shinjuku dori


Shinjuku crossing by B Lucava


A few weeks ago we went on a long-awaited holiday to Japan. While we were there we shot some footage of our adventures. Part 1 of our Japan vlog is now up, featuring lolita shopping, Harajuku, and the Q-Pot Cafe! 

Stay tuned for Part 2, featuring Akihabara, maid cafes, Swallowtail, and Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant!

Koizumi Yoshimi 小泉癸巳男 (1893-1945)

“Showa University Hundred Drawings Prints” 昭和大東京百図絵版画, “Shinjuku Street Scenery of Yodobashi-ku” 淀橋区新宿街景 - woodcut print - On the right, Mitsukoshi 三越 department store, on the left Isetan 伊勢丹 department store before its expansion. The streetcar runs in the center is the Shinjuku-dori - Japan - April 1935

Source Twitter @foujika