shining gyarados

Pokemon Card of the Day #121: Shining Gyarados (Neo Revelation)

Neo Revelation brought a new type of card into the TCG: Shining Pokemon. It was clearly based on the shiny Pokemon in the games, introduced in Gold and Silver, and they were quite rare to find in a pack. That made them quite expensive since they were so collectable, but despite their rarity, almost all of them were terrible. Shining Gyarados was no exception.

The best things to be said about Shining Gyarados are that it had very high HP, especially for a Basic, and resisted Fighting which made it immune to Tyrogue. The good news ends there. A high Retreat Cost was nothing compared to its other problems: Ridiculous Energy costs with three different types on the card, and a crazy rule to fit the rarity of Shining Pokemon that only one of this was allowed in a deck. That stopped Shining Gyarados from having any hope whatsoever.

On the surface, Outrage seemed to have potential. For 1 Water and 2 Fighting Energies (yes, it was annoying), the attack did 30 damage plus 10 for each damage counter on Shining Gyarados. It could have been a nice big hit as it went out, but it was based on a coin flip. If tails, the attack failed. That was far too risky to be used seriously.

Devastate was one absurd attack. The attack did 50 damage plus 10 to each opponent’s Benched Pokemon. Then if the coin flip was heads, each of the opponent’s Pokemon discarded and Energy Card. It really could set an opponent back, but, of course, there was a catch. It cost 2 Water and 2 Fire Energy, and Gyarados had to discard 2 Fire no matter what the flip was. That was too expensive, even if paired with Typhlosion.

Maybe it would have had some minor uses if it wasn’t limited to one per deck. It would at least be easier to get out that way. As it was, however, Shining Gyarados was an awesome card to have in a collection, and one to never even think about playing with.