shinji (pokemon)


I have seen a lot of Pokemon Color schemes go by but normally they are of other Pokemon. So I wanted to try it out with characters instead. 

My Pick would be Tier because she would make a freaking awesome Vaporeon!

Oh god, why are my Shinjis/Pauls so inconsistent? orz

Anyway, some quick Ikarilicious art dedicated to poketrendy ! :3
Thank you for being my first inspiration, idol and a precious and supportive friend! :D

leaves art back and runs off to finish some work

Pokeani Headcanons: The First Time Drinking

Ever imagine our favourite characters drinking together for the first time at a party?

Ash: Fails to understand that it takes time for alcohol to absorb into the bloodstream. He firmly believes that the more you drink, the faster you’ll feel it. Six drinks later, he’s set himself up to be a mess for the rest of the night.

Misty: Is very picky with her drinks, so she picks a fruity one that she likes and takes her time with it. She’s careful to only end up tipsy, especially after witnessing Ash’s drunk fiasco.

Gary: “Yeah! Let’s get lit!!!” Need I say anything else for Mr. Oak?

Leaf: Knows not to mix her drinks, but she consumes enough to loosen up and enjoy herself. She does stupid things to try embarrassing Gary, like pantsing him in front of the entire crowd. Obviously Gary is too caught up in yelling about how much fun he’s having to even notice.

Paul: Decides he’s going to keep drinking until he “forgets Ash’s existence.” This requires downing lots of hardcore liquor, and (surprise surprise) he doesn’t  have a hangover next morning.

Dawn: The cute, flirtatious, social butterfly. Gets slightly overemotional at one point after she stops drinking for the night, but otherwise she’s a fun drunk to be around.

Drew: Drinks minimally for three reasons: 1) to be social, 2) to avoid embarrassing himself by dancing incessantly in front of everyone, and 3) to keep an eye on May because he just has a feeling that she’ll do something stupid under the influence of alcohol.

May: Treats alcohol like food. Tries tons of drinks until she find one she likes and then doesn’t stop drinking it for the entire night because it “tastes so good!” (Here we see that Drew is right about May and alcohol). End result: a very painful hangover the next morning. Don’t mix your drinks, May.

Cilan: Decides he’ll be the dad of the group and very responsibly sips on some wine. He’s on the verge of calling Nurse Joy when Ash passes out, but stops only because Misty swears up and down that Ash will be fine. Much to his dismay, later in the night he loses a bet with Iris which consists of him downing eight beers in under two hours (and he doesn’t know WHY he made the bet in the first place). Needless to say, Cilan’s “dad” status disappears once he is unable to pronounce all his fancy words and starts slurring them instead. Oh, and the group forever teases him about being their “daddy” after that night.

Iris: The ultimate sass master. She drinks what she wants, she drinks how much she wants, and she just doesn’t have any fucks to give. She’s definitely on the wild side and engages with Gary and Dawn at some points during the night. Her biggest accomplishment that night is tricking Cilan into getting drunk off beer, because she just knew he’d lose their little bet.

phew, it’s still the 28th in some countries… ;;

Since it’s the 10th anniversairy of the dp anime and Rissy was going to revive Ikarishipping (Confession) Day anyway, I thought I had to contribute to this year’s event! Even though I’m no longer active in the fandom b/c rh took over me for 4 years now… www The nostalgia has hit my hard since last year lol

It’s quite interesting to see how much my art has developed over the time~ When I started posting my digital art online, it was because to them after all… Even if it took me almost 10 years to reach that level, I’m proud I still haven’t given up on art (and Shinji and Hikari) yet~

Oh yeah, please read this post since I couldnt find her post in the tag for some reason ;;