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u know when idols feel bad abt their skin tone if they’re a bit darker and all the other members are like ‘nonono ur skin is beautiful !!’ and fully supportive of the beautiful melanin and they smile rlly big and it just makes you happy reblog if u agree

SHINee latest Google searches


• why does tofu give me so much gas
• am I dead inside
• where is my baby pinee
• why is taemin growing up so fast I’m not ready


• shortest kpop idol male
• Jonghyun shinee abs & tattoos
• why do my dongsaengs bully me I’m older than them
• strip pole easy tricks


• simple but snatched makeup tutorials
• best vegan and expensive dog food
• which male kpop idol looks good in everything he wears
• how to stop being shady bc it’s ruining me


• suho cute moments compilations
• how to marry someone without them knowing
• why do people think I’m older than I really am
• shinee Minho tattoos edits


• how to hide my satanic rituals from my bandmates
• why am I called angel when I’m the devil
• does shinee know they’re not my parents
• who’s the most successful kpop group maknae

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I just want POC kpop fans to know

 Your beauty does not need to be verified by kpop idols telling you that you are beautiful. You all are beautiful. you all are amazing.

That’s all have a good day!!!!

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This will FOREVER be my most favorite thing EVER 😂😂

Kpop Groups as Kings
  • Vixx: Kings of amazing legs and concepts
  • Big bang: Kings
  • SHINee: Kings of amazing fandoms and harmonies
  • Seventeen: Kings of remixes
  • Super Junior: Kings of still staying relevant despite the amount of scandals and waiting for members to finish military service
  • BTS: Kings of proving everyone wrong
  • Exo: Kings of making you stan even tho you don't stan
  • Infinite: Kings of synchronization (duh)
  • Topp Dogg: Kings of having underappreciated discographies
  • Nu'est: Kings of getting revived by PD101
  • HOTSHOT: Kings of having bomb-ass title songs that people need to listen to more often
  • Day6: Kings of covers
  • The East Light: Kings of me constantly posting propaganda to get y'all to stan them, they're coming back with their first mini album Six Senses with "I Got You" as the title track on July 26th