some tasty tasty dracostuck facts

-the megido’s are the only dragons capable of physically speaking to humans

-the captors (in place of telekinesis) have telepathy and can mentally speak to humans

-all the dragons can understand human speech, but they can’t speak.

-the facilities run on both technology and magic

-there are two other ranches that the kids sometimes go to, the Alpha Ranch (dancestors) and the Omega Ranch (ancestors). Only higher ups are allowed to work in the Omega Ranch full time. 

-Doc scratch is a poacher/dragon enthusiast

blake and qrow are actually really alike, holy shit. like most people connect the parallels between blake/raven (which obviously they do have, but still) but like… blake and qrow? 

  • The writing intention for their stereotype is obviously to frame them as the edgy, dark-themed one of their group. 
  • Like someone else said, they’re both based off of an animal that’s considered to bring bad luck (black cat and a crow). 
  • They isolate themselves from the people they care for, out of abject fear that their very presence will hurt them. 
  • They’re both struggling with a dark, immoral past and trying to rise above it. 
  • They’re still being pressured to go back to said past by people that they once loved (Raven for Qrow and Adam/Ilia for Blake). 
  • While they are now fighting on the technical ‘good’ side, they’ve both done questionable things and continue to do questionable things. 
  • Their motives for fighting for what’s right are pretty much exactly the same: to protect the people they love and turn their past into something better.