Yay, I’m finally contributing to the group!

This was a thought that just came to mind last night. I finished this at, like, one in the morning.

Anyway, these are Karin and SHIHO in a weird-looking school hallway.

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(So what if Shiho’s pink hair is actually a wig? Her trait is imitation, so she COPIES her idols.)

Karin belongs to my sister theplacewherekirsteinlingers. Kamiya Shiho belongs to me.

Hanari Halloween Doodle 2013

Hanari, my Shinjou Gakuen OC in a Halloween themed outfit ^q^ /+*+* 

Sorry about this being really scrappy and just a doodle;;  However, I have quite a few W.I.Ps that I’d really like to finish ASAP;; 

My family doesn’t celebrate Halloween but happy (early!) Halloween anyway!! <33+*+*

edit: Forgot to mention this, but Hanari likes to dress up + wear cute clothes, because of her insecurity issues (she wants to look good) and also because I like drawing and seeing my OCs in cute stuff

Hanari's ShinGak Uniform Bows!!-☆ (ideas LOL)

Um um it seems that the bows for the Shinjou Gakuen female uniform is customisable ^q^ 

So I decided to make a personal bow to go with Hanari’s uniform/// Just for the fun of it, heehee~ And this was really fun to do! I had fun experimenting~

Though, it would be nice if I had some help/opinions to decide which idea I should use, please? ^w^

The bows with the hearts next to their number are the options I really, really liked, and the star means that I’ll most likely choose that particular bow! <3 I’d really love and appreciate any feedback and/or opinions!~

HBD to Kirstein! <3 Sorry for being belated (even though you’ve told me that’s ok so many times orz;;)

Thank you so much for your continuous support and constant compliments about my art, and my OCs <333+*+*+ I’m so glad you think that my OCs and art are cute!!!//////

I really appreciate it so much and it makes me so happy <33 I hope your birthday was a greattttttttttttttttt day!!! ^q^