like a living thing, and his eyes widen as he starts to really struggle. He cuts his nails into the webbing between her thumb and index finger, his foot catches in the meat of her belly. But she is mad and he is (afraid) and it’s dangerous; she’s dangerous, Pants rasping like a turned-over car engine. He wheezes and squeaks in air around her nails. There’s a desperate crackle of bone as Noah’s face warps and goes back, feathers edging at the line of his hair, Lilac squeezing tighter, tighter.

There’s a moment where she meets his eyes, bares her teeth, pulls her anima tighter.

A moment where-

She lets go. Noah collapses on the floor, wheezing and hacking.

“Answers.” Lilac snaps. Noah just nods and wheezes and nods. Lilac swallows the guilt, and goes to hunt through her tea cabinet.

Elven Fashion

So in my time away from the internet I began reflecting upon elven fashion. I’ve already said that city elven and Dalish fashion as it’s been seen in Origins and DA:II is far too similar.

They’d have a shared culture during the time while the kingdom of the Dales still stood (I’m calling that old Dalish from now on), but after being defeated and splitting into city elves and Dalish clans they’d start developing differently. Traits they seem to share are as follows:
- Covered necks.
- Lots of layers
- Possibly that little geometric leaf-like pattern they have on their belts.
- Embroidery practices. Elven needlework is noted for being fine and delicate, yet durable.
- Long bits of cloth tied around the waist. Easier made than belts.
- A sash a little like the japanese obi in appearance, a thick piece of cloth or leather that wraps around the waist. Another belt is worn over it.

(Case in point)

Now then.

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three days and a few hours on long island for the funeral of someone i’ve never met.
warm and inviting company and a strange but friendly cat with a propensity for licking shins and shoes.
we trade old pennies for new fears and those new fears for a quiet rainy morning.
wordless moments that last too long and too little, all at once.
(and i find myself longing for the songs of frogs and some respite from the idea of Everything.)


Winston grin at the familiar face that answered to his knocking, as he leaned up against the door frame. Removing his hat, he held it by the top with his fingers, wearing what he normally would on a regular basis, a dark grey suit and tie, shinning black shoes his bangs greased back and charming smile. “Wanna go out and have some fun?” He asked waiting to be let in.