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Lesher from Witcher 3? Or if that's to horror-esque for you, Ornstein from Dark Souls? :)

The Leshen (Leshy? Lesher? People have different names for it) actually looks pretty neat! He’s a little odd, but he’s not, like, nightmare fuel. :)

From looks alone, I imagine he’s pretty strong. And likes pets. He’d probably be territorial, like the Spriggans in an earlier ask. Though his way of dealing with trespassers would be SIGNIFICANTLY more deadly.

I feel like he might be vain, and as such would enjoy compliments and affection. And that his stomach area is something he really enjoys being rubbed. He’d probably smell of old earth and dead leaves, but it’s not a bad smell, just pretty strong.

ORNSTEIN IS AN ASSHOLE. Somebody had to say it.

This mo-fo is probably the vainest of all the creatures I’ve had asks about. You will never be able to give him enough compliments, nor shine his armor enough. And when he’s feeling affectionate, hoo boy, be prepared to NOT MOVE for a hell of a long time, because if you leave his embrace, he gets personally offended. And he’s a champion grudge-holder.

You should be prepared for ALL THE STATIC CLING. His lightning abilities may not be damaging to you, but the air around him WILL be charged at all times. Do not wear wool in his vicinity, or if you do, remove all metal objects, from everywhere.

“Happy Birthday, River. The 2017 total eclipse of the Sun first arrived in the U.S. in Madras, Oregon…the tiny town where you were born at home into our arms with the brightest noontime sun shining. Neither death, nor moon, nor time could ever eclipse your light, contribution or the love we share. You are living proof of the eternal nature of our souls!” - Heart Phoenix on River.

You don’t need to go to heaven, nor pray for some light to shine, nor cry for wings like a dove to be with God; Only be in silence, and you will come to See within yourself.
—  Saint Teresa of Avila

30 Day Coloring Challenge- Create a coloring for gifs. Specifically file size reduction. {13/30}

The Way to the Light.

The Mother, the Embodiment of Light, is within every heart. She is within me; she is within you. She is everywhere from Brahma to the smallest insect, in the movable and the immovable. Pray to Mahamaya, the First-born. She holds the key in Her hands. The Realm of Light will be opened to you, if She graciously unlocks the door. That Primordial Energy, who is Consciousness Itself and regulates everything, is the Creator of the mind, intellect, ego and the like: She alone is the source of the entire Universe. We have all come from that Mother and will eventually merge in Her. “From This are born life, mind, all the senses, ether, air, fire, water and earth, which is the support of everything”.

That Primordial Energy, the Power of Brahman, is beyond the reach of this mind and intellect of ours. She manifests Herself in a pure mind. Man cannot reach or understand Her through spiritual practice. She is self-luminous: it is Her consciousness that makes this world conscious. “The sun does not shine there, nor the moon and the stars, nor these lightnings, not to speak of this fire! He shining, everything else shines after Him; by His Light all these are lighted”. You hold on to that Mother: She is within yourself. It is She, who will open the way to the Light.

Be resigned to the Mother. Pray to Her earnestly, crying like a child, and you will discover the Light. Whenever we asked the Master, he told us also: ‘‘Pray sincerely to the Mother, and She will straighten the path”. He gave us this advice again and again. I, too, tell you, my child: cry and pray: “Mother, reveal Thyself to me”. You will see that the blissful Mother will give you joy and peace. She will certainly do so.

Swami Shivananda (Direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna)
Quote source - For Seekers of God: Spiritual Talks of Mahapurush Swami Shivananda”, August 28, 1929, Belur Math, pp. 94-95

I walked within the vine-clad garden wall
  At even hush, as moonlight came to aid
  The waning day: and while the day decayed,
Faint shade, that solely on white flowers would fall,
Followed me; till I thought—Indeed we call
  This interval of neither shine nor shade
  Nor sleep nor toil “twilight.” Yet who essayed
To name a thing so unsubstantial?
For, wisdom, with thy boundaries limiting
God’s creatures here, art thou not foolishness—
Naming far points and knowing merely these?
What is the thing and what the nothingness?
What all this labouring change from clouds to trees,
Through light to dark, beginning, vanishing?
—  John Lucas Tupper, Twilight
His eyes remind me of the stars
So dearly
Not for the way they shine
Nor for the way they can light up a sky
But for the way they can make me feel
A contrast that holds vivid states of beauty
Ranging from being lost in their light
To such relief that I acquire sight
That provides me with such serenity
Every time I look into them.
They are my definition of a true home
For he is my golden throne
And it’s tragic that I can never call him my own
Just like the stars truly belong to the sky
Sincerely not I.

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is onew really enlisting june 2018 after their dome tour aka their biggest stage and is jonghyun enlisting february 2019

… no? and the information on their biggest concert ever is just speculation. sm hasn’t said anything. people. i don’t like having to stress this as often as i do but: sm has said nothing regarding the enlistment of any member of shinee nor have any of the members themselves. any information that you see regarding this is pure speculation so take it with a grain of salt. and that’s all i’m going to say regarding this issue … again. also: a note that the “information” released yesterday wasn’t released yesterday. it was from that financial analysis released two months ago (not by sm or anyone who is linked to sm) so i don’t know why it was translated again to begin with.


She wakes up. One minute before the alarm alert. As designed. As desired. She stands erect, stretches, and begins the movements of the Bharatanatyam. Starting slowly and precisely, her hands arc in graceful, meaningful motions. Her legs bend deep while her spine never falters a curve. Gaining in speed and difficulty, there starts a glow about her. She’s sweating, which bothers her, but not enough to slow. The beads of sweat on her face begin to coalesce and slip down her form. Catching the glow and fracturing beams of light into the room. Her face, poised with concentration never letting a single emotion show, begins to loosen, even to smile. Light. Solid in form. As she moves her hands in one last motion the structure falls to the floor. Here is perfection, she thinks to herself, with a nod of approval. Grabbing a cloth off the wash basin and letting it slide into the pool of cool water, now glistening with a hint of the earie blue light that fills the room.  Cleansing the sweat off her body, she begins to inspect her creation. Are the angles correct? The sizing, the shape? Everything seems in place, yet there is still something missing. She circles the piece straining her eyes to defect the fault. Her skin begins to itch in the way it does when there is an error. She cannot find it yet it gnaws at her being. Her temperature is rising and she can feel reality’s grip letting go of her. Where did I falter? What have I not done!? Grabbing her PhotonBeam- aiming to destroy the fruit of her mastery. She looks one last longing glance at its beauty, but it’s wrong. Closing her eyes with her finger on the trigger she hears an electronic click, followed by a gentle whirring.

Her eyes flash open. Her ears poised like an animal. “What…. Where?”, she voices aloud.




Her hair whips as she dashes towards the noise. Legs thrown out in the most poetic of advances. I know that sound like I know my own heartbeat! How can this be?! Running through the arches of her beautiful dwelling, searching. Tearing through room after room, not finding the source of that sound. Oh the Sound! Her heart is beating much faster than before. Her eyes are fervidly searching each room and doorway. But she finds nothing. She hears… nothing. The sweet song that played so quietly in her skull has retreated to the depths of that door she keeps closed in her mind. I am foolish. Disgraceful to be flitting about in search of a ghost! She mutters to herself in disgust. She retreats towards the security of her room, unaware of the glow emanating from the cracks in the door. As she reaches to grab the handle the change in hue is abruptly noticeable to her senses. What is this? She thinks to herself. The light once again lighting afire inside her. Taking a breath, not wanting to hope, she opens the door.

A flood of fuchsia light bathes her bare body, dancing off the sweat as moonbeams on the snow. Her creation has altered. It is perfection. She steps into the room, arms outreached towards the piece. Wanting to touch it, but afraid, she hears a voice behind her, “Miss me?”

She whirls around in haste. Terrified beyond comprehension. Words do not escape, but a small gasp manages to float through the air.

“Don’t answer, I can see that you did. This is nice.” Electric pink nails point to the now purplish-pink lit structure in the middle of the room.

Finding her courage, she whispers, “Where have you been?” She needs to find composure. She needs to stand tall, stand firm, but she cannot will the waiver from her voice nor the shine from her eyes. Her hands are shaking and her breath is stuttering. She always leaves me, why should now be different? When she is away the world crumbles and with every step she moves closer the world is crumbling still. Standing on a precipice of a canyon I cannot be saved. She is my savior and she keeps running away.

Feet shuffle awkwardly. “I had to do, something… look it’s not a big deal. I’m back, ok?” They say defensively. Hackles are raised and voices are deep in an attempt to appear without attachment. But the veil is thin. The façade weak. The crack in octaves a bit too noticeable for one such as she. She raises her eyebrows an immeasurably small distance.

“I’m sorry.”, they say sincerely, voice welling with unspent emotion. “You have no idea what I have been through! What I must do to make everything right! You don’t know, how hard it is…. to…to…” The voice breaks into sobs. They crash to the floor like a crystal chandelier dropped from grace. Shattering on the carpet, pieces spiraling out of control. Gasping for air they manage to breathe the words: “Satya… I can’t do this without you.”  

Satya, looking at the shards on the floor in horror, reaches down instinctively to fix the chaos. “My dear, please. Let me hold you.” She asks. Masking her confusion as to tearful display they had just shown. Emotions are hard to understand sometimes. And she had already felt too many this day. Gently, and timidly, she bent down and met the lips reaching out for hers.

Satya held them. No words were spoken for what seemed like hours. Satya gently stroking their hair. Relishing the moment before they left again. Which she knew would be all too soon. They fell asleep in each other’s arms. Clothed in moonlight and comfort.

In the morning, Satya wakes up. One minute before the alarm alert. As designed. As desired. She stands erect, stretches, and looks around. The room is empty save for her. She feels the anguish of loss, but she had known this was coming. She was well versed in keeping composure now. Beginning her morning the same as every morning, she walks to the wash basin. There, nestled on top, was a curious device not many knew of; a Translocator, with a note underneath.

               My dearest Satya,

I will ALWAYS return to you.

               Te amo mi amor.


Smiling, Satya put the translocator on the bed and turned to stare at her creation. The very likeness of the one known as Sombra, recreated in light. As only Satya saw her.


The Light.

“Mother, Thy light stops not for the saint or the sinner; it animates the lover and the murderer.” Mother is ever manifesting through all. The light is not polluted by what it shines on, nor benefited by it. The light is ever pure, ever changeless. Behind every creature is the “Mother” - pure, lovely, never changing. “Mother, manifested as light in all beings, we bow down to Thee!” She is equally in suffering, hunger, pleasure, sublimity.

Swami Vivekananda, Complete Works, Volume 7/Inspiring Talks.

Oh and also to the people who continue to bring up Justin’s past mistakes, the drama last summer, say they’ve been dead for four years, I’m delusional/obsessed/ stupid and basically anything bad whenever they r pressed I just have one thing to say…. you can’t take ur two sense and shove it where the daylight don’t shine cause neither I nor any other Stan really a gives af what u think…… cause just how u gonna keep hating….. imma keep staning! Nothing u say will ever make me stop either! So keep wasting ur precious time coming in our inbox, dropping into our comments or @ us….. in the end ur the one who looks like a mess…. BYE ✌️

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Some Ventus x reader pls? (Fluff)<3

Elves, though beautiful, are shameless creatures. Nature inspires them to care not about one’s bare bodies, but more to how one can affect the environment. Showing one’s skin is not a problem for them.

“Nice chest.” Ventus voices out, gazing on your body.

Despite Ventus teasing and flirting with women, the culture is ingrained even to him. He’s not flustered once he sees you half stripped, neither lust nor embarrassment shining in his eyes.

“Ahh…? Are you going to the hot springs?” Ventus asks curiously, putting a hand to his chin.

You nod to answer. He chuckles.

“May I join in? I’m a gentleman, I won’t touch, unless you want me to.”

Ventus? Naked? Naturally, you’ll agree.

Surprisingly, he laughs again, seemingly in disbelief. “Ah, I actually wish I could right now, but Denif would kill me,” He shakes his head in disappointment.

“Still, a pretty person like you agreeing to my desires… you’d be a nice person to marry.”

The Wind Master doesn’t seem to mind having a towel thrown at his face.

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I also feel like in terms of the power imbalance/control/autonomy issue, Robert interfering to try to 'help' or dare I say 'rescue' (and I don't mean it literally but u know what I mean) ... it's the same old story. Aaron doesn't want to be the helpless princess waiting for his knight in shining armor, nor does he need one. Robert's so far from earning him back bc he doesn't even appreciate that or understand that about Aaron. He doesn't let him fight his own battles, his own way.

Rachel, have I told u lately that I absolutely love u and that brain of urs?

That’s really it tbh. And I get that whole ~where’s the drama of Robert just not interfering but that’s not what’s being discussed lmao

This is happening on screen thus making it completely canon that Robert still fails to see that throwing money at a problem does not make things better for Aaron and that Aaron needs to fight his own battles without interference.

It’s like during the trial era. He had his demons and wanted to face them and face them the right way. But Robert and Chas kept fucking interfering and making things worse and thus making the whole situation even harder on Aaron. This is the same thing. Jason is a demon he needs to face and face on his own terms and in his own way.

I get the drama thing, I get the soap thing. But that’s not the arguments of the anons I’m getting. Or if it is, they should clarify. And if we get into that whole, well doing anything else is boring what else is he supposed to do question. We get to that plot area. Which will make us ask what plot is and what drives it. Which leads to the answer of everything. Which leads to these actions are canon and in character which means that Robert is fully being dumb and throwing money at shit when he shouldn’t.

The grandeur
 isn’t in the shine of the gold
Nor was it ever
in materialism that
encapsulates the majority
It was always
and will always be
the miniscule details
that mends a broken soul
alleviates a fallen warrior
and so wanders a few
in search of the beauty
held in what I dare say to be
little things to my eyes
but the joyest feeling of another’s
heart - a jewel to be held precious

thoughtfulsage - ‘A Bundle of Little Things’

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If another situation where the reader gets bitch-slapped by an asshole and sans is there, is he going to do anything different than the last time?

if you’re hoping for some big “bad time” sans, it isn’t gonna happen i’m afraid.

his reaction would probably be close to the same. teleport everyone away to safety. 

after that, he would check on her, give her some monster candy, and they would file a police report and then watch tv. papyrus would make tea. she’d probably sleep over.

idk, i don’t see him as the shining knight type nor the overbearing caretaker type.