shinkai no yo


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The Appearance of The Great Detective?!
TADOKORO: Original concept by Watanabe Wataru.
ONODA: TV Anime “Yowamushi Pedal” Drama CD.
KINJOU: “Off the Road 2.”

x x x

[ARAKITA enters the clubroom]

ARAKITA: Yo… What, no one else is here yet?
SHINKAI: Hey there, Yasutomo. You’re early today.
ARAKITA: !? Tch, you were here, Shinkai?
SHINKAI: Well, that’s rude.
ARAKITA: If someone sitting by the windows and keeping quiet suddenly spoke to you, you’d be surprised too.
SHINKAI: Ahaha, sorry, sorry. I was absorbed with reading.
ARAKITA: Reading? Oh, another detective novel?
SHINKAI: Yep. I just finished it.
ARAKITA: I can’t believe you read the same kind of book over and over without getting tired of it. They all follow the same pattern, don’t they? There’s a murder, then the detective figures out the key to the murder, and in the end they go “You’re the murderer!” doesn’t it?
SHINKAI: That’s rather blunt. I think there are other aspects besides that which make detective novels so interesting.
ARAKITA: Hah? Other aspects? Like what?
SHINKAI: Well, let’s see… I guess the biggest pleasure of all is figuring out the murderer yourself as you read.
ARAKITA: Figuring out the murderer, huh…
SHINKAI: It feels like you’re putting yourself to the test against the trick that the author designed.
ARAKITA: Hmm… To the test, huh? Let me see that.
SHINKAI: Eh? Ah, this book? Uh, this one actually has a peculiar story so it won’t exactly fit what I just said, so…
ARAKITA: Quit blabbing and let me see it.
SHINKAI: Um… All right. Here.
ARAKITA: “The Great Detective Nodasaka Michio’s Great Case File Series No. 1 – The Case of the Tokyo Dracula Serial Murderer,” huh? Hmm…
SHINKAI: That book doesn’t really concern itself with deductions, so, um…
ARAKITA: [opens the book] Let’s see…
SHINKAI: It got its hype from an online review right after it was released, so, well, to explain, as a detective novel–
ARAKITA: No, Shinkai, you don’t need to explain. I got it.
SHINKAI: Eh? You got what?
ARAKITA: You’re done with reading this, right?

x x x

TOUDOU: That was quite entertaining, Izumida, Manami!
IZUMIDA: You shouldn’t have jumped out at that moment, Manami.
MANAMI: But it was Toudou-san who made me. That was a sly thing to do, making a sudden move there.
TOUDOU: Wahaha! Anyone would have done the same in that case! [opens the clubroom door] Oh, by the way, Manami. Since you lost, you bring the detergent from the equipment room as promised.
MANAMI: You were being serious?! That was such a one-sided promise, it shouldn’t be valid! …Oh, there’s Arakita-san.
IZUMIDA: Ah… Oh, that’s rare.
TOUDOU: Rare? Oh, if it isn’t Arakita! Hey, Arakita! …Huh? Are you ignoring me?
MANAMI: Toudou-san, you shouldn’t disturb him.
TOUDOU: Disturb him? …?!! That Arakita… is reading something other than manga?!

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