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Would Shinji or Kaworu ever pierce their ears to look cool in front of the other? owo

Omg imagine a AU where Shinji (anime or Q) wants to pierce his ears because Kaworu has them pierced too and looks really cool BUt hes terriffied of the needle like the big baby he is, so Kaworu has to come with him and hold his hand. And Kaworus constantly asking “Are you sure Shinji-kun? You dont have to do it you know? Youre already A++ AReyousureShinji-kunAreyousureareyousureareyousureareyou???? etc.” 


Intuitive Bias: Intuitives are not “rare” (or special for that matter)

Look, i have not done clinical polling or complex surveys, but have seen many different figure tables throughout the years and even PersonalityHackers estimate of 25% is total crap. I have seen anywhere between 45% and 10%, and nobody really seems to know. However, though lots poll averaging and general observation I’m here to make the claim that the actual number is about 33% if not a bit higher. If a third of people had a disease would you call that a rare disease? If a third of all people had blonde hair, would that be a rare feature?

Its the same with introverts, guys, there are MORE introverts than extroverts, and less LOUD extroverts than, y’know… normal extroverts. It’s that 80/20 principal, 20% of people make 80% of the noise. Why do we consider certain dichotomies that we fall under to make us special or superior? I don’t think INFJ men are rare, i don’t think ENTJ females are rare, because even at .5% you probably pass one in any Walmart.

All intuition really means is that you have your intuitive function above the sensing function (because we all have both fully present) and that you favor convergent or divergent thinking over deductive logic, and are generally more rationalist and creative than empiricist and observational. Those are all just slight traits existing on a bell curve with no emotional valence whatsoever other than what you give to them. Sensors are more observant, down to earth, and sensible and those are damn good and important traits to have. “creativity” and “cerebral” while important traits, are incredibly overrated in terms of importance and not terribly useful in life. 

The problem with calling INFXs “special” is that it implies that some others are not special. If someone wants to be or is an INFx and you say their not, you are implying that they are not “special”. I mean, hell, being an INFP doesn’t even make you that intuitive, a type 4 ISFP could be easily argued to be more “intuitive” than a type 2 INFP. There are so many other factors at work here. It is impossible to put your finger in one or two traits and call those “special”. 

For example; I am an ENFP (~8% of the population), not rare. However I’m a type 6w7 ENFP (which >5% of ENFPs are) and a 469. (The Seeker) Tritype (which i have no statistical data but 1/27 is a small number) and a sp/sx instinctual variant, which is very rare for ENFPs. I’m unique. You’re unique. The chances of someone being your MBTI type, enneagram, tritype and instinctual variant are ridiculously small, i mean TINY. My mother is an ISFJ (the most common type) but the chances of her walking by another ISFJ 2w3 6w7 8w9 sp/so are TINY, were talking a decimal percentage with a quite few 0s here. I mean basic math tells us that 16x18x27x6= 56656, and thats not even taking into account the multiple ways the tritype can be arranged. So you’re not 1 in 16 with a few being the rarest and most special, you’re 1 in 56656 with special not even being a factor at this point. and this is JUST MBTI and ENNEAGRAM. How many more ways are there to define a person? How many more ways to understand?

The important take away is that Intuition doesn’t make you special, being the complex and unique enigma you are (that we all are, even “simple” seeming people, seem simple for complex reasons) makes you special. There is nothing about being an intuitive that dictates any intelligence or superiority in any practical sense, and in the grand scheme of things intuitives are so far from rare it is a complete non-issue. 

MBTI is for understanding, not judging, and its a terrible standard to judge by anyway. My INFJ (INFJ 9w1 4w3 7w6 sp/sx for what its worth, one in 10s of thousands, baby!) and I often have a passive game of “type every person and character in the world” as many of us do. I can usually tritype and mbti type most characters over a span of time, with questionable accuracy and it makes us happy to have a game to play together on a daily basis like that. However, its all fun and games, and the aim is always the same; understand. Why won’t Shinji Ikari stop crying and get into the damn robot? “well in addition to being an INFP, shinji is also a 6w5, which deal with a crippling anxiety as well as a disconnect from reality at large…” this type of psychology should be used to answer questions and understand reasoning. Not make sweeping judgement. So what good is intuitive bias? What good is any bias? 

Understand people, understand yourself, typology is a great tool for that. However, for bigotry, its a sad, ineffective tool at best. Thanks for listening, i deeply appreciate every view this gets and i sincerely hope the message rang true!