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- Questions by strawhyukberry :

1. If you can describe yourself in three positive words, what would these words be?

    -Independent, Friendly, Open-minded.

2. Do you think freckles are attractive?

    - Umm… I’m not sure, since I don’t have one. Sorry.

3. Do you consider yourself happy?

     - Yes I am. I’m part of the greatest fandom ever, I live well, I have many friends be it online                    friends or real as in daily meet. I am happy as long as my fridge is full of foods and  I get to see Donghae everyday ^^ 

4. What’s the name of your all time k-pop bias?

    - Lee Fucking Donghae. He’s irreplaceable.


5. Why is he/she your bias?

    - Donghae meant the world to me. My world revolve around him and him only, he’s my kind of PERFECT and all his imperfection is what’s makes him PERFECT, I can’t imagine anyone better than him at least in my eyes. And I don’t see myself noticing other guy anymore because simply NO ONE is good enough compare to him *in my opinion* I don’t think I’ll be able to love other guy as much as I love him.  If my name is ‘Yours’ I’ll come to him and say “Hi Hae.. I’m Yours" 

6. Name something you’re afraid of?

   - Caterpillar ewwwwwwwwwwww 

7. What is your favourite colour? Be specific. (i.e if it’s blue, don’t just say blue, tell me what kind of blue.)

   - Sky blue or Blue ocean was always my favorite color ever since I know that it’s called BLUE/ Light blue ^^ 

8. Do you think it’s attractive to have confidence?

   - Confident is SEXY 

9. Do you own any pets?

   - Yes, two cats named Rio and Tama ^_^

10. Idol you are most envious of?

  - No one, I’m happy for who and what I am because this is what God had given to me. 

11. Cutest thing you’ve ever seen?



Okay enough!

My questions for u ;

1. How did you get into K-pop?

2. Why did you call yourself a/an…*insert fandom name* ?

3. Have u ever attend any of K-pop concert? 

4. What is your height? 

5. Where are you come from?

6. What’s your favorite subject in school and why?

7. What’s your fav drama/ TV show? Pls briefly explain abt it~

8. If you have a chance to spend a day with your bias what would you do with him/her?

9. How much did you spend on K-pop (e.g official merchs, concert ticket, fan-meeting tic, album etc) 

10. How do you feel if you find out that your bias is actually in relationship with the one that you dislike? Be honest!

11. Name one food that you would love to have/share with your bias ?