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request: “Hi! Um… since you needed requests I think a good idea would be you and George head to the quiddich World Cup together and when the death eaters come you get hurt and he helps you and there is flirting and fluff (hopefully I described it well!) ✌🏼-thx” by @hey-whatz-up

a/n: i’m glad how this imagine came to be but idk, i just love everything with george weasley on it lmao


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A little push

Hi! Thank you for sending in this prompt! Sorry if it took me a while to get to it. Have been busy and I am also on a Peter Parker mood right now. That aside, this was fun to write to be honest and I might even attempt to turn this in to an actual drabble/imagine series: the bodyguard!au. I have always wanted to do something like that. Anyways, hope you enjoy this and thank you! Fair warning, it is a little bit short.

Truthfully, taking on this very particular job had initially been something Jason had not really wanted to do but dragged in to because Roy is always jumping in at any opportunities to bring their team some more recognition and money. It’s not like they were short on cash anyways but Jason being the best friend he is, simply lets Roy drag him in to it.

The first time Jason had met you, it was not love at first sight or anything. It went something along the lines of ‘I’m Jason and this is Roy – we are your security team’. His initial impression on you had been a little bit of a mix between amazed and in awe. Amazed because with how shitty your previous security team had been prior to you taking in their team, you had managed to survive, what with the amount of threats you receive on your person and blooming business.

That amazement, over the months, have grown in to something like a crush (or more than a crush as Roy would love to tease him). Jason never really expected you to be someone that can actually make him laugh with your witty jokes and you are also surprisingly down to earth too. Jason used to think that he has his crush under controlled but apparently not.

The moment he hears you scream out loud, Jason drops whatever he is doing – thankful that as your private security team, Roy and him have their own rooms in your mansion – and rushes to your room, getting his guns out as he busts in to your office, breaking the door only to find Roy holding a broom and you are currently standing on top of your chair looking absolutely terrified.

“What the fuck?” Jason puts away one of his guns because he still isn’t sure what the problem is and he steps in to the room. “Roy, why are you holding that broom?” He eyes his friend before turning to look at you.

“Jay,” Your voice is shaky and Jason can see your face looking very pale too and Jason narrows his eyes at Roy. “There’s a freaking rat in this office.”

Jason immediately heads for Roy and he pulls Roy towards him, causing Roy to quickly throw the broom to you. You clumsily hold on to it. “What did you do!” He hisses in Roy’s ears.

Roy glances over his shoulder and look back at Jason. “You wouldn’t do anything about your crush on Y/N so I’m doing something only I didn’t expect her to actually scream that loud or that she is highly afraid of a rat!” He hisses back to Jason and Jason rolls his eyes.

“Harper, you little shit.” Jason punches Roy on the shoulder before turning to look at you. He pads over to you and pull the broom from your hand. “Come on, Y/N. Let’s get you to somewhere safer while Roy and I try to get the rat.” Jason tries to coax you off of the chair.

“I doubt I can move from this chair – my legs are shaking.” You look down at your own knees and Jason has to agree that while it is true that your knees are shaking from fear, it is also adorable to see this version of you too. The fact that you are able to hold yourself against old men who think they are the best as well as misogynistic men but cower at the sight of rats just makes you all the more appealing to Jason.

Jason then decides to simply fuck it so he wraps his arms around you, pulling you to him. You let out a squeal from the sudden movement and Jason gently carries you out of the room, making sure not to forget to give Roy the stink eye. Roy’s response had only been to flip him off and mouthing ‘go get her, tiger’ and Jason makes sure to bring you as far from your office as he possibly can without putting you in a weak spot.

“Y/N, I’m going to skin Roy for letting that happen to you.” Jason frowns as he sets you down on the sofa. You let out a small laugh before shaking your head. Now that you are far away from the rat, you are starting to feel a little bit better and it really is a relief. You absolutely hate rats and you can’t really explain just how much you do not like them at all.

“What do you mean?” You ask him, confused as to why he would want to skin his friend.

Jason shakes his head. “We’ll make sure there are no more rats in your office so for the mean time, you can stay here first.” He explains to you, already thinking of several ways where he can scold Roy for even attempting to do something like this just because of his crush.

You give Jason a small smile before nodding your head. “Alright, my knight in shining armor, go ahead and get the rat.” You usher him away and Jason resists the urge to roll his eyes and laugh instead. “I will make myself absolutely comfortable here.”

Jason nods his head. He makes a move to walk away but then pauses before turning to look back at you. You tilt your head to the side, blinking a couple of times at him. Jason shakes his head and gives you a small salute before making his way back to the office. 

Maybe once this whole thing is done, Jason might even ask you out on a date. There wasn’t anything in the rules that said he can’t date you once he stops being the head of your security team.

Mark Sloan Imagine

Mark Sloan Imagine
172 Words
Suggestions: Reader gets harassed by a guy and Mark defends her.
Requested By:

Originally posted by push0ne0fepi

You frowned, being followed around by one of the new interns all day. You turned your head.

“Can you leave,” You asked.

“Can I get your number,” He smirked in return.

You rolled your eyes and walked a bit further. You saw Mark and sighed with relief. He looked at your distress and wrapped an arm around your waist.

“Who’s he,” He motioned to the intern.

You shrugged.

“(Random Guy’s Name),” The intern went back to a grin.

You rolled your eyes again.

“Okay, are you on my wife’s service? I think she needs her labs,” Mark muttered, narrowing his eyes.

The Intern’s face paled.

“Yeah, right away,” He nodded and scurried off.

You giggled lightly and finished filling out a couple of charts.

“(Y/n), was he bothering you?”

“A little bit, but my knight in shining armor saved me,” You smiled at him.

“Alright, tell me anything and I’ll help.”

“Yep, but did you have to say I’m your wife?”

“Well, one day right?”

“You’re my fiancé, not my husband… yet.”

Captain’s Girl (Steve x Reader)

Request: Can I please request a Steve x reader where something happens where someone says something really rude to the reader and Steve tries to defend her/beat the person up and in order to calm down she has to kiss him to throw him off guard?

Words: 1,400

Warnings: Mentions of fighting 

I did this while I was extremely tired and about to fall asleep, please excuse mistakes, I promise I’ll edit it tomorrow! 

Being Captain America’s girlfriend came with many pluses. The man himself was just a big teddy bear, although his looks could give off a more threatening vibe to some. He stood tall and broad, his facial features remained serious throughout most of the day and of course, he was Captain America. That made him seem intimidating and a lot of people kept to themselves when he was around, none of them wanted to threaten the man bigger than most. So obviously when you were hooked to his side, which was most times considering just being in his presence brought a sense of peace and calmness to you, nobody ever bothered you. 

So when a cocky SHIELD agent waltzed up to you one morning while you were waiting for Steve to finish a meeting, it was quite a surprise. 

You leaned yourself on the front desk counter, your chin rested in your palm as you scrolled through your Instagram feed. It was barely even seven and yet the place was buzzing with people. Today was one of the special days that you woke up before you would much rather like to have, all because of your charming boyfriend who insisted on taking you out for breakfast. Of course this came with a quirk, before you two were able to enjoy a lovely breakfast, Steve had to attend a short meeting. 

You didn’t mind waiting, after all you knew it would take no longer than thirty minutes. Even the Captain gets grumpy when he hasn’t had his breakfast. 

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Track 3 - Your Guardian
逢坂 良太
Track 3 - Your Guardian

Here’s Track 3!


Track 3: “Your Guardian”

(school bell rings) (people talking) (sound of rustling)

Ryuuichi: “Well… Is this the preparation room? Wow… Look how many handouts are there. They must be heavy, right? I’ll carry them. Give me. (takes the paper and holds them) (you two start to walk away) All things considered… To force this kind of tasks onto a girl, really… What are our teachers thinking? Next time they ask you again, come tell me. I’ll do anything. Besides… You… You’d better not be all alone all the time. You might not be aware of it at all, but you’re pretty popular… You might be assaulted at anytime by anyone… Ghh! F-fo… Forget what I just said!! W-whaat? I, observing you…?! Why do you think something like that…? T-that’s not it…! I’m not following you just to watch you, you know… I just… sincerely wished to help you out… That’s it. And… moreover… I don’t even care anymore about the letter you received yesterday. Really, I swear! You’re way too conceited. (you walk away) H-hah! Hey, wait up! Hey! (runs after you)”

(opening sliding door)

Ryuuichi: “Huh? The teacher’s not in… (closes door) Should we just… leave the handouts here? (places the handouts) *sighs* Are you… still mad at me? (you ignore him and take a pen out of some can) H-hey, at least answer me! (you start scribbling) Oh, that’s right. We’d better leave the teacher a note or something… That’s a great idea! H-hey, you know, your handwriting is really beautiful…! Hah… (you turn off the pen) Hey… Don’t be mad at me. (sits next to you) I’ve done wrong today, I apologize. Sorry. But I… I really wasn’t going to observe you or anything. I was… just worried. You’re too pretty for your own good… Let’s say that I was… trying to protect you, rather than looking after you. (he moves next to you) You heard me? I wasn’t ob-ser-ving you. I was protecting you. You should just… That’s right… Feel like a princess, or something! I’m a knight in shining armor who protects his princess from any dangerous pests… Alright? You should just think it like that, that makes me look cool, and you will feel safe, too… Everything will be perfectly alright. W-why are you laughing, now?! I-I thought I just said something really cool… I… I sound childish…?! Nngh…! Then excuuuuse me for being so childish! C’mon, cut it off, already! Stop laughing. Don’t laugh…! *kissing* (ohohohohoh perfect way to shut me up ///// - (demented) Eiko) Heh… Are you done… with laughing? Huh… Good, then. Let’s head back. Yush! Got your hand. Let’s not hold them like we always do, let’s do it like this… so you really look like a princess. H-hey! There’s no need to refuse it like that! Mmh… It’s useless. Ok, let’s hold them like usual. Alright… We just have ten more minutes, so let’s hurry back. But, before that… One more time… *kissing*”

Haikyuu Character: Akaashi Keiji

Drama CD:  Aisaresugite xx Sarechau Vol. 1 Disk 1

Producer: Melty Drop

VA: Ōsaka Ryōta

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Unexpected Mutant (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Chapter 1 / 2 / 3

I accidentally reposted three, so here’s the real chapter four, thank you to the Anon who pointed this out to me.

That night you laid awake, staring at the ceiling of your room in the Stark Tower. It was a sleepless night, the events of the past 24 hours running wildly through your mind. It was about 6 am when you had finally decided to move around the Tower and explore your new surroundings; it looks like you were going to be here for awhile. You threw a sheer robe on over your shorts and tank before walking out of your room. It wasn’t hard to find your way to the living area, JARVIS was a big help with navigating you to the most important things you needed.

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Merman Luke Imagine (Part 2)

Part 1

Luke was swimming through the water; he swam as fast as he could hoping it could keep his mind off of one thing in particular. You. He needed to stop thinking about you, because the moment that he thought about you, it sent his heart racing and wanted to swim to shore hoping that you were there as well. He couldn’t get you out of his mind, the smile on your face, the feel of your gentle touch when you softly caressed his tail, and the many weird things you do, like wiggling your toes.

The corner of his lips lifted in a smile, creating a soft smile as he remembered you. He had never met someone so nice in his whole life, and he would never have thought that the one being to show him such kindness would be a human, the one thing that his people were never supposed to interact with. Each night he would pray to Neptune and hope that there would be some way for the both of you to be a part of each other’s world, that maybe it wasn’t forbidden for him to be with you. He heard countless stories of people becoming merfolk, and of his people becoming humans, but they were just stories, stories that often ended tragically, stories that’s only purpose was to scare the young mermen and mermaids so that they will never interact with the human world, and also for them to never fall in love with a human. but it was too late for that because he was smitten with you.

He just needed to accept the fact that he needed to forget you, no matter how much he didn’t want to, but he at least had to see you for the last time. He looked up at the sky and noticed that the sun was perfectly in the middle of the sky, meaning that it was about time that you two decided to meet. He swam to the shore and sure enough there you were sitting on the sand, in a simple tee and shorts, patiently waiting for him to show up. He smiled when he saw you and felt tsunamis crashing in the pit of his stomach at just seeing you there, his siren of the land.

“(Y/N)” he shouted out as he waved his hands to capture your attention.

You instantly looked up and smiled as you ran to the sea to your merman friend. You were now in the ocean not caring that your clothes were getting wet, because he was more important.

“Hey Luke, you actually showed up”, you said with a smile.

“I told you that I would”, he said with a small chuckle, “but now your clothes are all wet”, he said taking you in.

“I don’t ca…” you couldn’t finish your sentence as a wave came crashing you pulling you under the ocean and off your feet. It pulled you deeper into the ocean to the point where your feet couldn’t touch the floor anymore. You felt yourself panic, and instead of holding your breath you began to let the salty water in. you felt that you were going to drown till you felt two familiar arms wrap around your waist pulling you up to the surface.

Luke had once again saved you. He held you close not wanting you to panic again, as your hand instinctively wrapped around his neck, bringing him closer to you. You felt the coolness of his tail brush against your legs and thighs, but despite feeling weird, it made you feel safe because he was your knight in shining armor, or better yet your knight with a tail fin.

“it’s alright, I got you”, he whispered as he held you close, trying to reassure you that he won’t let go and that he would keep you safe from anything.

You looked up into his sea blue eyes, and knew that he would keep you safe, and relaxed in his arms as he just held you. Luke on the other hand was slowly torturing himself as he held you. but seeing you like this, soaked from the ocean water, and in the ocean, made him feel that you really must have been a mermaid in a past life, because you just looked so beautiful Here you were in his arms, and he wanted to kiss you so badly, but he shouldn’t because it wasn’t something his people did, it was forbidden to practice human affection, but he’s seen people do it on shore, and knew that it must have felt amazing because people did it often. But he wanted to feel it with you, he wanted you to have his first human kiss with you, he didn’t care that he was breaking the rules, because by now he had broken so many rules when it came to you, and despite his teachings saying that humans were evil and vile, it was all lies when it came to you, since you were anything but that.

But as he felt your legs brush against his tail, he knew that no matter how much he loved you, you were both from separate worlds that no matter how much you would both want to, and he hoped you felt the same, you both couldn’t be together. He would be punished or exiled if they found out his love for you, or in worse case scenarios…maybe even killed and you would be taken to who knows where if you claimed that you loved a merman. But at least now in the ocean, he knew what it felt like to have his arms wrapped around you.

“Here let’s get you back to land”, he said as he slowly swam you to shore.

The beach was really secluded to the point where it felt like a ghost beach, but you were glad, because Luke could come close to shore without causing problems for anyone. He saw that you had a few of your things lay out on a blanket, not far from the ocean and you instantly ran to get a towel.

“Thanks Luke”, you said as you flashed him a smile from the shore.

“You’re welcome (Y/N), just be careful next time”, he said warmly.

“Hey would you dehydrate if you came onto land?” you asked out of the blue.

He was shocked by your question, him on land? That is absurd, he is a being of the ocean, not of the land, “I don’t know, I’ve never left the ocean”, he said with a bit of curiosity laced in his voice, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

“Well do you want to try now?” you said as you extended your arms to help him should he decide to come onto land.

He looked at the sand beneath your feet, wondering what it felt like, if it felt the same as the sand that was in the ocean, or if the ocean looked the same from where you stood. He was breaking so many rules, but by now he didn’t care, he could be exiled for all he cared, but he wouldn’t miss the chance to lie on the sand beside you, like he saw other humans do. He took your hand, and he awkwardly shimmied up the sand to sit next to you on the shore. The first thing he noticed was how warm and dry the sand felt, he know understood why humans buried themselves in the beach, it felt like a warm blanket.

He set himself next to you and you continued drying yourself with your towel as Luke marveled at your form, “it soaks up all the water”, you said thinking that he was wondering what the towel does, and grabbed his hand and  rubbed it to soak up the water and brush off the sand there as well, “see, want to try?”

He nodded and accepted the towel from your hands. This was new, he never felt something like this in his hands, and felt really weird when he brushed it against his fin, but you were right it was soaking up all the water. He continued to dry himself, but soon the towel was pretty soaked that it couldn’t dry anymore, but even then for the first time in a long time, he felt dry and warm, something that he never knew he would feel, since the ocean was usually pretty cool. His hands roamed over his tail and he could feel it dry, his instincts were telling him to back into the ocean, that this was against his nature but the need of him wanting to sit beside you beat that and kept sitting there.

“It feels so weird”, he marveled as he continued to touch his tail.

“Really?” you said wanting to touch his tail but thought against it because he may not like it and didn’t want to upset him.

“Yea, look”, he said reaching for your hand, filling the spaces between your fingers with his, as he brought it over his tail and made you brush his fin in the area that should be his thigh and knee.

He was right it did feel weird, you could feel each individual scale on his tail that was still cool to the touch, but the feeling of his hand with yours was something that was making you blush. He was slowly stealing your heart, or maybe he had already and you didn’t even notice it yet. But it felt amazing to Luke as well, your hand so small and delicate compared to his hand, and once again the moment that he felt you touch his fin, he felt this small spark like an electric eel.

“Are you sure this is safe, I mean anyone could see you”, you said.

“I’m pretty sure it is, I mean I don’t see anyone, and usually no one ever comes over here”, he said with a smile, still not letting go of your hand.

“Alright”, you said as you continue to feel Luke’s tail, your hand brushed against the side of his tail and felt water there, “look you missed a spot” you said as you grabbed a towel and dried of the last part of his tail.

The moment that you dried up the last part of his tail, his tail began to glow, something new to the both of you. You both marveled at this, and you could see that his tail was slowly morphing. The once long tail became a bit shorter, and splitting into two different outlines… his tail was morphing into legs. He was becoming human, and knew that he would be naked, and immediately reached for a something to cover himself with, which ended up using a towel that was unused by the both of you. He wrapped it around himself and once the light diminished he was awestruck. There in the place of his navy blue tail, were a pair of long legs, with toes and everything. He was human… HE WAS HUMAN!

He looked over to you and saw that you were awestruck as well.

“I’m human”, he said with a smile, as he reached down to touch his new pair of legs, and sure enough they were real and wiggled his toes and sure enough they moved similar to the way you did the first time that you showed him.

But what made him happy was that, if was truly human, then there wouldn’t be anything to stop him from being with you, he could spend his days with you like the ways he would see humans do. But if this was just some sort of temporary thing, he wasn’t going to let it go to waste.

“Luke your tail is gone”, you said still baffled.

“I know, can you help me up, I want to walk”, he said enthusiastically, wanting to know what it felt to walk and run like a human.

“Sure but first wrap the towel around your waist, tell me when you’re done”, you said as you turned around, not wanting to invade his privacy.

You were amazed still, and when you felt his fingertips tap your shoulder, you saw that he had used a hair tie to really tie down the knot that he made on the side. You smiled at him and got up offering your hands to pull up the blonde haired lad. He took your hands and with all your force you pulled him up to his feet and you immediately noticed how tall he was that he towered over you. He wobbled a bit, as he held his hands out to balance himself, he asked you to let go. He was still trying to balance himself, but the moment that he took his first step, he lost his balance and nearly feel to the ground if it wasn’t for you reaching up to hold him.

He lifted his face and was directly in front of yours, and this time he couldn’t hold back the urge. He leaned forward and kissed you, and the moment that his lips pressed against yours, he knew why humans did this so often… it was magical. He didn’t know what to do, except to press his lips against yours, but you melted into the kiss and kissed him back, moving your lips against his. He slowly began to move his lips against yours, and knew that if he died now it would be because of the tsunami of happiness that he was feeling. Kissing was like second nature to him, despite never having done it, but he soon his lips dominated yours. His hand lifted up to cup your face to allow him to press your face closer against his, your hand lifted up to rest against his hands. He knew that he was addicted to you, after getting a taste of your lips, he knew that he would have to have more. He wanted to pull you closer but when he took a step, his balance was gone making the two of you crash to the sand. You landed on top of him, and knocked down a few water bottles and the legs that you were laying on was gone, replaced by the navy blue fin.

“I guess water makes me go back to a merman”, he said as he quickly reached for a towel to begin drying himself to see if he could become human again.

And sure enough he did. He was ecstatic, because he didn’t have to give up his home, but he didn’t have to give you up either. He would have to keep things between the two of you a secret, but at least now he could spend time with you on land, not having to worry if his people are watching. You two spent the rest of the day trying to teach Luke how to walk, and each time that he took a step you would kiss him, which offered more than enough motivation for him to continue. He kissed you all day, once he learned how to walk, he then began trying to learn how to run, but he couldn’t master that, but he knew that he had time to learn that later. His arms wrapped around you bringing you on his lap, as he rested his forehead against yours. He may not be fully human, and you may never be a part of his world, but at least you two could share a lifetime together no matter what.


Part 2 done, going to post Michael’s part tomorrow or later today so check back on that, I decided that I’m going to wait a bit before writing cal’s and ash’s since I rather not make everyone wait forever so yea

HERE ARE THE OTHER MERMAN SERIES (all are part 1) if you haven’t gotten to read them:

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When The War Is Over - Captain America (Steve Rogers aka Captain America)

Pairing: Steve x Female!Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: Could you do a Marvel imagine (based in the Captain America: The First Avenger and present day Avengers eras) where you’re Howard Stark’s little sister and you meet Steve when he participates in Operation Rebirth? You and him start dating but then everything happens and he gets frozen in the ice. Fast forward to present day and you’re still alive because shortly after the end of the war you became immortal and you see Steve again in present day. Thanks xx

Warnings: None

A/N: Since it’s the premiere of Captain America Civil War in a lot of countries today (not here, since we got it April 27th ;p), so here is a little tribute to that! I hope you all like it and ENJOY! 

Marvel request are open and being prioritized at the moment! Wonder why, check out THIS post. 

Originally posted by thatplaidnerd

*gif not mine* 

«What are you thinking about?» Tony walked into the room, two cups in his hand. He placed the tea cup in front of you, while he sat down with the other, most likely containing coffee. 

 «The old times.» You pointed your cup to the news paper on the table, a picture of Steve awake and in present day filling the front page.

He gently caressed your cheek, a warm smile on his face. 

«When all of this is over, will you marry me?» He whispered down at you, and you couldn’t help but smile back. 

«Only if you go down on one knee when the time comes, Rogers.» You whispered back, leaning up a little bit, so your lips were only inches apart. 

«That wouldn’t be a problem. I would get on my knees any time for you, Y/n Stark.» He winked at you, before stealing a quick kiss. 

Bucky had definitely thought Steve that, there was no way your very careful Steve would have come up with something like that himself. You giggled as you pulled him down to you for another kiss. 

«Oh, good luck with fixing that relationship up again, my dear aunt. Even for a Stark that seems like quiet a challenge.» Tony whistled, setting his coffee cup down on the table in exchange for the newspaper. 

 «A challenge, yes, but not a impossible one.» You smirked back at Tony, who just shook his head smiling at you.

 After Howard had died over 20 years ago, you had stayed with Tony, seeing you were his only living relative left after your brother and Maria’s death. Tony seemed to be very aware of that himself, being very overprotective and giving you everything you wanted, much like his father, Howard had been. Who had been one of the factors why you had ended up immortal and forever looking like you were in your 20’s, only months after Steve disappeared in the ice. 

 Steve have always been everywhere, at every turn for you after his disappearance. 

Either in a comic, some kind of merchandise or a museum. Sometimes just in your own memories. 


Tony had become one of the Avengers. Steve had also joined the team. The tower, which had been renamed the avengers tower had become their head quarters. The place which Tony had you living whenever you were in New York, so it was only a matter of time before you would run into Steve again. 

You were in the kitchen, making something you had come across on your latest travels. This being one of the things you always became completely absorbed by, you didn’t even hear YARVIS telling you the avengers were back from a mission. 

 «What are you cooking?» Tony came up by your side, startling you as you didn’t even hear him enter the room. 

 «Something new.» You just answered, offering him a spoon of the soup you were woking on. 

«Taste good.» He said as he gave back the empty spoon. 

 «How did the mission go?» 

 «Alright, although your knight in shining armor is really getting on my nerves.» You chuckled at that, continuing to work on your soup. 

 «It was pure reflex, Tony.» Steve entered the room, and you stiffened where you stood by the stove. He had most likely heard some of your conversation with Tony, not really noticing Tony’s special choice of words. 

 «Language, cap.» Tony teased back, before he cleared his throat and turned to you again. 

 «Well, my favorite aunt, I hope you’ve made a lot of that soup, because we are hungry.» Tony gave you a gently clap on the shoulder, meeting your eye. «And dirty, which is why I’m off to the shower.» He added, leaving  you alone with Steve, who still hadn’t realized who you were. 

 You heard him open the fridge as you continued to stir in the soup, your body still stiff as you heard him sit down at the bar stool. 

 «You’re Tony’s aunt? You look a bit young to be his aunt.» Steve asked as you heard him open a water bottle. 

 You didn’t say anything. 

Instead you turned off the stove, pulling the soup aside so it wouldn’t get burned, before you turned around to face Steve who was sitting with his gaze on the counter in front of him. 

 «One doesn’t always look ones age, wouldn’t you agree…Steve?» When you spoke he lifted his gaze, only to freeze.

«Y/n?» He managed to stutter out, his eyes wide in shock. 

 «Hi Rogers.» You gave him a smile, and he slowly rose from his seat walking around the counter towards you. 

 «How-?» He let the question hang in the air, as he stopped in front of you, gently taking your hand in his, giving it a squeeze as if to check if you really were here. 

 «Accidents happen.» You whispered, as he raised his hand to cup your cheek, stepping closer to you. 

 «For once I’m happy for a accident.» He whispered back, letting go of your hand and placing his hand on your waist instead. 

 You were only inches apart when the flash went off, momentarily shocking the both of you.

 «Woops, I forgot about the flash.» Came Tony’s voice and you groaned, resting your head on Steve’s chest as you felt him chuckle. 

 «Please don’t mind me. Continue whatever you were doing.» Tony quickly said as you heard the click of the camera once more, without any flash this time, followed by Tony’s retreating steps. 

 «He reminds me of Howard.» You heard Steve said above you, as he ran his hands up and down your back calmly, a habit of his whenever he was nervous. 

«He’s like him in a lot of ways.» You whispered back as you looked up at Steve again. «But more importantly, where were we?» You smirked, sneaking your hands up around the back of his neck. 

 «Right here.» Steve whispered as he leaned down, right before his lips met yours, for the first time in 70 years.


Some weeks later

The wind was gently tugging at your hair as you stood with Steve at the rooftop of the avengers tower. He had his arm around your shoulders, keeping you flush against his side. 

 «Remember when I asked you if you would marry me when the war was over?» He asked, and you nodded in reply. 

 «And I told you only if you got down on one knee.» You smiled at the memory, looking down at the ground. 

 «Well, the war is over.» Steve whispered as he dropped his arms from your shoulders, turning to stand in front of you instead. Slowly he got down on one knee, pulling out a little box from his pocket. 

 «Y/n Y/m/n Stark, will you do me the honor and marry me?» Steve smiled up at you with the hope and happiness shining from his eyes as he opened the box in his hand, revealing a beautiful ring. 

 You couldn’t help but smile widely down at the man who you thought had been dead for so many years. The love of your life, the one you could never forget. 

«Of course I will, Steven.» You whispered, throwing yourself at him as he rose up from his position, hugging him tightly.

 «I thought I would never hear you ask.» You half joked as you pulled apart. 

«I wouldn’t miss it for the world.» He whispered back, as he slipped the ring onto your finger, pulling you in for a kiss. 

Marking the start of a life with Steve as you always had dreamed of.  

anonymous asked:

Tsukki, Kuroo, Akashi and Teppei reaction to their s/o calling them pretty late in the evening because they're scared that a suspicious person has been following them. Kinda like in Sukitte ii na yo if you've seen/read it. :D Please and thank you. uwu <3


Tsukki: The male was blasting music in his headphones as he was walking back to his house, when he heard the annoying ring of his phone through his headphones. “What?” he asked his voice harsh. “Kei,” their voice sounded so wound up and tight he blinked. “ [ Name ], what’s the matter?” he questioned. “Did one of your fictional characters die again?” he questioned. “Did you loose your homework?” His voice was teasing slightly. “I-I’m alone, and someone is following me. I’m sorry to call you this late Kei, but I didn’t know what to do. And-” he cut them off. “What, wait someone is following you?” he questioned his eyes narrowing. “Where are you right now?” The blonde asked pushing up his glasses. “And why are you going out this late at night, idiot?” He asked as his s/o whimpered slightly. “I-I’m sorry Kei, I was getting something for my mom and then h-he started to follow me.” he growled. “Where are you?” They blinked. “In the Shopping Store,” Kei scoffed. “Can you promise me something [ Name ]?” His s/o blinked their eyes flitting to the man in the shadows. “S-Sure.” they whispered. “Keep your ass inside that shop. I’m coming.” Kei stated as his s/o nodded. Slowly he walked to the store his eyes assessing the man outside coldly. “You,” he snarled out pointing at the man. “Are you the one whose been following my [ girlfriend, boyfriend whatever you wish to be called ] The man darted back, “N-No man it was a mistake,” he pushed up his glasses the light hitting them in a deadly way. “Are you sure?” He asked as the man nodded looking up at the towering figure. “You should probably go then no?” He asked his tone sarcastic and slick. The man decided to run as Kei walked into the shop. “Is my idiot [ Name ] in here?” he questioned sarcastically as his s/o ran up to him and hugged him. “Tch your an idiot, next time you go out at night tell me.” 

Kuroo: The dark haired male had just gotten out of the shower when he saw that [ Name ] was calling him. “You just missed me in the shower sweetheart, what a shame huh?” They chuckled, their voice nervous and tense. “Is something the matter [ Name ]?” He questioned as he slipped on a shirt and some sweatpants. “N-No, sorry to bother you, it’s really late isn’t it?” Kuroo blinked. “ [ Name ], what’s the matter?” His s/o chuckled. “You know the store right around the block, well I needed something to eat, so I decided to go, and when I started to walk, well uh someone started to follow me and well um, um, someone is here and I don’t-” He bit his lip. “ [ Name ]. I promise you everything is going to be alright. I’ll be your knight and shining armor.” He teased as his s/o gave a slight laugh. It was a real one, not a forced one that he heard before. “ Kuroo, I’m sorry.” He shook his head he had grabbed his Nekoma jacket and started to walk out of his place. “No need to be, after all I am your knight and shining armor. You need your prince charming sooner or later don’t you?” he questioned his tone teasing. He was walking quickly. Kuroo’s voice was slick and normal, yet his eyes were cold and sharp. Someone you didn’t want to mess with. Kuroo looked at the male across the street, “I’m here, just stay in here and buy what you need. Even if I’m your knight and shining armor I’m not rich.” The dark haired male stated as he looked at the male across the street. “Hmm, so it’s nice to meet you.” he said smiling. His smile was totally fake, yet it was cunning. “You’ve caused me and my [ girlfriend, boyfriend whatever you wish to be called ] some trouble.” Kuroo stated. “Now, can I tell you something?” The third year asked. “If you come near them again, well I hope I don’t need to complete that sentence because they’re coming out here, and I said I don’t want to see you again.” Kuroo stated as the male started to walk away. “So now was this worth a bowl of noodles?” he teased. 

Akashi: The red haired male was looking at the desk in front of him, his eyes were narrowed as he tapped the pencil against the wood. Akashi looked to the left as he saw it buzzing, he would have probably just ignored it if it weren’t his s/o. “Hello?” He asked his voice was soft and soothing as his s/o let out a breath. “Sei-chan,” They stated. “You alright?” He asked feeling slightly worried. Their voice was worrisome for him. “I-I’m being followed.” His eyes turned serious. “Grab the car,” he yelled from his room as he heard footsteps. “Where are you?” He questioned. “Seven Eleven.” They stated. “How did you get there [ Name ]. I thought I told you to be careful.” Akashi stated his voice slightly scolding, “Dear are you alright?” They looked down. “I’m sorry to be a burden for you, I-I didn’t know who to call, my mom and dad are out… I should have just let you study. I mean you are the Captain of Rakuzan and the Basketball Team. and the St-” Akashi narrowed his eyes. “ [ Name ]. Your my [ girlfriend, boyfriend whatever you wish to be called ], and I love you, why didn’t you call me sooner?” He questioned. “That’s the only reason I”m upset, because you didn’t call me sooner.” Akashi stated as he went into the car. “stay on the phone with me dear.” The red haired male stated. “To seven eleven please.” he said to the chauffeur. Akashi sighed, “Why are you out this late?” He asked slowly. “M-My mom wanted me to go get something for her before she came home.” Akashi nodded. “Alright that’s fine, are you alright?” The red haired male asked slowly. “Y-Yes.” They didn’t sound alright. As soon as they stopped he exited the car and looked at the man. His eyes narrowed as he found the man, “Leave.” His tone was simple, he was not joking. “Leave now, if you don’t. I’ll make sure to make your life utter hell.” he spat out. The man left without a second glance to the left. Akashi went into the store, “[ Name ].” he whispered as he wrapped his arms around his s/o. “You gave me a scare dear.” he whispered kissing the top of their head. 

Kiyoshi: Teppei yawned as he was about to turn off the light until his phoen started to ring. “Hello [ Name ]. What’s the matter?” the brunette asked his eyebrows scrunching together. “Teppei, you answered thank god.” The brunette’s s/o stated sighing. “What do you mean [ Name ]?” he asked. “Well I don’t want to be a bother.” The third year gave a slight booming laugh. “Your never a bother, you don’t need to worry about that.” Teppei chuckled as his s/o gave a strained laugh. “I’m in the 24 hour connivence store, and I can’t leave.” Teppei wondered what his s/o meant. “Someone is outside following me, tehy have been since I left my house, and I didn’t know what to do, so I just called you, and well…” They sheepishly chuckled. Teppei stood up. “Then I’ll come and get you.” The brunette stated as he left his small little residence. “Wait Teppei.” The third year frowned. “Well I need to do something, you called me after all, I mean now I need to something. And you are my [ girlfriend, boyfriend or whatever you wish to be called ]. And I can’t leave you alone.” Teppei stated simply. His s/o stuttered out something as he chuckled. “There’s no reason to worry, what were you doing out this late anyways? You shouldn’t be out,” The third year stated. As his s/o chuckled. “I was trying to get some coffee,” The male chuckled. “Of course you were [ Name ].” he stated chuckling. Teppei was annoyed that someone was following his s/o. It was not right, as he walked to the connivence store. The man who was following his s/o looked at Teppei’s height and then gulped. He looked like a serious young man. “Hello, you must the person who frightened my [ girlfriend, boyfriend or whatever you like to be called ].” They gulped. “Look man, I didn’t want to cause trouble.” Teppei nodded. “I don’t want to cause any trouble as well.” Kiyoshi smild. “So could you please leave?” He asked as the man didn’t want to annoy Teppei so they decided to leave. He walked into the store and smiled. “Did you get you coffee?” he questioned.