shinjuku chuo park

It’s happening! We’re finally doing some International Meet-Ups! Claris and Minnie will be travelling to these places very soon and can’t wait to meet you all :)

1st July  - Tokyo, Japan - Shinjuku Chuo Park

19th July - Cannes, France - outside the Cannes Grand Auditorium

24th July - London, England -  Regent’s Park

28th July - New York, United States - Central Park

4th August - Anaheim, United States - Stoddard Park

If you see us at any other time feel free to come say hi! More info to come closer to the time! ✈️🇯🇵🇫🇷🇬🇧🇺🇸✈️


61/366 : Shinjuku in the late afternoon by Hidehiko Sakashita
Via Flickr:
March 1, 2016 iPhone 6 plus #366project2016