During this wonderful person’s stream, Shining kept saying “we should kiss” to a few characters. One of them being Big Mac, and that one happened more than once, if I remember correctly. Being bored and watching others stream their art, I decided to whip this piece up. And before you ask, yes, Big Mac and Shining are drunk.

(I’ve never drawn things making out before, so I’m sure something’s off.)

Dedicated to the best group of VAs and friends a guy could ask for. You guys seriously make this little hobby of mine become one of the funnest things I’ve ever done.

  • Corrupted Shining Armor
  • Performed by Wild Card

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[ Sweet Cream and I were bouncing around the popular fanon idea of Shining Armor being corrupted by King Sombra, so she drew up a lovely picture(go follow her!) and I provided some voice over. Needed to post something here anyway.]

[ Just a ‘what if’ monologue of Shining Armor post-corruption, after he’s fully given in to Sombra’s influence and taken over his role as a ruthless tyrant. I didn’t give him as much 'surfer voice’ in this since this is considerably darker than his canon self, SO YEAH. Thanks for listening! ]


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(( King Sombra is just as bad as those other gym leaders. God! ))

(( I did this in 30 minutes and regret nothing. NOTHING. I’m still a little sick, but I had to do this. ))

(( Special thanks to Icy Sparks for mentioning the idea in the first place. It was all I could think about and it had to be done.))

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Mod: ‘EY, GUESS WHAT. The new Friendship is Witchcraft episode is out. :>

A couple months of hard work that really paid off! If you didn’t already know, I voice Shining Armor/Francis Sparkle for this ep, both vocal and singing portions.

Keep in mind, this interpretation of Shining Armor is meant to be a bit more 'out there’ and goofy in comparison to his canon self and what I do on this blog. Because of that, I was asked to make his voice much more surfer-like to make fun of the 'gnarliness’ Andrew Francis uses for the character.

Anyway! This was a fantastic project to work on, and big props to Griff and Jenny for bringing us such an awesome parody and working themselves to the bone on it. They bust their asses to entertain you guys. Trust me!

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Mod: So, here’s the first one we did. A reading of that Equestria Girls comic by crimsonbugeye that’s been circulating. I read Brad for this while EileMonty did Twilight, and she was awesome as always.

I don’t sound a thing like Brad, so I just kind of winged it. I basically did Shining Armor without a surfer tone and a slightly higher pitch. MY RANGE IS AWFUL. \o/ Fun to do though. Enjoy. The Shining Armor and Cadance comic is coming later.

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Shining Armor Super Anime Attack Bear is Driving GO!

Mod : Shining Armor , beaten up and war-torn, squares off with Chrysalis and her Changeling hive in a dramatic last stand! Complete with anime-typical dialogue and an over the top final attack.

I felt I needed to post at least SOMETHING amusing here to provide some fleeting entertainment, so I did this. I grew out of my anime phase a long time ago, but Shining Armor screams typical bishi hero. The voice; the look; the personality…it’s all there! I’ve had this idea in my head for awhile now, and finally acted on it. It was fun practice! I actually wanted to be at this point in my own story by now, but, such is life. Hope you enjoy.

Picture is by the precious bab, asksweetcream .

Music is from the original japanese version of Yu-Gi-Oh.

I drew this for you I hope you like it, I’m a female thirteen brony and this is my…okay art! Signed, Kittilot

Mod: Oh man this is perfect! The skateboard; the corndog ( THE CORNDOG CUTIE MARK ) ; the microphone. Why is he so angry though? Does someone not know he likes corndogs?

This is great, though. Thanks so much. <3 I really had a lot of fun voicing Francis.

Stream Rundown

Alright dudes, here’s what’s going on with streams this weekend.

We’re doing a stream tonight AND tomorrow night. Tonight will be with the usual Ponies and Pints cast, (Discord, Shining Armor, etc.) while tomorrow will be another Shining Armor and Princess Cadence Gaming Stream.

There’s an addendum for both, though. During the streams we’ll be taking donations to get some of our performers to Bronycon, since we might be doing something special for it if we can get enough of our people there.

The current goal is 500 dollars. Any money we receive will be funneled directly into travel expenses, with potential overflow being donated to the American Humane Association.

As per usual, the first stream will begin at 9:30-10:00 PM EST. Hope to see you all there!

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Mod: Some unpleasant news.

One of my good friends, Nifty, who is the voice of Big Macintosh for my streams and his own audio productions, was involved in an accident that involved some severe damage to his throat; lungs; and vocal cords. Some surgery was required and he is now recovering, and in several weeks will be going through vocal therapy. For a voice actor, you can understand that this is pure Hell. We’re not yet sure what the end result of this will be, but we’re pulling for him and wishing him a swift rehabilitation.

Nifty is a generous; talented; kind-hearted person, and a very good friend. He’s in high spirits, but I would really appreciate it if you guys would go and wish him the best. I think he really needs some love right now.

His tumblr is HERE

- Wild Card / Shining Mod

I’m visiting Rarity’s in about 30 minutes because Cadance kicked me out of the house! I got her the best gift, so I dunno what her deal is.

She’s in the wrong, clearly. 


( Note: This will be a short stream – about an hour – since the host, Ogatamon, has many things to do today! She lives in Japan, so her day is just kind of getting along. )

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“ Well. This is kind of…awkward, but despite what happened, I won’t jump to conclusions just yet. I didn’t get to be Captain from having horrible deduction skills.”

 " From what I’ve heard multiple universes on here cross over a lot. Even Twiley’s told me she’s met other versions of herself…some not so wholesome.“

” Following that, there’s always another way to see if you’re a Changeling or not. Think fast! “

 * sound of horn charging up ; magic burst *

” Just a harmless burst of arcane magic. A real Changeling would have untransformed and freaked out. Seems like you’re clear, Captain. Congratulations, on your own wedding. Just…keep out of this universe enough so Cadence and Twiley don’t get confused, alright? “

(( Mod Note: There will be unique, drawn artwork for this blog, but while I’m waiting for my artist to recover from a recent injury I thought I’d try and answer at least a couple of these through reaction pics/voice. ))

(( Also, this is really good practice! Helps me practice his voice outside of show lines. Thanks for the question, Captain Shining Armor. :D ))