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Livestream - Elisabeth Shinjin Koen

Hey guys~

I’m going to do another livestream.

Saturday, June 7th 2014, at 4 p.m. (CEST // UTC/GMT +2)

Since some people got really excited when I mentioned that I have access to Elisabeth Shinjin Koen shows, I’ll stream one or two of them.
Unfortunately I never spent much attention to the musumeyaku leads (shame on me and on my cow!), I can only name the otokoyaku lead…

Yukigumi 1996 - Aran Kei
Hanagumi 2002/2003 - Ranju Tomu *
Tsukigumi 2005 - Aoki Izumi
Yukigumi 2007 - Saou Kurama

* - I was told the quality isn’t that good but haven’t checked that yet.

Most people wanted to see the 2007 version, so I’ll definitely go with that one. If we have enough time, I’ll probably do a second one right after that~

Translation: Personal Book, “Special Talk” with Yuzuki Reon

Translation of the Special top-star interview with former top-star, Yuzuki Reon from Suzuho’s personal book, released in August (2015). 

A special note before reading… translating this was extremely difficult. So please take what you read with a grain of salt, I’m not confident I actually captured everything correctly. (Also special thanks to my beta readers who gave me a ton of help <3) I mean… it actually got to the point half way through that I almost gave up. It didn’t help that a certain someone would not. stop. talking. in excessive amounts of Kansai-ben while dropping every other subject from their sentences……..

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy reading the ‘crying series’…

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