Anime Challenge II: Day 29

Favourite anime side-kick: Inga from Un-Go

Because he’s just so damn cute in chibi-form

And too badass and suave in her full form

And the how I ship'em

(I feel like a pedo:/)

And the fact that she(he?) keeps her(his?) promise not to kill people but to eat their souls (lol any better?) by forcing them to tell truths is a very cool concept. Not only thtat but she(he?)’s actually the hero’s boss, not sidekick. So who’s in control here…?

TBH, I have a lot of favourites but I’m trying to spread it out and not be too biased so I can introduce you guys to more anime of all genres. Didnt want to continuously mention only a few anime series.

One more day to go! Can’t believe it’s been a month…time sure goes by fast:)

Un-go (The first anime review!)

Hey guys, It’s Starr! I’m here to review Un-go!

So to start off, I wanna tell you how to find this anime. I found it on They also have an app, but with some digging around, you can find it anywhere! 

Let’s list the main characters!

Shinjuurou Yuuki:He is the male lead. A detective commonly known as “The Defeated Detective”. Yuuki was saved from death by Inga (His companion/boss). 

Inga:He/she is Yuuki’s companion and boss. While shown as a young boy around the age of 13, Inga also turns into an older women around the age of 22. In Her true form, Inga can eat the souls of others by forcing them to honestly answer any single question she asks. 

Rie Kaishou:She is the female lead. Rie often follows Yuuki on investigations. She is quite smart and I believe she found Yuuki quite attractive. Her father is Rinroku 

Rinroku Kaishou:He is a well known detective. He monitors crime scenes from the comfort of his home through an expert computer set up. His daughter is Rie.

Ok! That’s all the main characters. They get more characters as the season progresses but I’m leaving them out.

Here’s what I thought of the series:I found the series really interesting and entertaining. It wasn’t an anime that lacked action. Even if nothing was happening, you were interested. 

Near the end it got quite confusing though. I was like, “Say whaaaat?”. I loved this series though. If you are looking for a funny anime. This isn’t the anime I’d recommend. Although there were parts that were funny but not peeing your pants hilarious. 

My favorite episode was definitely episode 2 (Pitiless song). I really enjoyed how the episode played out and the dialog in that episode was really well written. 

Also, the dialog never seemed to crumble. You know when you’re watching something and you go “That was really lame”. That never happened. Whoever wrote this anime is a genius. 

All in all, This was a great anime and worth a view. I’m Starr, signing off! 

Here’s a link! 


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