PersonaCaptor Pego ft. Tomoyuki (+ lots of pego doodles…)

After Pego’s dad, Tatsuya, commits a sin as a previous PersonaCaptor, the Personas escape yet again as punishment. Pego follows in his footsteps years later to retrieve them with his number one fan, Yuki. (I’m too into this CCSxPersona AU as you can tell….)

How I’m feeling about Cinderella and Four Knights...

I’m really, really liking it so far!! It has feels of You’re Beautiful and Boys Over Flowers, the two dramas that drew me into this crazy, crazy world of awesomeness!!!

.:Monsta X Reaction:. When they’re stressed and want to cuddle

Hi! Sorry for the ULTRA LONG WAIT TT TT <3 Actually, I’m admin Miyu uploading this but Eileen worked really hard on these and they’re so cute sdincsdinc ~le fangirls~ anyway the full request (by @shakiraisawesome was: “’Can I have a reaction for Got7 and BAP having a hard day and wanting to cuddle their S/O (Significant other)?’ but for VIXX and Monsta x, please?”

This is the Monsta X version!

|VIXX ver.|Got7 ver.|B.A.P. Ver.|

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You know what? Minhyuk was having a really hard day and he just wanted to cuddle all day. You was really concentrate studying for the exam and the silence you was appreciating just stop when Minhyuk comes into your classroom and stop in front of you being noisy. Then he just sit by your side and hugs you like if you were a teddy bear. 

“Please please Y/N, let me be like this until the hour is over, I’ll be in silence”

He said. You accept but obviously he wasn’t in silence. 


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The hard days were really not for our Joo Honey, he was tired and frustrated so he found you on the cafeteria eating a sandwich. He take a sit by your side and then he starts looking at you like a baby. You stop eating and ask him was going on, after a short wait he just start making aegyo. 

“Jagi~ hug me please ~ I’m so tired”

You smile and finally open your arms for him, he came toward and hug you tight. Minutes later you feel he was breathing slower than before… you realize he was sleeping. 


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Shownu wasn’t feeling good at all, he was a bit stressed or something like that. He calls you out on the rest and wait for you on the yard of the school. When you finally arrived he was sitting in a rare position, like thinking about something and playing with his fingers. You call him and he smile, he told you to sit down and you do it. You wait for what he wanted to tell you and finally he starts talking. 

“Y/N… I was asking me if… you know?… I’m… yeah… can we… cuddle?”  

You smile because he was feeling awkward, but at the end you move your head saying yes and he hugs you sweet than ever.


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It was just a message of him and you start running right to the library. “Y/N come and hug me” He was asking for a hug and maybe he will just do it with out asking… anyway you run and when you found him he gave you a really big smile and came close to you and hugs you with out saying anything else. 


You ask, he caress your head slowly and answer. 

"Just why not? I think we will be like this a long time" 

Hyungwon was telling you a hundred reasons of why he wanted to hug you and you just stay like that. 


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Wonho was acting rare. I mean, he was saying the kind of things he said before asking you to go on a date. He wanted something but you doesn’t know what. Wonho continue flirting with you and telling you sweet things and when it starts to feel really rare (cause he stop doing that things) you ask him. 

"Ok, what’s going on? What do you want?" 

You said, he stops talking and just let it flow…

"Let’s cuddle for the rest of the day, I’m having a hard day" 

you told him to stop flirting and that you will cuddle if he want. "You was acting really rare” you confessed on the middle of the hug. 


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He’s not my bias but this gif is so cUTE

Kihyun didn’t even say a word. You was a little surprised but when you notices it was him you keep calm. He just take your hand slowly to have your attention and finally hugs you, he was breathing slowly and the hug feels like a little caramel, sweet. You ask him if he was feeling well  but he just said 

“Don’t move and hug me back" 

and you do what he asks you to do. The homework you was doing will never be able to finish it cause he was not letting you go.


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And when you finally was going to rest after the exam, Chang Kyung walks to you and stand in front of you asking you for something in silence. In the next moment he began to scratch his neck nervous. He was a little tired and he just wanted to stay with you but he doesn’t know how to tell you that. You raised and eyebrow like asking what is what he want and he speak. 

"Can you just hug me a bit? I feel like dying" 

He sit on your left and put his arms on your waist hiding his head on your neck. 

"Thank you, I was really having a hard day" 

He said a bit but it was really a long time.

Request for gif reactions and fake text are open guys <3 Thanks for requesting

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lollipop898  asked:

Now to question about vampires eye sight in some vampires movies and books vampires can see 10 x times better than human's they see far away here is the thing why Reiji Kanato( form Mb ) and shin all wearing glasses?

From what I’ve gathered in the story as well as my own headcanons, vampires seem to have enhanced eyesight but from what I’ve gathered it’s nothing too extreme like they can see things in slo-mo like in Twilight or something like that. 

For Reiji, the common story is he was born with eye problems and hence needs glasses. I don’t know if that’s from the canon storyline or if it’s just a widely accepted headcanon like Ruki’s daddy kink and Yuma having a massive dong.

There is no explanation as to why Kanato and Shin have glasses but I headcanon that Kanato just wears glasses for reading but even then he doesn’t really need them, he moreso wears them as a fashion statement. 

Then we have Shin and while he’s in wolf form he doesn’t need glasses so my guess is that his eyesight is actually really good but it’s over enhanced and gives him headaches which is why he wears the glasses to tone it down. 

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I feel so tired and stressed lately - _ - ; Can each of you say any comforting words for me, please?

“I’m glad you told me how you feel. Don’t put up a strong front, rest when you need to.”

“I’m so sorry you’ve been stressed out lately. I can take care you, so you just rest.”

“Please don’t exert yourself. It’s important to take time to relax every now and then. I know I feel relaxed when I’m with you, and I hope you feel the same. “

“You don’t need to worry about anything. I’ll always be here for you when you need me.”

“We should have a sleepover with Mine! Whenever you’re stressed out, you always have your friends to support you.”