shinning eyes

I hadn’t noticed how close we were.
Or how i was leaning into your shoulder with my legs on top of yours.
Until you looked up at me,
Your eyes shinning.
Right then i was aware of everything.
The tips of your fingers tingled on my arm.
Your breath warm on my neck.
Then when we kissed.
I swear i felt every nerve in my body light up.
And There wasnt another place in the world id rather be
—  A.P
Me, when someone asks me for the upteenth time, “Why do you listen to that music if you can’t even understand what they’re saying?”
Secret Desires (M)

=> Park Jimin. Hushed lips. Unsuspecting eyes.

Warnings: Strong sexual content. Public Sex. This is really filthy okay.

Words: 2, 919.

a/n: Basically you and Jimin have sex in a movie theater. This ruined me.

“Jimin, I’m not sure about this..”

With a wary gaze from the deserted back row of the medium sized theater, you looked upon the other twelve people occupying once empty chairs. The closest to you was a couple sitting three rows in front, directly in the middle and not much older than you and your very persistent boyfriend.

“They can’t see us, as long as you keep your pretty mouth shut for me.”

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Can’t quite make it

WWE Imagine

Finn x Reader- Finn wants to claim you as his, super smutty and Dominant.

Word count: 1636
Warnings: Smut, Language
Author’s Notes:  I Love me some Finnabon, sorry for the silence, I’ve had a lot going on in my real life. Love you all.

     The tour bus was your favorite of all the ways to travel to the U.S shows for many reasons, but the most prominent of those reasons, was currently sitting in front of you, his dark brows knit together in concentration as he carefully placed a tan Lego block on top of a stack of staggered grey ones to form the pentacle of the Death Star.

   You smiled as he let out a long held sigh of relief and placed the blocks down on the ever-swaying fake wood table of the tour bus and smiled at you, blue eyes shinning brightly.

“Hey, we are stopping for lunch, and to take a quick break, we will all meet back here at 8.” The driver announces as the bus pulls into a little mom and pop diner off the interstate.

 The bus rocks back and forth as groggy wrestlers stumble their way out of the bus onto the cool street.

“Right, ya wan to go get some grub den?” Finn teases you, standing and stretching his arms over his head, pulling his tight black t-shirt up, exposing his well toned abs.

  Of course you had seen Finn in a near state of undress many times being his body painter, and best friend, but it never ceased to make your mouth water and knees clench together. Ripping your eyes away from his stomach, you smile up at him, and nod your answer.

 “Good, cause I’m famished!” Finn teases, “Look et meh, I’m witherin’ away righ before yar eyes!” He gestures towards his lower body, and smiles his lopsided grin as he leads the way off the bus, you hot on his heels.

  “Finn!” You hear Becky before you see her, but it doesn’t take long to spot the fire haired Irish-woman.

“Finn, wait up! I needa ask ya something!” She catches his arm and drags him away, throwing a finger and a grimace over her shoulder, apologizing for the sudden interruption.

 You let out a sigh and lean onto the front of the bus, twirling the zipper on your jacket as you wait for Finn to return.

“Ahh!” You nearly scream as a large hand clamps your left shoulder, startling you.

“Woah, easy there little lady, I didn’t mean to scare ya! Not just yet anyway!” Aj smiles at you sweetly, winking a blue eye at you as he moves to stand directly in between you and where Finn had followed Becky too.

 “Jesus, a little warning next time Aj, you nearly gave me a heart attack!” You chuckle, smiling up at him, you talk for a few minutes, shifting impatiently from foot to foot, getting tired of waiting for Finn to return, and more anxiously, wondering what he is doing with Becky.

       “Whatcha waiting out here for? Wanna head out of the cold and get some coffee or a beer? There is a bar right down the-”  Before he can finish his offer, he is interrupted by a very stern Irish voice.

   “She was jus waiting far me, we’ll be goin’ den.” Finn pushes past Aj’s bigger frame and wraps a arm around your shoulder, pulling you closer to him.

 Before you can protest, Finn is dragging you by the arm back into the now empty bus, his grip on your wrist almost tight enough to hurt.

 “Ow, Finn! Let me go!” You growl as you yank your arm free of his grasp, your eyes locked with his light ones as he spins to face you.

  “Wha is tha all about huh?” He demands, his hands wresting on his jean clad hips. He looked angry…it was distracting, in more ways than one.

 “What was what all about? Aj stopped to talk to me after you ran off with Becky! We were just talking!” You growl. Why were you explaining yourself to him? He wasn’t your boyfriend, as much as you wish he was.

  You turn away from him, confused. “Aye! Where are ya headed?” His large hands are on your hips, pulling you backwards into him, your ass pressing into his front hard, hard enough for you to feel a swell in the front of his jeans, straining to break free. Oh.

  “I don’t-” You start, but he stops you by kissing your neck softly, then harder, his teeth biting down on the sensitive skin hard, making you yelp out in pleasure and pain.

  “Finn, I don’t understand.” You finish, closing your eyes hard as you try to focus, his hands traveling under and up your shirt, the rough skin of his palms making you squirm, and grow ever more aware of the dampness in your panties.

 “Yar mine, and I wan ta prove it. Ya think ya can jus flirt with who ever ya want when I walk away for a second?” He growls, dragging you to the back of the bus, and pushing you down into a bunk, laying you flat on your stomach.

  “Finn!” You exclaim as he climbs over you, his hardening erection pressed into the small of your back as he drags your shirt over your head.

 “Finn! What if someone comes back? We are on the bus-” You exclaim breathlessly as he unsnaps your bra, sliding it down your shoulders, releasing your hard knobs to the cool air of the bunk.

  “Let them hear ya, they needa know yar mine anyway.” He snarls into your ear, his teeth grazing your ear lobe as he shimmies out of his pants, pushing them to the corner of the bunk, his hot cock pressing into the thin material of your leggings, making you writhe under him, need growing in the pit of your stomach.

  “Ya want me Y/N? How wet are ya huh?” His voice is husky as he pushes his hand under you, and inside your panties, his expert fingers parting your soaked folds quickly, and rubbing your swollen knob in fast and harsh circles, making you moan out his name.

  “Fuck, Finn please, I need you, please?” You whimper, bucking under him as he shifts his weight, moving backwards enough in the small bunk enough to pull your leggings down to your ankles, leaving them wrapped around you there.

 “Mmm, I wan’ ya tied up, but this’ll have ta do far now.” He growls, his hands gripping your hips, pulling you up slightly so that you are resting in your knees, you ass slightly in the air.

  “Fuck! Oh my god!” You nearly scream as he his suddenly buried deep in your soaked mound, your fingers gripping the plaid sheets hard as your body tries to adjust to his size, his cock pumping in and out of you hard, rocking the bus slightly.

  “Jesus Christ! Ya’r so tight Y/N, ya feel better than I imagined.” He moans as he grips your hips hard, pulling your ass back to meet his thrusts hard, your pussy clenching around his thick cock, his length stretching you.

  “Oh my god Finn, Don’t stop, right there!” You moan with abandon, not caring who hears you as you are lost in the pleasure of his cock pumping into your dripping cunt, his hand moving up your body to wrap around your throat, gripping you tightly.

 “Dat’s it love, say my name, scream it, let everyone know who’s pussy dis is.” He slams into you hard, his body pressed into yours as he keeps up his torturous rhythm, his other hand smacking your hard on across the ass, making you yelp loudly.

 “Finn, Finn, oh God, I’m going to cum!” You moan loudly, pushing hard back into him as you explode over the precipice, your body shaking and your toes curling as you suppress a scream of pleasure.

 “Oh, Shid You feel so good, I’m going to cum! Where do ya want it?” He growls huskily, panting behind you. In response you pull forward, pulling him out of you, and carefully spin around to face him, reaching out to grip his cock hard before he can say anything, taking his length into your mouth, and rolling your tongue over it.

   “FFFFuck!” He moans out, his hands gripping your hair hard as you bob you head up and down over his length, the taste of him and you filling your mouth as he cums hard, pushing your head down and forcing you to swallow rope after rope of his hot cum.

  “Shid.” He pants as he falls backwards into the small cot, his head almost hitting the wall as he pulls you down with him.

  “Yeah, I’d say.” You close your eyes, your body still singing with pleasure as you try to catch your breath, listening carefully to see if anyone had returned. After a moment you both come down enough to roll out of the bunk, sliding your cloths back on, stopping occasionally to steal a kiss.

    Just as you are sitting on the edge of the bunk, pulling your boots back on, someone climbs onto the bus, nosily, startling the two of you. You look up to see Aj’s blue eyes passing between you and Finn, taking in the scene, then at the bunk, and back to the two of your nearly dressed forms.

  Finn Snickers quietly and it hits you, Finn’s sheets are red. These are plaid. You look up to meet Aj’s gaze once more, your cheeks turning as red as the afore mentioned sheets. Just as you are about to try to apologize, Finn speaks.

  “Sorry man, ya know how it is sometimes…Ya just can’t quite make it ta yar own bunk..”