shinjuku orihara izaya

Yes, I believe in the multiverse. I believe in bubble theory, parallels, etc. I realize that if there are multiples of me throughout multiple universes they aren’t anything like the life I have. They are me, but not me. They could have the same name but completely different life and interests, and also the other way around.

I do not identify as fictionkin, but I do believe that fictional universes could be nonfictional universes in parallels. For example there could be a parallel where it’s virtually the same Earth but with the existence of urban legends being real. (Like Dullahans, etc.) Yes, of course I am referencing Durarara.

There are endless possibilities for universes, and I believe that though we don’t have a shared consciousness, there is probably more of me throughout. It’s kind of a thought that soothes me when I’m put into depression by the fact that my crush isn’t real. I will never be able to psychically love them, hold them, or interact with them in this realm, but maybe I can in the other parallels. Who knows? Maybe I live in Shinjuku, Japan, in some universe out there? I could be going to Raira and be close friends with the Orihara twins and be part of the Dollars. Shucks, I could be on my PC there and typing up this same rant about someone in this universe. Who knows.

Just a thought.  

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