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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Redemption and Roses

By @torestoreamends

13.7k words, G rated

Astoria Greengrass hates Draco Malfoy, former Death Eater, and all round prejudiced asshole. It takes a year for her to change her mind, and another year to fall head-over-heels in love with him. This is the story of how it happens. 

I had the idea for this fic a while ago. I thought wouldn’t it be cool if Daphne introduces Astoria and Draco at a party, and wouldn’t it be even cooler if she starts off hating him, while he’s besotted with her from the first moment. It’s taken me a while to get round to writing it, but here we are! I will admit, as Astoria fell in love with Draco, I fell in love with the two of them as a couple. I think they’re wonderful, and I hope some of you will agree. 

Massive thanks to @abradystrix for betaing this, and thanks to @platinasi for flailing with me and being generally supportive while I wrote it. You’re both superb human beings. 

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So earlier tonight I was in a bathroom stall in my dorm and a few drunkish guys came in. They were being pretty loud but relatively copacetic so I was gonna let it slide.
Then one of the dudes busts out of a stall and says “yo what the fuck is this bullshit on the doors”

He was referring of course to the anti-sexual harassment posters on all the stall doors that tell everyone how to notice the signs and report and all sorts of quality, much-needed info.
I went to stand up and yell at him but stopped cold when one of the other dudes says, completely seriously:
“Sexual harassment.”
But he said it in a sort of “shut up bro you don’t know what you’re talking about” way.

First guy; “that’s bullshit”

Second guy: “no it isn’t, man”

Third guy: *dead seriously* “it happens, people need to be informed.”

First guy: “whatever”

Third guy: “what if I just grabbed your dick right now, what would you say, huh?”

First guy: “I’d call you a faggot.”

Now at this point I stood up and looked over the stall and said “you can’t fucking say that word. People die every day because of it.”

Third guy: *pleasantly surprised* “I was just about to say that.”

Second guy: “yeah, man, we had this conversation earlier.”

Third guy: *goes to fist bump me but hesitates* “wait have you wiped already?”

Me: “I’ve been in here like ten seconds, you’re good.”

Third guy: “aight man *bump* have a good night.”

It made me so fucking proud to go to my college knowing that drunk frat boys are here educating their stupid friends about consent and decency. Keep shining, Wooster.
And stay excellent, unnamed hammered guys.
SHINee 샤이니_Dream Girl_KBS Yoo Hee-Yeol's Sketchbook_2013.03.08
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As a shawol It is videos like this that reminds me of why I love SHINee so much. They excel and they work hard as individuals as a team and they work on their weak points and improve through the years. I think there are many times where I forget how difficult it is to sing live, dance and execute a solid performance as a team and do it very well. I’m just astound by their consistency throughout the 8 coming to 9 years they’ve been in the industry and always improving always pushing their boundaries in the entertainment industry and truly growing as exceptional artist and inspirational statue of their fields. There’s so much one could learn from a group like them despite not being in the entertainment industry. They are truly awe inspiring people.

Companions' Name Meanings
  • (for those whose names actual have meanings that i could find)
  • Name: (Usage) Meaning
  • Alistair: (Scottish) Anglicized form of Alasdair, the Scottish form of Alexander, meaning defending men
  • Morrigan: (Irish Mythology) Great queen; the name of a goddess of war and death who often took the form of a crow
  • Sten: (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch) Stone
  • Wynne: (Welsh) Variant of Wyn, meaning blessed, white, fair
  • Anders: (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish) Scandinavian form of Andreas, a form of Andrew, meaning manly, masculine
  • Justice: (English) Justice; judge, officer of justice
  • Nathaniel: (English, Biblical) Variant of Nathanael, meaning God has given
  • Sigrun: (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish) Victory + secret
  • Aveline: (English) Diminutive of Avila, meaning desired
  • Bethany: (English, Biblical) House of figs
  • Carver: (English) Wood carver
  • Isabela: (Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian) Latinate form of Isabel, the Medieval Occitan form of Elizabeth, meaning my God is an oath, or my God is abundance
  • Merrill: (English) Derivation of Muriel, the Medieval English form of a Celtic name from the Irish name Muirgel, meaning bright sea
  • Sebastian: (German, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Finnish, Romanian) From Sebaste (Sebaste was the name of a town in Asia Minor, with its name meaning venerable)
  • Cassandra: (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Greek Mythology) To excel, to shine + man
  • Cole: (English) Derivation of Cola, meaning charcoal
  • Sera: (English) Either 1. variant of Sarah, meaning lady, princess, noblewoman, or 2. short form of Seraphina, meaning fiery ones
  • Dorian: (English, French) First used in The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Wilde most likely took the name from the Ancient Greek tribe the Dorians
  • Vivienne: (French) French form of Viviana, the feminine form of Vivianus, the Latin form of Vivian, meaning alive
  • Bonus:
  • Cullen: (English) Either 1. Old French form of Cologne, a city in Germany, or 2. Anglicized form of O Coileain or O Cuilinn, meaning descendant of Coilean and descendant of Cuileann respectively
  • Josephine: (English, German, Dutch) Feminine form of Joseph, meaning he will add
Names translating master post!

You will find here the names classed in alphabetic order. It will be presented like this: name, kanji, translation, (optionnal) something about the kanji used.

These translations are an interpretation of mine so sometimes it might not be perfect. Also some kanji are used for the sound of them not really for their meaning so don’t be suprise if some names seems “weird”.

And i do this post myself and do not copy the work of anyone.


Ayaha, あや葉 , “Colorful leaf”

Ayakazu, 絢佳司, “Brillant and excellent ruler”, 絢 this kanji make me suspicious because its literally mean “brillant fabric” maybe a reference to silk?

Ayako, 亜矢子, “Child after the arrow”

Ayano (GK), 彩乃, “Dedicated to paint” , 彩 mean also makeup

Ayano(P), あや野, “Colorful plain”


Chikaharu, 千賀遥, “Thousand joy from spring”

Chikasaya, 千賀明, “Thousand joy from the light”

Chikayuki, 千賀幸, “Thousand joy and fortune”

Chikayoshi, 千賀美, “Thousand joy and beauty”

Chisako, 千紗子, “The child of the thousand gaze”

Chiyoko, 知余子, “Very wise child”

Chizu, 千鶴, “Thousand cranes”


Eriha, 恵里葉, “Blessing leaf of the village”


Fukuai, ふく愛, “Lucky love”

Fukuaya, ふく愛彩, “Color of the luck”

Fukucho, ふく兆, “three million times lucky”

Fukue, ふく恵, “Lucky and blessed”

Fukuha, ふく葉, “Lucky leaf”

Fukuhana, ふく英, “Lucky hero”, 英 means at first english… I find that it’s super strange to find this kanji in a geimei… But i think that hero was probably the choice of the okaasan!

Fukuharu, 富久春, “Wealthy and lasting spring”

Fukuhina, ふく雛, “Lucky cutie”

Fukuhiro, ふく紘,”Large luck”

Fukuho, ふく帆, “Lucky sailor”

Fukukimi, “Wealthy and lasting ruler”

Fukumari, ふく真莉, “True luck of the jasmine”

Fukumi, ふく美, “Lucky beauty”

Fukumomo, ふく桃, “Lucky peach”

Fukunae, ふく苗, “Slap of luck”

Fukunami, ふく奈美, “Lucky and beautiful Nara”, the kanji 奈 is more used for its sound than its meaning

Fukunao, ふく尚, “Luck and esteem”

Fukune, ふく音, “The sound of the luck”

Fukuno, ふく乃, “Dedicated to luck”

Fukusato, ふく里, “Lucky village”

Fukusuzu, ふく鈴, “Bell of luck”

Fukutama, ふく珠, “Gem of luck”

Fukuteru, ふく光, “Ray of luck”

Fukutomo, ふく朋, “Lucky friend”

Fukuwaka, 冨久若, “Wealthy young one”

Fukuya, ふく哉, “How to be lucky”

Fukuya, ふく弥, “Even more lucky”

Fukuyu, 冨久有, “Wealthy but possesive”

Fumihana, 富美英, “Wealthy and beautiful hero”

Fumikazu, 章佳司, “Excellent poet and ruler”

Fumika, 富美夏, “Wealthy and lasting summer”

Fumimari, 富美毬, “Wealthy ball”, 毬 is strange to me…

Fumino, 章乃, “Dedicated to poetry”

Fumisono, 富美苑, “Weathy garden”

Fumitama, 富美珠, “Gem of weath”

Fumiyoshi, 富美芳, “Rich perfume”


Hinagiku, 雛菊, “Adorable chrysanthemum”

Hinayuu, 雛祐, “Adorable help”

Hisacho, 久蝶, “Butterfly of the old time”

Hisamari, 久万里, “Ten thousand old village”

Hisamomo, 久桃, “Peach of the old time”

Hisano, 久乃, “Dedicated to the old time”

Hisasuzu, 久鈴, “Bell of the old time”

Hizuru, ひずる, “Draw of fire”, seems to be a name than a “normal” girl can wear


Ichiaya, 市彩, “Painted city”

Ichiemi, 市笑, “City’s laugh”

Ichifuku, 市福, “Blessed city”

Ichiharu, 市晴, “Clear city”

Ichiho, 市穂, “City’s ear”

Ichikiku, 市菊, “City’s chysantheum”

Ichikoma (K), 市こま, “City’s young child”

Ichikoma (P), 市駒, “City’s horse”

Ichimame (K), 市まめ, “City’s eyes”

Ichimame(P), 市真芽, “Bud of the true city”

Ichimari, 市まり, “City’s advantage”

Ichimomo, 市桃, “City’s peach”

Ichinana, 市奈菜, “Nara city’s vegetable”, here 奈 and 菜 are just used for the sound, for a more cute effect.

Ichino, 市乃, “Dedicated to the city”

Ichiraku, 市楽, “City’s music”

Ichisayo, 市さよ, “Evening in the city”

Ichisono, 市園, “City’s park”

Ichiteru (K), 市照, “City’s shine”

Ichiteru (P), 市照, “City’s shine”

Ichitomi, 市十美, “Ten beautiful cities”

Ichitomo, 市知, “Wisdom of the city”

Ichiwaka, 市和佳, “Beautiful and harmonious city”

Ichiyu, 市結, “City’s tie”

Ichiyuri, 市有里, “Market of the village”


Kanachisa ,叶千沙, “Granting of thousand sand particle”

Kanamitsu, 叶みつ, “Granting of the honey”

Kanako, 叶子, “Granting child”

Kanasuzu, 叶鈴, “Granting bell”

Kanayuki, 叶幸, “Granting happiness”

Kanoemi, 叶笑, “Granting laugh”

Kanohiro, 叶紘, “The one who give more”

Kanona, 叶菜, “Granting vegetables”, 菜 is used for the sound

Kanoka, 叶果, “Granting reward”

Kanoyumi, 叶祐美, “Helpful beauty”

Katsue (GK), 佳つ江, “Excellent bay”

Katsue (K), 勝江, “Victorious bay”

Katsufumi, 佳つ文, “Excellent poem”

Katsugiku, 佳つ菊, “Excellent chrysanthemum”

Katsuhana, 佳つ花, “Excellent flower”

Katsuhina, 佳つ雛, “Excellent cutie”

Katsuho, 勝帆, “Victorious sailor”

Katsumi, 佳つ實, “Truly excellent”

Katsuna, 勝奈, “Victorious Nara” , 奈 used for its sound

Katsune, 勝音, “Sound of the victory”

Katsuno, 佳つ乃, “Dedicated to the excellence”

Katsunosuke, 佳之介, “Excellence of the shellfish

Katsuru, 勝瑠, “Lapis lazuli of the victory”

Katsusen, 佳つ扇, “Excellent dancing fan”

Katsutomo, 佳つ智, “Excellent and wise”

Katsuya (K), 勝也, “Victorious one”

Katsuya (GK), 佳つ椰, “Excellent coconut”

Katsuyuki, 佳つ幸, “Excellent and blessed”

Keiko, 圭衣子, “The child dressed in jewels”

Kikumaru, 菊丸, “Perfect chrysanthemum”

Kikuno, 菊乃, “Dedicated to the chrysanthemum”

Kikushino, 菊志乃, “Aspire to be dedicated to the chrysanthemum”

Kikutsuru, 菊つる, “Crane made in chrysanthemum”

Kikuyae, 菊弥江, “Even more chrysanthemum and bay”

Kikuyu, 菊夕, “Chrysanthemum’s evening”

Kimiaya, 君綾, “Well dressed ruler”

Kimichie, 君知重, “Very wise ruler”

Kimigiku, 君ぎく, “Moral ruler”

Kimiha, 君波, “Ruler of the waves”

Kimiharu, 君晴, “Clear ruler”

Kimihiro, 君ひろ, “Comprehensive ruler”

Kimika, 君香, “Ruler of the perfume”

Kimina, 君奈, “Ruler of Nara”, 奈 is used for the sound

Kimisayo, 君さ代, “Ruler since three generation”

Kimishizu, 君しず, “Peaceful ruler”

Kimitomo, 君友, “Friendly ruler”

Kimitoyo, 君とよ, “Wealthy ruler”

Kimiyu, 君有, “Possesive ruler”

Kiyono, 清乃, “Dedicated to purity”

Koai, 小愛, “Little love”

Koeri, 小衿, “Little neck”

Koen, 小えん, “Little coin”

Kofuku, 小ふく, “Little luck”

Kogiku,小菊, “Little chrysanthemum”

Koharu, 小はる, “Little springtime”

Komako, 駒子, “Little horse”

Komomo, 小桃, “Tiny peach”

Konomi, 小之美, “Beautiful little child”

Korin, 小凛, “Little cold”

Kosen(GK), 小扇, “Little dancing fan”

Kosen(M), 小扇, “Little dancing fan”

Kotoha, 琴葉, “A harp and a blade”

Kotomi, 琴美, “Beautiful koto”

Koume, 小梅, “Tiny plum”

Koyoshi (GK), 小芳, “Little perfume”

Koyoshi(M), 小よし, “Tiny and reasonable“

Koyou, 小耀, “Little shine”

Kyouka, 杏佳, “Excellent apricot


Mahiro, 真ひろ, “Understable truth”

Makiko, 槇 子, “Child of the pine”, 槇 is the kanji for a chinese black pine

Makino, 真希乃, “Truly dedicated to hope”

Mamechiho, 豆ちほ, “Bean who is sailor in its blood”

Mamechika(1, Arai), 豆千佳, “Thousand excellent beans”

Mamechika(2, Tama), 豆千花, “The thousand flowers of a bean”

Mamechika(3,Shibata, geiko), 豆千花, “The thousand flowers of a bean”

Mamefuji, まめ藤, “Bean wisteria”

Mamefusa, 豆房, “Bunch of beans”

Mamehana, 豆はな, “Bean’s flower”

Mameharu, まめ春, “Bean of the springtime”

Mameharu, まめ春, “Bean of the springtime”

Mamehiro, 豆 弘, “Vast bean”

Mamekiku, まめ菊, “Bean chrysanthemum”

Mamekinu, まめ衣, “Dressed in bean”

Mamemaru, 豆まる, “Perfect bean”

Mameroku, 豆 六, “Six beans”

Mameryu, まめ柳, “Willow bean”

Mamesaku, 豆沙久, “Long time in the sand bean”

Mamesome, 豆そめ, “Colorful bean”

Mamesumi, 豆純, “Innoncent bean”

Mamesuzu, まめ鈴, “Bell bean”

Mametarou, 豆たろう, “Bean son”

Mametoyo, まめ豊, “Excellent bean”

Mameyuri, 豆ゆり, “Bean lily”

Manaha, 満奈葉, “Nara full of leaves”, 奈 is used for the sound

Mao, 真生, “True life”

Maori, 真織, “Real fabric”

Marie, 真りえ, “True benefit”

Marika, 茉利佳, “Excellent jasmine with advantage”

Masaki (GK), 真咲, “True blossom”

Masaki(GH debuted as geiko), 満彩希, “Colorful and abundant hope”

Masami, 満彩美, “Fully makeup beauty”

Masayo, 満彩代, “Very colorful generation”

Mayuha, 満友, “Fully your friend”

Miehina, 美恵雛, “Beautiful blessed doll”

Miena, 美恵菜, “Beautiful blessed vegetable”, 菜 is used for its sound

Miharu, 美晴, “Clear beauty”

Mihoko, 美帆子, “Beautiful child of a sailor”

Mikako, 実佳子, “Truly excellent child”

Mitsuki, 美月, “Beautiful moon”

Mitsuna, 光菜, “Ray of vegetable”, 菜 is used for its sound

Momifuku, もみ福, “Blessing of the maple leaves”

Momiju, もみ寿, “Longevity of the maple leaves”

Momiyuki, もみ幸, “Happiness of the maple leaves”

Momokazu, 百佳司, “Hunder excellent ruler


Naoai, 尚あい, “Esteemed love”

Naohiro, 尚ひろ, “Esteem and comprehension”

Naokazu, 尚可寿, “Esteem of the longevity”

Naokinu, 尚絹, “Esteemed silk”

Naosome, 尚そめ, “Esteemed paint”

Naosuzu, 尚 鈴, “Esteemed bell”

Naoyuki, 尚ゆき, “Esteemed snow”


Ryouka, 涼香, “Refreshing perfum”


Sachiho, 紗千穂, “Gaze of a thousand crest”

Sakiko, 紗貴子, “Precious child’s gaze”

Satohana, さと華, “The answer of the flower”

Satoharu, 里春, “Village in springtime”

Satoka, 里和, “Village’s harmony”

Satomi, 里美, “Village’s beauty”

Satonami, 里なみ, “Village’s waves”

Satono, 里乃, “Dedicated to the village”

Satonosuke, 里の助, “Village’s helper”

Satoryu, さと龍, “The answer of the dragon”

Satoyuki, さと幸, “The answer of the happiness”

Satsuki, 紗月, “Gossamer moon”

Sayaka, 紗矢佳, “Excellent arrow made in gossamer”

Shinaju, 思菜寿, “Througt about the longevity”, 菜 is used for its sound

Shino, 紫乃, “Dedicated to the violets”

Shouko, 彰子, “Clear child”

Suzuha, 寿々葉, “Leaf of the longevity”

Suzuko, 鈴子, “Bell child”


Taka, 多香, “Frequencly perfume”

Takahina, 孝ひな, “Respectful cutie”

Takahiro, 孝比呂, “Respectful as a straigt spine”

Takamari, 孝まり, “Ball of respect”

Takamaru, 孝丸, “Perfectly respectful”

Takasuzu, 孝寿々, “Long and deep respect”

Tanefumi, 田ね文, “Poem about a rice field”

Taneju, たね寿, “Long-lasting rice field”

Tanewaka, たね若, “Young rice field”

Teruyuki, 照雪, “Shiny snow”

Tomitae, 富多愛, “Rich and frequent love”

Tomitsuyu, 富津愈, “Wealthy harbor”

Tomoka, 朋佳, “Good friend”

Toshichika, とし結, “Tie of the year of good fortune”

Toshiemi, とし恵美, “Blessed beauty of the year of good fortune”

Toshifumi, とし芙美, “Beautiful lotus of the year of good fortune”

Toshihana, とし花, “Flower of the year of good fortune

Toshikana, とし夏菜, “Summer vegetable of the year of good fortune”, 菜 is used for its sound

Toshimana, とし真菜, “True vegetable of the year of good fortune”, 菜 is used for its sound

Toshimomo, とし桃, “Peach of the year of good fortune”

Toshisumi, とし純, “Innocence of the year of good fortune”

Toshiteru, とし輝, “Shine of the year of the good fortune”

Toshitomo, とし智, “Wisdom of the year of good fortune”

Toshiyu, 敏祐, “Always ready to help”

Toshiyui, とし結, “Mariage at the year of good fortune”

Tsuruha, つる葉, “A crane and a leaf”


Umechie, 梅ちえ, “Plum’s wisdom”

Umechiho, 梅ちほ, “Plum who is sailor in its blood”

Umechika, 梅智賀, “Wise and joyful plum”

Umecho, 梅蝶, “Plum’s butterfly”

Umeha, 梅葉, “Plum’s leaf”

Umehisa, 梅比沙, “Compare a plum to sand”

Umeraku, 梅らく, “Plum’s music”

Umesato, 梅早登, “Quickly climb for plum”

Umesaku, 梅咲く, “Plum blossom”

Umeshizu, 梅志づ, “Plan to go to the plum”

Umewaka, 梅わか, “Part of a plum”

Umeyae, 梅やえ, “Multi-layered plum”


Wakana, 若 奈, “Young Nara”


Yachiho, 弥千穂, “Thousand and even more crest”

Yaemi, 弥ゑ美, “Even more beautiful than us”

Yasuha, 弥寿葉, “Even more longevity for a leaf”

Yukiha, 由喜葉, “A reason to join the leaves”

Yumeno, 夢乃, “Dedicated to her dreams”

Yukikazu, 幸佳司, “Happy and excellent ruler”

Yukako, 有佳子, “Excellent possesive child”

Yukizono, 幸苑, “Garden of happiness”

Meaning of Names

Rapunzel -  Is the common name for “Rampion,” a plant similar to that of spinach or lettuce. Rampion is the generic name for the Phyteuma family which are usually edible plants with flower buds located throughout Europe and western Asia. The plants’ flowers are sometimes purple, blue, white, and yellow. The roots are edible as well. The round-head Rampion is highly common in Germany.  Meaning unknown, possibly related to the Germanic word for a light purple flower.

Eugene -  English form of Eugenius, the Latin form of the Greek name Ευγενιος (Eugenios) which was derived from the Greek word ευγενης (eugenes) meaning “well born”. It is composed of the elements ευ (eu) “good” and γενης (genes) “born”.

Pascal -  From the Late Latin name Paschalis, which meant “relating to Easter” from Latin Pascha “Easter”, which was in turn from Hebrew פֶּסַח (pesach) “Passover”.

Maximus -  Roman family name which was derived from Latin maximus “greatest”.

Arianna -  Italian form of Ariadne.  Means “most holy”, composed of the Cretan Greek elements αρι (ari) “most” and αδνος (adnos) “holy”.

Frederic -  English form of a Germanic name meaning “peaceful ruler”, derived from frid “peace” and ric “ruler, power”. This name has long been common in continental Germanic-speaking regions, being borne by rulers of the Holy Roman Empire, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, and Prussia.

Cassandra -  From the Greek name Κασσανδρα (Kassandra), derived from possibly κεκασμαι (kekasmai) “to excel, to shine” and ανηρ (aner) “man” (genitive ανδρος).

Lance -  From the Germanic name Lanzo, originally a short form of names that began with the element land meaning “land”. During the Middle Ages it became associated with Old French lance “spear, lance”.

Varian -  English form of Varianus. Roman family name which meant “versatile” in Latin.

Quirin -  German form of Quirinus. Possibly derived from the Sabine word quiris meaning “spear”.

Xavier -  Derived from the Basque place name Etxaberri meaning “the new house”.

Monty -  Diminutive of Montgomery. From an English surname meaning “Gumarich’s mountain” in Norman French.

Nigel -  From Nigellus, a medieval Latinized form of Neil. It was commonly associated with Latin niger “black”.

Attila -  Means “little father” from Gothic atta “father” combined with a diminutive suffix.

Vladimir -  Derived from the Slavic element vladeti “rule” combined with meru “great, famous”. The second element has also been associated with miru meaning “peace, world”.

Stan -  Short form of Stanley. From a surname meaning “stone clearing” in Old English.

Pete - Short form of Peter.  Derived from the Greek Πετρος (Petros) meaning “stone”.

My Favorite Albums of 2015 (So Far)

To say 2015 has been an INCREDIBLE year for music is an understatement. Every other week has been just a haven and music fan’s dream coming to fruition, so much so that this is the first top list of albums I’ve made that ISN’T in a particular order! This list encompasses more than just hip hop as well mind you so there’s should be plenty for any music fan to enjoy here. Sound off below on any of your favorite jams this year as well if you think I missed any!

Kendrick Lamar — To Pimp a Butterfly

As abstract and bold as ever, K. Dot manages to completely reinvent himself within the landscape of hip hop and the ever changing image of black men in America throughout his journey of coming to terms with his identity, humanity, and status as a whole, nailing every single concept he lays forward with absolute perfection. Whether it’s the ignorance wobbles of “Hood Politics” the gut wrenching suicidal thought of “U” the politically charged anger of “The Blacker the Berry” or the false hope of “Alright”, Kendrick brings in a well molded perspective that is solely unique to him, yet remains singular in his own way.

Jamie XX — In Colour

Leave it to the producer of The XX to make me like song featuring Young Thug (“I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times”) and make one of the best electronic albums in recent memory. Warm and immediately accessible and electrifying with tons of satisfying depth to them that make each and every song rewarding, tracks like “Girl”, “Gosh” and songs with his XX cohorts (“Loud Places”, “SeeSaw”) will stick with you (and in your head) long after you finish playing them. Jamie took his sweet time recording this album enough to put one of the biggest indie pop outfits in the world on hold to do so, and was rewarded handsomely in the end.

Hiatus Kaiyote — Choose Your Weapon

An interesting but underdeveloped album with a Grammy nominated song featuring Q-Tip later, this Austrailian neo-soul outfit has managed to craft their own signature sound with a bliss ho-hum one second and blazing electronic synths in another. The warm energy of “Molasses” juxtaposed with the beatnik rhythms of “Atari” with the eclectic mashup of all styles in “Jekyll” can leave you breathless trying to catch up to it all, whether it’s their frantic energy, Nai Palms soulful and beautiful vocals (where it’s at her best on “Fingerprints”) or the ingenious lowkey single of the year in “Shaolin Monk Motherfunk”.

Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment — Surf

For those wanting more of Chance or more rapping, you gotta understand this: THIS IS NOT A CHANCE THE RAPPER ALBUM. However, it does bring Chance’s abundant joy into the mix with the debut of Surf. Tracks like “Just Wait” and “Slip Slide” showcase the other talent the group has to offer, while Chano shows no signs of faulting lyrically either, as “Miracle” and “Warm Enough” show that he’s more than apt to hang with some big stars (Erykah Badu, Busta Rhymes, J. Cole, Big Sean, Janelle Monae) in their space as well. Mixing live instrumentation with its eclectic styles keeps the record fresh throughout 52 minute listen.

Sufjan Stevens — Caroll & Lowell

Seven albums in, and not only has the most innovative indie singer-songwriter of his time manage to reinvent himself once again, but he brings forth what may be the best album of his career thus far His songwriting excellence shines once again on tracks like “The Only Thing” and “Should Have Known Better”, displaying the heartbreaking love Stevens had for his parents. Though the production is easily his most stripped down of his album, it’s this exact approach that makes it hit all the harder for it.

Vince Staples — Summertime ‘06

To think that a rapper who was only previously known for guest spots on an Odd Future record would make the best hip hop debut album since Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City is still a wild concept itself, but even thinking his first album would be a double disc affair is even crazier. But as “Senorita”, “Norf Norf” and “Street Punks” are set to remind you, this record is serious business, and it’s even crazier that it all worked. No I.D. lends Vince some of his best production in years that hits you hard despite some songs being over in a flash.

Father John Misty — I Love You, Honeybear

Humorous and cynical, Josh Tillman’s knack for songwriting is still as great as ever. From the harmonic synths of “True Affection” to the soul influence of “When You’re Smiling and Astride Me”, the beautiful range shown throughout the album is one that immerses you instantly, and even a few that make you genuinely laugh at such politically charged tracks such as the self-deprecating humor of “Bored in the USA” (sitcom laugh track notwithstanding). The former Fleet Foxes bandmate has never sounded better.

A$AP Rocky — At.Long.Last.A$AP

After taking an extremely long break from the biz in London after exploding onto the scene (along with the surprising passing of his former mentor A$AP Yams), A$AP Rocky returns with his best commercial project yet with even crazier ideas, better songwriting and most spectacular production and guests to accompany him. From Miguel on “Everyday”, Danger Mouse as the executive producer, a reinvigorated Lil Wayne on “M’s”, Kanye West soulful production (and drunk ramblings) on “Jukebox Joints”, MIA on “Fine Whine” and even Mos Def closing it with “Back Home”, A.L.L.A. shows substantial growth while also retaining Flacko’s signature charm and flow as well. Excess that remain gully is the name of Rocky’s game and it’s never been better than it is here.

Leon Bridges — Coming Home

Music revival is one of the slipperiest slopes to cross in this day and age, as it can either win you acclaim or date your music and reputation from the start. Fortunately, Leon Bridges translates this old school love into a great album from start to finish. As the title track “Coming Home” transports you back to where artists like Sam Cooke and Otis Redding were surpreme, Leon makes the environment crackle like the jukebox it and other songs like “Lisa Sawyer” and “River” were meant to be played in.

Earl Sweatshirt — I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside

Ever the loner in Odd Future, Earl Sweatshirt releases his 2nd studio album that manages to be bleaker and more interesting than his preceding album. Surprisingly well produced by himself throughout (along with one Left Brain credit) songs like “Grief”, “Mantra” and another scene stealing Vince Staples verse on “Wool” create a dark atmosphere for a more livelier sounding, monotone-free Earl to showcase his lyricism and cynicism in one fell swoop.

Drake — If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late

Easily his most aggressive and confident sounding album to date, Drizzy managed to shock his audience with an album that nearly reinvents his sound while knowing what still can pull in radio plays at the same time. Whether it’s the hyperactive “Energy”, the catchy melody of “6 Man” and “10 Bands” or sheer boastfulness of “Used To”, “Legend” or “6 God”, Drake leaves no expense into making this project (still unclear what it should be referred to) one that may even be bigger than the album he on the way later this year.

Miguel — Wildheart

As Miguel opens the album with the words “Accept the new, don’t mingle on the “past”, Miguel manages to reinvent himself and blend a myriad of styles into one of the best R&B albums since Channel Orange. Breaking into bad boy gangsta of “NWA” with an appropriate verse from Kurupt, the disco like groove of “DEAL”, the sexy rhythms of “Coffee” and the Jai Paul produced “FLESH”, and his varied songwriting from the expressive freedoms of “A Beautiful Exit” or the aggressive, hilarious lyrics about wanting to fuck like they’re being filmed for a porno in “the valley”, Miguel’s idiosyncratic style knows no bounds, not even to himself.

Shamir — Ratchet

Shamir is one in a long line of pop aficionados (Charli XCX, M.I.A.) that is quietly reinventing the approach to the genre. However, it’s the dark and wonky sound that songs like “Call It Off” and “On the Regular”, the downtempo and melancholy feel of “Youth” and downright madness of “Make A Scene” make this an album that betrays normal pop conventions that embraces all the sleaze but shows that more emotional moments such as “In For The Kill” that help the fellow Vegas native wear his heart on his sleeve.

Oddisee — The Good Fight

Oddisee has always shown his strength as a producer yet always faulted on his rapping. Though as the song “That’s Love” shows, Oddisee has been hard at work trying to master his hands at both. “Want Something Done” highlight his frantic flow, with “A List of Withouts” bang some new age boom bap in many coming-of-age tales. Blissful, ambitious, and consistent throughout, The Good Fight sharpens his jazzy, free formed flow that leave him only more room to grow from.

“Dr. Cole herself has more than fulfilled the expectations of her friends. With a clear and comprehensive view of her whole field of action, she has carried out her plans with the good sense and vigor which are a part of her character, while her cheerful optimism, her determination to see the best in every situation and in every individual, have created around her an atmosphere of sunshine that adds to the happiness and well being of every member of the large family.”

AfroGENESIS wishes a happy birthday to Rebecca J. Cole, who became the second black woman to become a doctor in the United States, in 1867 - three years after Rebecca Cumpler first initiated the achievement.

Born on this day (March 16) in 1846 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rebecca overcame racial and gender barriers to attend the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania. Her graduate medical thesis was entitled The Eye and Its Appendages.

Dr. Cole’s achievements include successfully practicing medicine for fifty years, of which several years (appears to be five) were in South Carolina, and opening a Women’s Directory Center where she provided medical and legal services to poor women and children.

Dr. Cole remains a shining example of Black excellence and an inspiration to women and men of all means, for what can be achieved with a selfless commitment to the survival of one’s community. May she know eternal peace and enlightenment.

Rivamika - Astrology Relationship Report

SO for those who are interested, here is an astrology relationship report on Levi and Mikasa’s birth charts.

I did not create this myself. I use a website that is very credible, reliable and has proven to be accurate for me many times. Oh, and this report has not been edited or changed by me in anyway! And nothing in the report was written by me. (Which might be hard to believe as the results from the report pretty much sound identical to my rivamika headcanons O__O It’s a bit scary actually)

(Now I know that the topic of astrology is highly controversial, but please refrain from saying negative things about astrology, as it grates on my sensibilities. I have my reasons for believing it, so please respect that!)

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Core Compatibility
Chapter 2: Major Themes in the Relationship
Chapter 3: Destiny Factors
Chapter 4: Other Themes in Your Relationship

Birth summary for Mikasa Ackerman:       
Planet                         Deg                        Sign                           Min       

Sun                               21º                      Aquarius                       16’                 Mercury                        26º                      Aquarius                        02’                   Venus                         15º                        Pisces                           54’                      Mars                             5º                        Scorpio                          33’                     Jupiter                         29º                        Pisces                           26’                     Saturn                         28º                        Aries                              24’                     Uranus                        13º                        Aquarius                        15’                     Neptune                        2º                        Aquarius                        35’                     Pluto                           10º                        Sagittarius                     14’             


Birth summary for Levi Ackerman:        
Planet                      Deg                         Sign                            Min        

Sun                            3º                        Capricorn                        49’                       Mercury                     0º                        Capricorn                        25’                     Venus                        8º                        Sagittarius                       58’                      Mars                        25º                        Capricorn                        44’                       Jupiter                       8º                         Libra                               58’                       Saturn                       9º                         Libra                               16’                       Uranus                     28º                        Scorpio                           05’                       Neptune                   22º                        Sagittarius                      49’               Pluto                        24º                         Libra                              03' 

Chapter 1. Core Compatibility

Levi’s Sun in Capricorn and Mikasa’s Sun in Aquarius

Both of you invest a lot of time in work and career and your talents and interests complement each other nicely. Levi brings practicality, objectivity, persistence, reliability, and tenacity, while Mikasa brings greater ingenuity, sensitivity to current trends, an awareness of the complexities and intricacies inherent in any situation, and the ability to reach out to a lot of people. A problem in your relationship is that it may become very focused on outer things and not enough on each other, allowing you to become a bit detached and aloof from each other, and the domestic and romantic aspect of your relationship could be weak. Hopefully both of you have other astrological factors (which would be discussed elsewhere in this report) to provide warmth, emotional sensitivity and romantic attraction to your relationship.

Chapter 2. Major Themes in the Relationship

Mikasa’s Sun Opposition Levi’s Moon

The two of you are attracted to each other in a magnetic, almost fated, kind of way. If you aren’t married yet, there is a high probability that some day you will be! The two of you are drawn to each other even though, in some ways, you have opposite personalities.

Mikasa’s Sun Trine Levi’s Pluto

Levi helps Mikasa achieve personal goals, activate Mikasa’s latent talents and strengths, and encourages and promotes Mikasa’s creative work and endeavors. You can be a very successful duo. However, Levi can be more driving and ambitious for Mikasa than Mikasa is, like the “stage mother” who pushes her child to shine and to excel even when it is not the child’s own aspiration. Levi can have a profound influence on Mikasa, most likely for the good, but possibly not. Subtle manipulation and domination on Levi’s part should be avoided.

Levi’s Mercury Square Mikasa’s Jupiter

This relationship has a marked effect on the overall attitudes and beliefs of both of you, but particularly of Levi. You challenge each other’s religious, political and philosophical beliefs. You may experience differences of opinion that are difficult to reconcile. You are also inclined to take risks together and speculate, sometimes foolishly.

Levi’s Mercury Trine Mikasa’s Saturn

You work together well on practical problems. You help each other refine and clarify your ideas, and help “edit” each other’s work. Consequently you make a very effective team in business affairs, important or exacting work, and in solving daily problems.

Mikasa’s Mercury Square Levi’s Uranus

You often say things to shock or shake up each other, and you can get very high-strung when you are together. You tend to set a fast pace. This provides a good deal of excitement in your lives, and you will find yourselves periodically jumping on a new bandwagon, experimenting with a new idea, or exploring new alternatives. However, the impatience with each other is likely to cause sudden arguments and anger to flare.

Mikasa’s Mercury Trine Levi’s Pluto

Your conversations are deep and probing. You understand each other at a very deep level, and you may find yourselves revealing things about yourself that you have not mentioned to anyone else. You also make a good research team or investigators.

Levi’s Venus Conjunct Mikasa’s Pluto

Romantic and sexual attraction is very powerful, but is likely to have an intense, obsessive quality as well. Levi, in particular, may feel that Mikasa comes on too strong or is too insatiable and demanding. Jealousy, sexual manipulation or unrestrained emotional fervor are strong potentials between the two of you. An almost fated, love-hate kind of relationship is very possible.

Levi’s Mars Square Mikasa’s Saturn

In your partnership, Levi is the eager, passionate, active and impulsive one, and Mikasa frequently puts on the brakes or tries to control, play down, and restrain Levi’s desires and drives. This may be true in your sexual relationship, your approach to achieving goals or both. Levi is likely to feel very frustrated, angry or discouraged if Mikasa expresses disapproval or caution too often, and this can be a source of considerable friction between you. Mikasa feels overwhelmed and envious of Levi’s intensity and assertiveness, but instead of trying to hold Levi down, Mikasa should confront the fears and inhibitions that Levi’s directness evokes.

Mikasa’s Jupiter Trine Levi’s Uranus

This is a relationship in which you both can feel free to change, explore, invent, try creative or unusual ideas and express your more adventurous or unconventional sides. Together, you have an expanded sense of what is possible, and the confidence and enthusiasm you feel with one another enables you to “go for it”! You help bring out one another’s originality and creative impulses.

Levi’s Jupiter Sextile Mikasa’s Pluto

Your faith and confidence in yourselves and in life deepens through your relationship with one another. You encourage one another to explore and develop your personal potential and to be more courageous in taking risks in your lives. Unusual coincidences and unexpected good fortune seem to come your way when the two of you are together.

Levi’s Saturn Sextile Mikasa’s Pluto

The two of you can be a very disciplined, focused, dedicated team, working towards realizing some ambition. You help one another achieve your deepest life purposes, and if either or both of you are workaholics, the relationship between you will bring that to the fore.

Chapter 3. Destiny Factors

Composite Mercury Conjunction Venus

A shared sense of style, elegance and aesthetics is destined to be a focus with the two of you. Discussions about art, love and romance, or what each of you finds beautiful are definitely part of this.

Also, the two of you are able to tell one another of your affection for one another, to express those feelings verbally or in writing. Small, considerate expressions of caring (as well as tactful, somewhat sugar-coated expressions of disagreement when that is appropriate) add much felicity to your relationship. You tend to either avoid “heavy” subjects, or are able to talk about them in a friendly, amicable manner.

Composite Jupiter Conjunction Uranus

The joy of adventure, the exhilaration of discovery, and the freedom to think, act, and explore are destined to be major themes in your relationship. Instead of thinking “Maybe I shouldn’t…”, “I never have before…”, “What would this person think if I…”, the two of you look at each other and say “Why not?” An open-minded and curious attitude prevails, especially regarding new ideas or philosophies. Traveling together and seeing “new worlds” are emphasized. Play, humor and mischief are also very much a part of this.

Composite Saturn Trine Pluto

Together you are capable of extreme dedication, concentration and self-denial for the sake of a mutual goal. There is an obsessive, unrelenting quality to this. Certainly when the two of you combine forces to accomplish something, you are a formidable team capable of enduring and going the distance. You won’t collapse under pressure or shirk the necessary hardships.

However, you can be excessively one-sided, or may needlessly deny yourselves certain pleasures that you may consider distractions or a frivolous waste of energy. There may be a subtle tyranny going on, either towards yourselves, or one another. Unless you supply some gentleness and adaptability, what you achieve together in concrete terms may come at too dear a cost.

Chapter 4. Other Themes in Your Relationship

Levi’s Sun Sextile Mikasa’s Mars

You work together very well on projects, and you make an excellent partnership in any joint venture, sport, or business activity.

Levi’s Sun Square Mikasa’s Jupiter

Enthusiasm, optimism, and good will are very strong. Mikasa is able to see ways that Levi can grow in attitude and inner ways. Mikasa, however, may try to push Levi too hastily and be deceived by unrealistic expectations, resulting in foolish joint speculations and unsuccessful ventures. Try not to let your shared enthusiasm and optimism spawn unrealistic hopes and expectations.

Mikasa’s Sun Sextile Levi’s Neptune

A strong feeling of sympathy and shared idealism is an important link between the two of you. Your ideals, intuitions, and religious aspirations are very harmonious and you work very well together, and are able to assist each other to grow spiritually, often in an unconscious way. You help each other to look beyond the immediate personal problems and concerns, and focus more on your higher aspirations and loftier ideals.

Levi’s Venus Conjunct Mikasa’s Pluto

There is a great deal of magnetic attraction between you which can interfere with your objectivity about one another, or with any professional relationship you might have. Deep feelings of either love and appreciation or distrust and repulsion are stirred up between you, but much of this may be played out behind the scenes or in subtle ways. You are likely to wonder why your feelings toward one another are so irrationally strong. Negatively, there is a tendency for either or both of you to manipulate the other and to use your friendship for selfish purposes. Positively, an unusually deep and close relationship can develop between you, one in which there are few secrets or superficial social masks to hide behind.

Levi’s Jupiter Trine Mikasa’s Uranus

This is a relationship in which you both can feel free to change, explore, invent, try creative or unusual ideas, and express your more adventurous or unconventional sides. Together, you have an expanded sense of what is possible, and the confidence and enthusiasm you feel with one another enables you to “go for it”! You help bring out one another’s originality and creative impulses.

Levi’s Saturn Trine Mikasa’s Uranus

Mikasa loosens Levi up and prevents Levi from becoming too rigid and tight, encouraging Levi to make changes and take more leaps into the unknown. Levi has a steadying effect on Mikasa and helps Mikasa organize and direct Mikasa’s energies into clear, definite channels, encouraging Mikasa to be more reliable and constant.

Mikasa’s Saturn Opposition Levi’s Pluto

Most likely there is a strong attraction-repulsion quality between the two of you, and it may be difficult for you to totally relax, surrender control, or completely trust one another.

Try to avoid becoming overly serious, intense, and heavy when you are together.

I don’t know about you guys, but this report ticked a lot of my rivamika headcanons, haha!