shining crotch


Minho tested those pants a little too hard… 😂😂😂

I love how he just rolls off the stage…then comes running back with new pants on…lmfao

DOMESTIC; jonghyun/taemin

stop making a scene

789 words, PG

“um, aren’t you supposed to be in that lane?” taemin asks cautiously, pointing to the lane to their left which leads to the supermarket they’re headed for.

“I was about to change lane, taemin,” jonghyun hisses, and taemin cowers in his seat. he pouts miserably: jonghyun’s been really mad at him ever since he got home from work and he doesn’t know what he did or how to make it better. it’s not even mad in a hot kind of way, it’s mad in a scary, upsetting kind of way, and taemin doesn’t like it.

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