I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback on Scars, and I just want to publicly dedicate it to anyone who has ever been in a physically or emotionally abusive relationship.
I want to encourage you and remind you that there is healing with time as long as you allow it to come.
You are beautiful. You are valued. You are loved.

OTP 30 day challenge- Day 30

I didn’t get to do days of ALL of my OTPs but this was a fun little thing to do. If anyone wants to do the same challenge, go right ahead.

Pairing: Since my page is basically dedicated to them, I find it appropriate the last OTP I post about to be Kougami x Akane from Psycho Pass

Why I like them: Good lord, there are SO MANY REASONS why I do. Let’s see here…*takes a big breath*

  1. One reason I love them is how Kougami goes out of his way to comfort Akane whenever she’s upset in any way. He will literally immediately go to her and give her this big long wisdom-filled lecture the moment he sees her hurting at all. He doesn’t even have to. What does he gain by bothering to comfort his boss when that isn’t even what an Enforcer’s job is? To clarify, an Enforcer’s job is to be the hunting dog for catching a criminal, NOT consoling an Inspector. But Kou still takes the time to do it and that’s just freaking beautiful to me
  2. Akane is very naive at the start of the series, but despite that, I love how Kou gives her advice at certain points and helps her to become stronger, even if he doesn’t realize he’s doing it. In ep 2, he even tells Akane that he believes working for her will be a good thing, and that he’ll be able to get back to being a Detective again, instead of “just some dog”. This moves Akane’s to tears and that was actually the beginning of this ship for me
  3. Kougami appears to be Akane’s very sanity and reason for moving forward in this series. If you don’t believe me, go rewatch ep 10 of season 2. Akane nearly snapped and almost resolved herself to kill but the hallucination of Kougami stopped her. If he weren’t the one person who can keep her going (no matter how shitty life becomes for her), why would she have hallucinated about him and then gained back her strong resolve after the “talk” with him? Also, Kou is the one person who never fails to make her lose her unusual calm composure. Examples being : His hand touching her shoulder in ep 11 after Yuki died made her lose her shit right there. The letter back in ep 18 made her cry. The scene in ep 6 in s2 where she saw Kougami for a brief moment after he looked at Tougane made her heart hurt (go look at her face in that scene and pause it for a moment. She looks like she could cry). Then the movie, where Kou’s touching her shoulder and smiling at her, and she looks up with that heartbroken puppy expression. If Kou isn’t around, Akane is pretty much incapable of being happy.
  4.  Akane misses Kougami so damn much, which is pretty clear in both the end of season 1, all of season 2 and in the movie. She frigging subjects herself to second-hand smoke and why? Because she misses his smell. If Akane really didn’t feel anything for Kougami (at least something more than just a mere boss to her ex-colleague), why would she do such things to herself? Her mourning over Kougami’s not being there is pretty damn powerful I’d say. She hallucinated about him a great deal in season 2 after all. 
  5. I love how impressed/proud Kou is when it comes to Akane’s “ballsy nature” and her gift at being a good detective. There were several occasions he was straight up obvious about it too. Episode 13 was a good one. After Akane does the memory scoop and gets the picture of Makishima’s face for Division 1, right after he looks at the picture, Kougami says and I QUOTE FROM THE OFFICIAL ENGLISH DUB, “Tsunemori…she’s become a hell of a detective.”  Moving on to episode 18. After Akane shoots Kou in his thigh at the scene where Kasei tried to get Gino to eliminate Kou, he wakes up and joins Shion in her office. Shion goes on to say how it makes her sad but also proud when Inspectors grow as a person or something along those lines. Kou responds with and again, I QUOTE FROM THE OFFICIAL ENGLISH DUB “She’ll keep getting tougher, case by case.” I’d just like to point out how PROUD he sounds when he says that. Then to episode 22, after Akane gives Kou the dominator locked on tranquilizer mode, Kou turns for a moment before smiling down at Akane and saying (quote once more), “I always knew this job would make you tougher…but I guess I thought you’d still be nice about it.”
  6. The fact that Kou is protective of Akane kills me. Don’t believe me? There were several counts of Kougami protecting Akane in the series. And I do have screenshot proof of Kou SHIELDING AKANE WITH HIS BODY FROM AN EXPLODING BOMB IN THE MOVIE. *cough* Still don’t think he cares about her well-being? Pretty clear he does.
  7. Akane’s protective of Kougami. She would put herself through the worst of pain, run through hell and fire, if it meant she could save him or keep him from dying. Look at how damn hard she tried at the end of s1 to keep Kou from killing Makishima. That WAS NOT just because she thought killing Makishima was wrong for a Detective. She didn’t want Kou’s hue to cloud so bad that he’d become a target for lethal enforcement. She even made a deal with Sybil that if she brought Makishima in, they’d lift Kou’s punishment. And actually, the fact that Akane jumped onto the back of a moving truck driven by Makishima an shooting it in the tire proves that she herself tried to kill Makishima so Kou wouldn’t have to dirty his hands (man, did that shit backfire on the poor girl…)

I could keep going but otherwise, this post will get too long, as if it isn’t already too damn long already, so there you go.


“If anyone can make Kougami fall in love…”

Old Shinkane AMV of mine


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