I watched Japanese drama Shinigami-kun with a friend (the same who always watches these dramas with me). It was very short series, only 9 episodes.

Here’s the protagonist, Shinigami (Death God) himself. His job is to come to inform those assigned to die by fate. He always gives them a warning of their death a few days in advance, so that the soul who soon leaves the earthly life behind can do what he/she wants. Is it cleaning a grudge with someone, going to visit a place or a people they always wanted to, doing good deed, it really doesn’t matter. Shinigami shouldn’t intervene with the destined-to-die’s final days, but this Shinigami has a way to compassionate nature, and he can’t help himself. Thus he tries always to help the destined-to-dies the best way he can.

Then we have the antagonist Akuma, aka The Devil himself. While Shinigami tries to get souls to Heaven, Akuma does his best in order to eat them, by offering them a deal of three wishes. When the wishes have been granted by Akuma, he devours the soul. It’s a troublesome matter to Shinigami, as he can’t afford to lose any souls.

Akuma is supposed to be the antagonist, but for us he quickly turned into the most sympathetic character - and the most sane of them all. We noticed with my friend to agree with him about many cases, and those opinions were supposed to be “bad” opinions. I started to ponder are Akuma’s opinions represented in the series as The Devil’s opinions, because his views were more Western than Asian based. Was that the reason we understood his reasonings?

Anyway, though Akuma was the bad guy with bad thoughts and evil plans to eat the souls of those who were desperate, in the end he was the big softie. For example, he was supposed to eat lonely little boy Shota’s soul. Shota had never had any friends and his parents openly hated him with all their might, so Akuma approached the boy. In the end he was the only one who understood the boy suffered - so much that he was willing to give his soul to Devil - because no one loved him. Akuma was LITERALLY the only one who was concerned of the Shota’s feelings and family life, when others just  tried to boost his self-esteem by couraging him to study more (so that he would fit in the society and gain honor for the family by being successful) and not cause any worry with his emotions to parents (because you are a big boy now, you have to survive alone, parents are troubled by other things already).

Look at the actors being cute behind the scenes! Shota's actor has drawn a picture, which says “Akuma-kun”.


Shinigami-kun - Episode 09 (Final)