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Ayyeee.. I wasn’t really tagged but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Challenge by @butterfly-tattoo 

Rules: Take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture.

I’m tagging @plumb-barb, @simtasia, @simgallery@touchmypixels, @cakenoodles​, @girl-just-simming-around​, @fanaskher​, @buckleysims​, @obsimmian​, @pixelddump​, @freckled-pixels​, @lanyxie​, @narusasu-simblr​, @gohliath​, @itsniiaa-simblr 

Notes: I did a girls edition (or at least the more relevant girls that I have). Fenix looks like god either way and tbh for the sake of this I gave her a little more makeup than usual because I normally don’t have her wear lipstick. With Ani I’m very happy I did this because I didn’t realize how much I actually LOVE her with a complete bare face. She looks so different and kind of like this one girl I wanted to model her after.. so she might just wear some tiny lashes from now on and call it a day because I’m into it. And finally there’s Jaide.. she wears the most in game makeup because I spent the least amount of time on her custom skin. I wish I could get her lips the same texture as the one she wears in game.. also her eyes look so different without eyeshadow lol.

P.S. If you did this already then please disregard.. and if I didn’t tag you it’s because I already seen you do it ^_^

a good summary of my blog is honestly ‘when ur tired of a goddess being nothing besides the weak little flower girl to people’


First off thanks goes to Skysims for the original mesh…I edited this sucker to death on both the original and the long version…the original at the hairline has this one area that seems like light shining through…i have done everything in my power to fix it. The long version you cannot use with hats..i am not certain on the short one…

Anyway this is about as good as it gets…

Click to download <3


The road ahead winds into the night
A trip I would rather not make
Had I any of the choices afforded me
Certain unsettled feelings
Kept out of touch
Forever discontinued
Every once in a while

In the distance behind me
It looks like rain
Always does through these subtle tears
No wonder I keep leaving
I cannot unbind
At least not, long enough to make a difference
To anyone who matters

I settle into nothing
So far as I can tell
My yesterdays stolen away
Searching for the best tomorrows

I love those things gone away
In beautifully suited betrayal
Desperate to inflict only me
Spared everything in between

The light shines brighter elsewhere
In my heart, it is darker still
A void among shadows
Where happiness goes to die



“Any job that I care about when I first start it is just a tremendous amount of stress. Because you’re not sure you can do it. If it’s a job that I’m like "oh yeah, I would totally rock that”, I don’t really want it. I have to be afraid that I’m gonna mess it up. If you’re not challenged. If you’re not afraid to fail, then you’re not really pushing yourself.“

BtVS/ASoIaF: 2/? Quotations

Rae of Sunshine


Didn’t mean to make you sad

Didn’t mean to make you cry

Didn’t mean to let you down

Dark without you by my side

In the shadows in the night

Dark without your shining light

My Rae of sunshine shining bright

My Rae makes everything all right

I’m sorry that I made you sad

I’m sorry that I made you cry

I’m sorry that I let you down

Want you back here by my side

My Rae of sunshine shining bright

My Rae makes everything all right

Archie’s song from My Mad Fat Diary Series 2, Episode 3


Didn’t mean to make you sad.
Didn’t mean to make you cry.
Didn’t mean to let you down.
It’s dark without you by my side.
In the shadows, in the night,
Dark without your shining light.
My Rae of sunshine shining bright,
My Rae makes everything alright.

I’m sorry that I made you sad,
I’m sorry that I made you cry.
I’m sorry that I let you down.
I want you back here by my side.
My Rae of sunshine shining bright,
My Rae makes everything alright.

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Just a quick poem i made in a dream.

You’re my light in the nigh
A shine out of a star
Everything you do is right
At least in my heart
You fill me with smiles
As you get me to calm
A nice light in the dark
That fills my inside that’s blank
Determination and love
instead of being blurry
You make it all clear
My dear night fury.
By: Hipnotiq moves
To: a very special otter