shinji is so hard to draw


me and mishima train together sometimes, cause it’s nice havin someone to work with, yaknow?

he always ends up really red by the end of it, though…

i guess he always tries really hard! you gotta admire that in a guy!!

“Two Can Play at That Game”~ Shinjiro and Minako ((Another AMAZING commission completed by minouze-drawings. She’s not even in the Persona fandom and she still did an incredible job with this piece. I ship Shinji and Mina so hard. They’re like…“screw tartarus. We’re gonna make out instead. Heh. Thanks sis! You did an amazing job as usual!))

Have a domestic Comashipping for the first day ^\\^ Also I’ll try to draw sth for each day but I can’t promise anything.

Look at the plushie in the corner 😌. Paul bought it for Ash sometime ( yeah, a mimikkyu ‘cause I think Paul would definitely catch one if he travelled to Alola hihihi). I think they were shopping together when it’s started raining and they decided to stay in Ash’s/Paul’s house ? (I’d go for Paul’s)

…. Also the posters oh my. I loved that scene :) Anyone remembers those soothe bells? Definitely going to draw them in the future 😊


You thought you were going to get a toaster waifu this friday, but DID YOU SEE THAT SHINJI?!

At least now if he dies we can just repair him. Plus, it’s bulletproof.

So this friday everyone gets a toaster husbando. Castor was hard to merge in his design, so I mostly used parts from “Sousei Kurogami” and improvised some others. I wanted to make the axe as different as possible from “Labrys” but it ended up looking plain unsure emoticon

Anyway, I liked the result. Next week Yukari, and next next Chie /o/

Daily Sketch challenge! Everyday draw something and post it! Be it good or be it bad. The important is to draw!
Anyone is welcome to do it too o/


Kanemaru-kun is surprisingly smart!!

Btw Kanemaru’s iris is danger iris!! And how easy school can be if you have an iris to see all the answers? But then there’s no point in going to school -3-

What if Shinji were human and part of Ichigo's original gang?

As requested by anon. :)

Let’s pretend that Shinji is just your average normal human when Bleach began, and that he was in Ichigo’s class. What would Bleach be like then?

1. Shinji would hate school.

When Shinji went to Ichigo’s school for like two days as a visored, he thought it was the worst thing ever. “School every day?” he lamented. “What the actual fuck?” So I imagine that if Shinji were a student, he wouldn’t exactly be a nerd like Ishida. He’d be dragging himself to school every day, more like Keigo and Mizuiro.

Keigo: S-Sado, you’re ranked in the top ten?? You’re a nerd like Ichigo???

Keigo: Well at least SHINJI didn’t betray us!

Shinji: It’s true. I’m waaaay down in the rankings.

Keigo: And this is why we love you.

2. Shinji would figure out Ichigo’s secret.

Of course, just because he’s lazy when it comes to school doesn’t mean that Shinji isn’t smart. As we’ve seen in Bleach, Shinji is very smart. And suspicious. And a fan of stalking people. So when Ichigo started leaving class mysteriously, Shinji would quickly figure out why.

Shinji: So you’re a soul reaper, huh?

Ichigo: Y-You can see me in soul form?

Shinji: No why would I need to see you to figure out that you became a soul reaper?

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: Dude, how are you not acing school?

3. Shinji would be a rival of Chizuru for Orihime’s affection.

Because Shinji is a giant flirt.

Chizuru: Hey! Get your hand OFF of her shoulder!

Chizuru: Orihime is MY princess and she doesn’t like it!!!

Shinji: Um, if she didn’t like it, then why is she being so chill about it, huh??


4. Shinji would gain powers along with everyone else.

Ichigo gained powers protecting his family. Chad gained them protecting Karin. Orihime gained them protecting Tatsuki. So I guess Shinji would get his protecting, um……Keigo?

Keigo: Shinji! Stop! Why are you destroying that poor movie prop??


5. Shinji would basically have mind fuck powers.

I like to think that Shinji would eventually have his Inverted World power, because that’s cool. But like everyone, Shinji would need to build up to that power. Maybe start by making his opponents vaguely dizzy or something.

Shinji: Man I hope my powers get cooler.

6. In Soul Society, Chad would finally have a partner.

Chad always ends up traveling alone, because he’s just the odd one out. Like in Soul Society, when Ichigo teamed up with Ganju, and Ishida teamed up with Orihime, and Chad wandered around by himself punching people. With Shinji there, the numbers would be even, so I guess Shinji would travel around with Chad.

Shinji: ICHIGO!


Chad: I *really* don’t think that’s the best way to find them.

7. Shinji would be blamed for Aizen’s death.

Remember when some of the shinigami thought the ryoka were responsible for Aizen’s death? It just occurred to me that this means that Shinji would *still* be blamed for crimes actually committed by Aizen. That amuses me no end.

Aizen: That blond guy is in jail with the other ryoka.

Aizen: It warms my heart.

Tosen: Why?

Aizen: I don’t know.

Aizen: I just physically enjoy his suffering. 

Tosen: …

Tosen: [backs away]

8. Later, Kensei would be sent to recruit Ichigo to the visored.

I like to think Kensei would be sent to recruit Ichigo if Shinji weren’t in the picture. I mean, he cooks for the visored. Clearly he’s easy to persuade.

Kensei: Smile, Ichigo!

Kensei: You’re a visored!!!!

Ichigo: Okay but literally who are you.

9. (I’ll get back to Shinji in a minute but come on, Kensei pretending to be a student though).

It’s just inherently funny.

Keigo: I hear the new transfer student has an obscene tattoo….on his chest!

Keigo: I think this guy is bad news!!!

Ichigo: Yeah, no kidding.

Kensei: What do you mean?? Just look at this SMILE!

10. Ishida and Shinji would be rivals.

Ishida prides himself on being the perceptive one in the group, which isn’t hard because Ichigo. Ishida comes up with the plans, and notices details, and draws conclusions. It’s his thing. But then, Shinji is good at that too. So with both of them in one group, they’d totally be rivals.

Ishida: Yes, I noticed that what Ukitake said about the soul reaper badge was odd.

Ishida: I naturally concluded that there had previously been a substitute soul reaper.

Shinji: Yeah, I came to that conclusion too.

Shinji: Back when Rukia knew how to transfer her powers to Ichigo. 

Shinji: So…..much earlier.


Shinji: Suuuuuure it’s not.

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i wasn’t ready to have no place for my roots to grow but here i am, some kind of rootless. like a lily pad — sweet water terror no real bloom yet, roots skirting past the backs of minnows or some other finned thing. turns out i gotta move out of my house by the end of january. i think i’ve got something lined up, so i feel okay, at least for the month — sweet sublet at a friend’s. i’m a self-sabotaging fool but we don’t need to talk about it, only that i have created a chaos that i have control over in a swarming chaos that goes on with me, without my say. i’m bitter i’m angry i’m full of some grief that i was not ready for and that was to be left to my own accord and i wasn’t ready for that yet — to have all these unresolved things. to feel so intensely, to feel so intensely… i made a promise to myself to be kind but that’s turning out more difficult than i thought it was going to be because what models does one follow to have compassion? i’m really trying but it’s scaring me. i’ve been making doctors appointments and i laughed when the allergist told me ballpark $400-800 because i cannot afford that but here i am making the appointment anyways! called a therapist specializing in cult recovery & other fun things. am seeing a naturopath the day i get back. i’m, whoo! exhausted. doctors are exhausting. how many times can i explain myself. 

the other day my wallet was stolen the second i stepped foot into midtown which is hilarious because new york knows i have grown too soft, too dreamy-eyed or whatever. all ferns and cedar trees and talking about healing. i forgot to keep an eye on my things, having moved somewhere where people often don’t lock their car doors at nights. i sat on a step in front of some bank and sobbed and lit a cigarette knowing i would regret it because it would cause a flare up but i was sobbing and screaming at the passersby telling them to stop fucking looking at me and putting curses on the motherfucker who stole my wallet calling my father laughing hysterically thinking, “this is it! this is it, isn’t it. this is exactly what needed to fucking happen” all while the days move on the clouds move over us and every minute some boat takes off from a dock nearby to touch the throat of another place, crossing millions of minnows all the while. i feel rootless, something finless and wafting like an oak leaf dropped and sunk into a body of a lake. i won’t say that new york makes me feel like this, but being back here has been reminding me that there is no back here anymore and there are triggers everywhere reminding me of when i was so shapeless and so bound to what other people wanted of me because i had no model of normality and at least thank god for olympia for giving me the freedom of myself. thank god for olympia for showing me boundaries. but god, coming back here. the shapeless metallic city.

i have been sleeping for more days than i’ve been awake since i’ve been back. have been having a flare-up or a strange, lingering sore throat. drank too much the first week. was a day late to have tteokguk. met with shuang who said she loves me and that i am not a bad person. was looking at her too intensely because i don’t know how to have human interactions very well right now. have been meeting with people who have had chances to heal and who tell me, after-the-fact — you just must fall into it shinji. you just must go into that place it hurts and love it. it is yours. “how long did it take you?” “a year.” “how did you do it?” “i let myself go.” something about morgan is the everything of love. we have been writing each other letters all year. we meet at curry in a hurry and sit eating sweets upstairs wrapped in our scarves, and i am comforted at her movements because they bring me back to who i am. remind me of the way my hands move when i am warm and lilting and loving. her presence holding as i could not be in that movement, could do little but wrap my scarf around my body and be ashamed of my oozing, cracked hands and say, “it is hard and i do not know how to do it but i know i will make it through but i haven’t built the boat yet.” and she laughs and she doesn’t say “we are already in the boat!” but i leave feeling as if that were the case. 

tired, i’m tired. i’m staying at my friend’s house. her mother has taken me in as her daughter. this family has treated me so kindly, has given me a room — a futon with sheets over it. a blanket. in my attic i find four boxes of books that i had stored here last year when i moved away, and find my copy of my side of the mountain — my favorite book growing up. about a kid who runs away from home to live in a tree in the catskills, and am comforted in the story — the ease to which you can just catch a falcon, live in a hemlock, make acorn pancakes, pick strawberries in the summer wild. this morning, after having only slept a few hours after getting into an argument with someone i love on the phone, the mother finds me sitting at the dining room table absent-mindedly drawing lines in my notebook and i tell her “nicole i am not doing okay i don’t think” and she asks me what’s wrong and i can’t tell her and start to cry and she stands up and holds me and holds me, and lets me cry. “i know, shinji. that this has been hard for you. you have been trying so well. but you do not need to make yourself so small. you do not need to make yourself disappear. you are not bad. i know that you feel alone and that you feel helpless and like you need to do it on your own, but we all need people. it’s okay to need people. you are human, and you are cared for, and you are going to make it through. breathe.

shinji, just breathe.”

D O N E!! HAPPY NEW YEARS GUYS! First picture of the year yehh

^q^;; I tried my very best to draw and paint the horses properly _(:‘3 still not 100% happy (I had a lot of trouble trying to draw them in motion x_x) but I am still proud of the result. Sorry for any inaccuracies QAQ;; horses are v hard… doesn’t help that Kaworu’s horse looks weird because his body is covered by Shinji’s horse…

But they’re practicing Yabusame which is ritual Japanese horse back archery. Since its the year of the horse and well… I like the motif of arrows for New Years, especially since Hayama arrows are omamori (protection charms) used to ward away bad luck.

So Kaworu and Shinji are shooting arrows to clear the future to hopefully make this year all go well for everyone! \(^q^)/ or something…

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“It was raining really hard last night and I was thinking about what toddler Shinji and Kaworu would be doing on a stormy day. Little Kaworu can’t read so good yet- so he just makes up the story as he goes along. It calms Shinji down a good lot when he’s all worked up from the thunder and stuff.” All colored!!