shining sol


Matthew got up and Sol quickly got up along with him. She wrapped her arms around his comforting shoulders and looked him in the eyes. He slowly worked his hands up to her waist.

“Matt, I know you feel the same way, you’re just too scared.”

Matthew was starting to get nervous now. “How.. How did you know?” He gulped.

“It’s so obvious! Your new story… the main character Mateo finds true love with the sun-ray goddess, Sunny! You’re clearly writing about us, Matt!”

It was true, he was unconsciously writing the perfect love story about them, but he failed to realize that the best story was the one he was currently holding.

“Sol…” He pulled her in tighter and gently kissed her cheek. It was at times like these when he especially hated being a vampire. Sol smelled just how she looked, sweet and charming. His eyes began to glow with lust. He wished he wouldn’t have these thoughts, violent thoughts of piercing her beautiful yellow skin with his sharp fangs. He had never drank from someone before, but from what he was told, once you get a taste you won’t be able to stop until they’re all out of blood. He shook his head and tried to steer away from his lustful thoughts.

Sol let out a soft, charming giggle. “See, told ya you’d feel the same way!”

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wcif the eyes/face bits on the sim on the right of your ea bob revamp images + the skin/makeup of the one with the blue hair?? ty

Hello! Thank you for your ask!

The eyes are [Dust Alien Eyes Defaults] by @supernovayeah
The face detail is [Speckles] by @divadoom

The skin is [Knight Default Skin]
The skin details/make-up are as follows:
- [Bye Liner]
- [Sol Face Shine]
- [Bosie Super Gloss]
- [Beauty Marks]


It was now Monday and Ezekiel was ready to tell everyone what he saw the day before. With Hero’s help, everyone gathered in the meeting room.

“Supernaturals. We have gathered today because our colleague Ezekiel has something he’d like to share with us all.”

Ezekiel took in a deep breath and explained everything. Sol was the first to make a comment. “Wasn’t she that Kaitlin girl’s best friend? She passed away at the night of the dance… I was talking to Chip, and he told me what happened.”

“That makes no sense! How could she have gotten those pills, if she lives in the upperclassmen dormitory?” What Matthew said made sense.

Saltee was quick to reject his theory. “They’re BEST FRIENDS. Best friends always share everything, even if they live in two different houses! What doesn’t make sense is how she got there if the cafe was closed!”

Bishop was growing tired of these people dying. “I just hope that none of us meet the end of or lives as quick as they did…”


Matthew decided to take a small break from his current story and went outside to catch some fresh air. Sol decided to go join him.

Hey there! Room for one more?” She gracefully made her way over to the bench and sat down next to Matthew.

“Hey, Sol. What’s happening?” He asked her.

“I, Sol Shine, have a confession to make to you, Matthew Sweeney,”

Matthew let out a chuckle. “Sounds official, what is it?”

Sol was the only person that had truly gained Matthew’s trust. Between classes she would always hang out with him and when it came to his writing, she was his number one fan. “Matthew. Matty. Matt. I like you!”

Matthew looked at her with a confused expression. She… liked him? As a friend? Or something more..?


She looked at his blank face and laughed. “I knew you’d be confused! Matt, I really like you! As in… more than friends! As in how your characters of the last story you wrote liked each other!”

Matthew was now completely embarrassed. He had never had someone confess their feelings for him. This whole time he was so caught up in his stories that he failed to see what a beautiful person Sol was, inside and out. 

❀ Rihanna

I think I’ve had enough.                                                                                         ( Eu acho que já chega ) 

I might do a little time.                                                                                 ( Talvez eu precise dar um tempo )

I’m leaving you.                                                                                                 ( Estou deixando você )

I need you more.                                                                                                 ( Preciso mais de você )

I want you to stay.                                                                                     ( Quero que você fique ) 

Feels so good being bad.                                                                                     ( É tão bom ser má ) 

Sun was shining, I’m positive.                                                                             ( O sol está brilhando, estou positivo )

And we’re standing side by side.                                                                      ( E nós estamos lado a lado )

It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny.                                                               ( É como me sinto, não da para negar )

Cause all of my kindness is taken for weakness.                                       ( Porque toda a minha bondade é confundida com fraqueza )

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but actually you’re in luck b/c since i’ve expanded to making yb gif sets i’ve been finding quite a few blogs. not many but here are some that have lots and lots of yb:

Hair: LeahLillith Heartburn Hair (
Eyebrows: Romantic Eyebrows N23 (
Eyelashes: 3D Lashes (
Skin: Julia Skin Overlay (
Mouth Corners: Mouth Corners N03 (
Dimples: Dimples N04 (
Eyes: Chisami’s Pinstruck Default Eyes (
Earring: Dior Tribale Earring (
Face shine: [ Sol ] - Face Shine (
Eyeshadow: S4 Exotic Eyeshadow (
Eyeliner: Ethereal Lashes N27 (
Lips: LipsSet20 (
Dress: MIDI Skin Tight Dress ( .

270817 Taeyang’s instagram update

오늘 제 공연 그리고 아는형님 재밌게 보셨나요? 💕❤️ 내일은 공연은 더 멋지고 앵콜도 더 길게할게요 모두 사랑해요 😘

trans : Did you had fun watching my concert and ‘Knowing bros’ today? 💕❤️Tomorrow my show will be even more wonderful and the encore longer. I love you all 😘


Hi guys! Well, it’s my last year before college and exams are coming up, and I’m behind on a lot of school work, so I’ve decided to go on a semi-hiatus to catch up and take a break from kpop. Tumblr is a massive distraction so I felt like going off it for a while would help me concentrate on studying more, even though I know I’ll end up coming back every once in a while, but queue will be on until around November/December. :)

I’ve been planning to do a follow forever for the past few months so I felt like it would be a good time to finally get around to it. I hit my follower goal recently and am grateful for every follower I have, so thank you all for following me and putting up with the lameness I put on your dashes. This blog wouldn’t really be anything without you all so I decided to make this to say thank you to my favourite blogs for brightening up my dashboard every time I come on here! My favourite blogs are bolded^^

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