Magi 314

Okay, I’m actually going to take a moment to review this chapter without the salty bias I have been bombarding you all with recently, as astounding and impossible as that may seem considering I am a BLOCK of salt.

However, I do think it’s important to vocalize the dissatisfaction properly without this flippant dismissal of it being “you’re just mad because your ship didn’t become canon!”

First thing’s first: What is wrong with being mad that your ship didn’t become canon? I literally don’t understand anyone using that as an attack because alternatively, wouldn’t you be upset if a different ship than your own suddenly became canon? I know plenty of you would wave it off and proclaim that you’d be mature about it and not care, but there’s more to this than just ships honestly.

I’ve voiced my opinion on the matter many times before (I’m sorry everyone) HERE is one in particular but I’ll reiterate regardless.

So in terms of the shipping; I’m not surprised it happened. I’m surprised how it happened. I have seen a slew of arguments about it and the word “development” has been tossed around continuously and I am ready to tear my hair out about it. This dissatisfaction isn’t solely from the fact that a ship happened that we didn’t want it to. Alibaba and Morgiana do not, and I say this from purely an observation standpoint and with no affliction to my opinion based on other ships, they do not have the strongest relationship. Let me elaborate.

Alibaba and Morgiana are not exclusive to one another. A lot of people would love to argue that Alibaba saved Morgiana and freed her, etc, but truth be told, Aladdin has done far more for Morgiana than Alibaba. Certainly Alibaba has been present through much of it, but Aladdin has always been the linchpin of her development, but for the sake of romantic plot fodder, Alibaba has taken the spot light. In terms of Alibaba, however, he has never acknowledged Morgiana as someone he is exclusively thankful to. She has always been someone associated with another, namely Aladdin, and has never taken a time to stop and pay attention to just her.

Alibaba and Morgiana have never had a development exclusive to just the two of them. I’m not talking about anything shippy, I’m not talking about that time Olba mislead Alibaba about Morgiana’s feelings. I’m talking about them establishing a friendship that is uniquely them. Alibaba has a unique friendship with Aladdin. He has a unique friendship with Hakuryuu, he has a unique friendship with Kougyoku, all of which are not only standalone relationships, but they have all bettered him exponentially in some way, shape, or form. Morgiana has absolutely been a part of that movement, but never as a select individual. She has always been lumped with Aladdin or Hakuryuu, or whomever else has come to save Alibaba or help him out.

I think I can recall only one instance where the two of them spoke in private without the presence of others. Otherwise, they have never been alone together. Now I have seen this argument that it’s ‘refreshing not to have this isolated, stagnating development trope of “should I or shouldn’t I” with friends. They were just casual friends who went for it, no tropes to ruin it’. Just to point out, being annoyed at those tropes and then being happy that they got together is really quite ironic because the largest and most overused and overrated trope is “main guy gets main girl” and that not only happened, but it happened very poorly. I do not understand how anyone could be satisfied with how little regard Alibaba has had for Morgiana as an individual and as someone who has influenced his life.

People argue that they are really important to one another. I do not think that’s wrong, but what we as readers are given to base our opinions off of is content, and the content we’ve been provided for Morgiana and Alibaba in comparison to other relationships is honestly just scraps. In regards to what we’ve been shown as readers, Alibaba has a far more in depth, meaningful and progressive relationship with Aladdin, Hakuryuu and Kougyoku. I’ll attempt to reign in my feeling slighted that because Aladdin and Hakuryuu are male, they are absolutely disqualified as contenders. I could go off entirely on the internalized homophobia in manga and how anything not heterosexual is always wrongfully perceived as perverted but I’ll stay my hand. There are also other reasons why I would exempt Aladdin solely for personal preferences but that’s beside the point.

Kougyoku was someone Alibaba, and this is utterly inarguable, has had a strong development with as a character, and someone who has bettered him mutually. They have helped one another and grown in friendship together and we have seen it both associated with others as well as depicted with just the two of them. Alibaba has never stopped to look at Kougyoku as ‘someone who can be my girlfriend!’ He has never disregarded her character as someone who can fulfill his desires for a woman.

Morgiana has.

I love Alibaba, he is an incredible person and he means well, undoubtedly. But he has always sexually objectified women this way. Sure, it’s supposed to be a funny quirk to his character, but the point is, when women are presented to him as potential partners, all proper respect and regard is tossed aside for objectification. Morgiana was not exempt from that. He had never regarded her as anything more than a friend, which I coveted dearly because by god, we could finally get a main guy character and a main girl character who don’t fall in love for once! (sorry, there’s the salt) But the moment Olba mentioned she had feelings (which she didn’t yet), Morgiana was no longer Morgiana, his friend and comrade, she was a ‘SUPER CUTE GIRLFRIEND’.

Perhaps in time that would have changed, perhaps Alibaba would have grown to respect Morgiana and come to care about her romantically as something other than a ‘cute girlfriend’ which is what we’re made to believe he feels for her in this chapter, but it was NEVER shown. Not once was it properly depicted where he stepped across that line. And I’m sorry, but Magi has emulated reality in a fictional story very, very well so far in terms of characters and character development, and three years just doesn’t warrant continuous feelings to the degree where you’re absolutely ready to marry them moments after meeting again, not unless all your character has become is romantic plot fodder.

Alibaba has been gone for 100+ years. The suspension of disbelief has been entirely shattered for me at this point because here we are, reading that Alibaba has attention on Hakuryuu and Kougyoku and Aladdin while he’s with Judar; constantly thinking about what he can do for Hakuryuu, how he can help Kougyoku – pushing to better himself for them and make sure when he meets Aladdin again, he’ll be a formidable ally once more. Oh, and he’s going to marry Morgiana. Does that not come off to you all as ‘sloppy seconds’? He hasn’t taken the time to regard her in such ways or acknowledge her in such ways, and now they’re getting married?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they’ll be good with one another, I’m not worried about Alibaba mistreating her. It’s simply a formula that doesn’t seem to produce the right result, and yet it’s forcing you to believe that, yes, 1 + 3 = 5! There’s too much missing in comparison to other relationships Alibaba has, and other relationships Morgiana has! I think the little Toran village boy that had perhaps two pages of content with her would have been a better fit for her. Morgiana deserves that kind of recognition in my opinion, and although I do not ship it, Hakuryuu provided that recognition. His first attempt was a bit forceful and he was not of sound mind, but even then, he came to like her for her strength and her kindness, as well as her beauty; all things he openly recognized.

Yes, you can argue that ‘obviously Alibaba thinks those things, too!’ but the point is, it’s never depicted in regards to just Morgiana. Morgiana has been exclusive with her respect and regards to Alibaba, something that miffs me considering Aladdin has done more for her, and in some respects, so has Hakuryuu, but even so, she has given Alibaba isolated attention. He hasn’t done the same for her.

Lastly, it was just in such bad tastes to do all of that in front of Hakuryuu. I won’t elaborate, I don’t think I need to, but that does not sit well with me what so ever.

I always say this, but I’ll say it again. Magi is still going; there is still more to uncover and we don’t know the whole story yet so who knows what will happen. But as it stands currently, I am very disappointed and I feel almost betrayed and let down by someone who has previously provided an incredible and unpredictable story thus far.

I’m lead to believe this was not Ohtaka’s original plan, not only because of what I’ve stated above, but because she stated in an interview before that “at first glance, they [Alibaba, Morgiana] seem to suit one another well because they understand each other, but actually they don’t know each other that well.”

These are mostly all my thoughts. Take them how you please, I am in no way attempting to attack shippers or anything of the sort. I just needed to lay this to rest.

Okay but honestly guys, let’s talk about this.

So like, everyone’s kinda been saying that Alimor getting engaged in front of Hakuryuu was heartless, and in some ways it absolutely was.

But like…the main 3 have never really been that good to Hakuryuu in the first place. Like honestly…he’s always been in that awkward in between of good friend and best friend which explains my life actually lmao and like while they are friends, he’s not really at the level of friendship with them that they are with each other.

But that’s okay, because he still has Judar!!

Okay but seriously, Judar has been a freaking amazing friend.

Like, all shipping and romance aside, Judar is freaking amazing.

He kind of just saw Hakuryuu all scarred and broody as a kid, and he was like “I’ve found my person. We’re going to be best friends now”

And he continues to bug Hakuryuu for years. And he’s always pestering him about capturing a dungeon, and encouraging him to reach his full potential.

Even when Hakuryuu is stubborn and distant, and claims Judar is the one person he can’t rely on, Judar is still there for him, just waiting for his stubbornness to wear out.

Later, after capturing Zagan, when he kills Madaura and the main three kind of freak out Not that I blame them, and when Morgiana rejects him Not that I blame her for that either, Judar is still there for him, still waiting for his friendship even when he has no good reason to.

Even when Hakuryuu fails, and Arba makes the mistake of letting him live, Judar jumps at the chance to rebel against everything he’s been taught his entire life, and risks further torturing at the hands of the organization, in order to help out Hakuryuu.

He then spends a considerable amount of time training with him in order to kill Gyokuen, then he helps him conquer the most effed up dungeon ever, and then when they actually fight Gyokuen, he risks his own life in order to save Hakuryuu.

This is Judar we’re talking about here. Him putting other’s before himself is a rare occurrence,and yet he does it constantly for Hakuryuu.

Then he DIES fighting for Hakuryuu. And what is his reaction?

He doesn’t blame Haku at all, or regret helping him for even a minute. Instead he’s like damn it, I miss my friend.

He then puts up with having to be stuck with who he considers to be the most annoying person ever, for TWO WHOLE YEARS, just so he can go see Hakuryuu again.

So I’m actually very happy that Hakuryuu has ditched the main three once again, so he can find the person who cares the most about him. If anyone deserves Hakuryuu’s friendship it’s Judar, not the main three.