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↳ U n d e r t a k e r ||  Book Of The Atlantic

❝ This beautifully stitched skin as white as wax, just like when they were alive. Their mouths that cannot clamor noisily or tell lies any longer. Aren’t they all far more beautiful than when they were alive?  

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Greetings! Random question, in the green witch arc it was explained that Shinigamis are dead people who died from suicide, so that means they were human before becoming a Shinigami. what if Claudia's Husband(the 1 with the "Ros" initial) had committed suicide and was reincarnated as a Shinigami as Undertaker? What if that Ros guy was actually Undertaker who was turned into a death god? His wife was Claudia thats why he have her locket. Vincent took the "Phantomhive" initial

Continuation of my theory of Undertaker being Cedric Ros… He commited suicide(his date of death was covered by a bubble text) in so he could revive Claudia by becoming a Shinigami who can manipulate the “cinematic” to create a “Bizzarre doll”. And maybe Sebastian had something to do with Vincents soul, which he might’ve placed it on the dead body of Ciel(he can manipulate Ciels memories) thats why Undertaker said that “Earl is still here with us”

Hello Anon! :)

I’ve discussed the idea of Undertaker being Cedric K. Ros… before (here).

If that theory was true it would answer some questions regarding Undertaker, e.g. why the Phantomhives are so important to him. If he was part of the family (and he would be Ciel’s grandfather in that case) it would be no wonder why he has Claudia’s mourning locket, why he cried over Vincent’s death and why he might wanna save Ciel from Sebastian.

However, I still have a few problems with Undertaker being Cedric.

First of all, when Claudia was alive (1830-1866) Undertaker must have already been a shinigami. In the Campania arc he said that he hasn’t been called a shinigami for at least 50 years, meaning that he probably left the Shinigami Dispatch around 1840 (or even sooner).

Before that, he had worked as a shinigami for a long time which might be another 50 years or maybe even (a lot) more. (He seems quite experienced so I think he was working for quite some time.)

That means that when he met Claudia, Undertaker was already a shinigami, probably even already a deserter. So the theory that Cedric = Undertaker committed suicide because he wanted to become a shinigami in order to revive Claudia, cannot be true. In that case he would have become a shinigami after 1866 (Claudia’s death) and I think we can be sure that Undertaker is much older (for the reasons stated above). 

But like you said, the dates of birth and death of Cedric are not completely visible in the family tree:

And since the dates of his parents are too blurred to make out, it’s possible that Cedric was alive (as a human) centuries ago. He might have “died”, let’s say, in 1600 and could have become a shinigami (”Undertaker”) who, 150 years later, met Claudia and fell in love with her. 

But then that would mean that shinigami are able to reproduce. I know this is up for discussion, but personally, I don’t think shinigami can have children. As humans, they are already dead and they stand for the exact opposite of life. It would be death creating life and I don’t really see that happening.

For me, this is one of the biggest reasons why I don’t think that Cedric and Undertaker are the same person.

And about your idea of Sebastian placing Vincent’s soul in Ciel’s body: Again, I don’t think it’s possible. The human soul seems to be very complex. Undertaker couldn’t create Bizarre Dolls with souls; he even said that they can’t make another one’s soul their own and I don’t think a demon can place one soul in another body, either.

Also, in Sebastian’s Cinematic Record we’ve seen the scene when Sebastian and Ciel form the contract. I think he really only appeared at that time and that was one month after Vincent’s death. To me, Sebastian seems very clueless about all that’s going on with the Phantomhives. He was probably just a demon around and took the chance that presented itself.

I’m interpreting the sentence “the Earl of Phantomhive is still with us” differently.

I think Undertaker really is referring to Ciel here. In the past, he always called Ciel “Earl”:

And Ciel officially got the title from the Queen. So why would Undertaker now mean someone else with “Earl Phantomhive”?

I think Undertaker once made a promise to Claudia (or maybe only to himself) that he would protect the Phantomhives so that the lineage doesn’t die out. But he failed several times. First, Claudia died at the young age of 36. Then, Vincent was killed. Now, the only one left is Ciel. And the only way for Undertaker to keep his promise is to save Ciel whose fate seems sealed because of the contract with Sebastian. No wonder Undertaker is depressed. But with that sentence “the Earl of Phantomhive is still with us, after all” Undertaker could mean that there’s still one Phantomhive left, namely Ciel. So there’s still a chance for him to make up for his failed attempt to protect Claudia and Vincent by saving Ciel. 

Of course this is only a headcanon for now, so I could be completely wrong about that. But for now, this is my interpretation of Undertaker’s words.

Thank you for your message (and sorry for my rambling^^). Have a nice weekend! :)

What Shakespeare character they'd be

As requested by geoceanstorm. :)

In a perfect world, a list like this would be written with plenty of Wikipedia browsing and deep thought. In this world, this list will be written as quickly as humanly possible based on what I remember about Shakespeare because holy shit I have no time to write lists today. *cough* But! I have seen a great deal of Shakespeare (I’ve even seen King John!), so, uh, hopefully this will all work out! So which Shakespeare character would each Bleach character be?

1. Urahara: Prospero (from The Tempest)

A man with quasi-supernatural powers, living in exile, manipulating everyone. Yeah.

2. Yoruichi: Ariel (from The Tempest)

A being with supernatural powers, who mostly goes along with Prospero’s bidding. Seems fairly cheerful about it. A bit of a trickster.

3. Grimmjow: Caliban (from The Tempest)

Works for Propsero but is super grumpy about it. 

4. Bazz-B: Romeo (from Romeo and Juliet)

While at a party battlefield, Bazz-B encounters someone who by all rights should be one of his greatest enemies, and his reaction is “niiiiiiiice.” Not that I’m saying Renji is Juliet or anything. 

5. Orihime: Juliet (from Romeo and Juliet)

Because Orihime is (a way more successful) Juliet. Juliet fakes her death so that she and her boyfriend could live together safely. Orihime fakes being a traitor to keep Ichigo safe. Only Ichigo, not being a dumbass like Romeo, doesn’t fall for it, so everybody lived. Except for all those espada.

6. Kurotsuchi: The priest (from Romeo and Juliet)

I feel like his solution to any love-related problem would be “poison.”

7. Renji: Henry V (from Henry V)

Okay, literally all I remember about Henry V is that he gave a big rousing speech before a battle (St. Crispin’s day maybe), which was necessary because his army was way outnumbered or something. Kind of like Renji gave that rousing speech before everybody split up in Hueco Mundo.

8. Hinamori: Julius Caesar (from Julius Caesar)

Both Hinamori and Caesar were all, “Why the hell is everybody stabbing me?”

9. Hinamori: Othello (from Othello)

Wait but Hinamori is Othello too, because when her “super trustworthy” adviser captain tells her to murder somebody she loves and trusts, she’s like, “Yeah seems legit.” And if Hitsugaya had been asleep like Desdemona, the murder might have happened.

10. Aizen: Iago (from Othello)

Which makes Aizen Iago: a totally trusted guy who uses that trust to manipulate people into murdering each other. And then ends up in prison for his trouble.

11. Aaroniero: Antipholus of Syracuse (from Comedy of Errors)

Comedy of Errors is about two twins who don’t realize they’re in the same city causing a whole lot of mistaken identity trouble for each other. Of the two, Antipholus of Syracuse mostly takes advantage: “Hey, somebody’s giving me money for no reason? Awesome!” Sort of like Aaroniero taking advantage of his similarity to Kaien.

12. Ichigo: Antipholus of Ephesus (from Comedy of Errors)

While the other twin was like, “What the fuuuuck is going on?” So more like Ichigo with his similarity to Kaien. 

13. Hichigo: Lady MacBeth (from MacBeth)

How do you obtain power? You get your husband shinigami to become as powerful as possible for your own benefit. Only in Hichigo’s case, there’s less insane guilt and more jolly laughter. 

14. Ichigo: MacBeth (from MacBeth)

Which I guess means Ichigo is also MacBeth. Makes sense. MacBeth was more or less herded into becoming powerful, then realized he kinda liked it, and went for it. Like Ichigo, only Ichigo’s trajectory made him into a hero rather than a villain. 

15. Tosen: Shylock (from Merchant of Venice)

Because I know Shylock was supposed to be the villain or whatever, but he was hugely abused by his fellow citizens and then was fucked over when he tried to take revenge for it. Which reminds me of Tosen looking for justice, albeit by joining Aizen and trying to kill everyone.

16. Hisagi: Brutus (from Julius Caesar)

Because it sucks when you end up deciding to kill your leader and friend, just because you think he’s gone bad. And Hisagi didn’t even have a bunch of senators there to help him kill Tosen.

17. Gin: Hamlet (from Hamlet)

Throws all he has into a big ol’ revenge plot, which includes a healthy dose of fake personality traits and messing with people. But despite all of this effort, he totally fails and dies.

18. Weirdly Handsome Squad 12 guy: Rosencranz or Guildenstern (from Hamlet)

Minding his own business, tryin’ to do his job, super doesn’t realize that he’s about to be used to commit a murder…and yet he still ends up dead because main characters can be dicks.

If Tosen and his nameless friend were locked in a room...

As requested by anon. :)

Before Tosen started up with Aizen, he was good friends with a nameless woman who believed in hope and justice. After she was murdered by her shinigami husband, and after Tosen couldn’t get any justice for her, he decided to find justice of his own and joined Aizen. So what if Tosen and his nameless friend found themselves locked in a room? How would that go? 

Friend: Hi, Kaname.

Tosen: …

Tosen: So is this what happens in the afterlife, then?

Tosen: We end up in a room with the person who meant the most to us?

Friend: Who can say, really?

Friend: It is nice to see you again.

Tosen: It is metaphorically nice to see you again too.

Tosen: …

Tosen: Actually, why am I still blind in the afterlife?

Tosen: Never mind.

Tosen: I wanted to say that I am sorry.

Friend: Sorry? For what?

Tosen: I did not save you. I did not get justice for you. I accomplished nothing.

Friend: It wasn’t your job to save me, Kaname.

Friend: The person who failed to do right by me was my husband, for murdering me.

Tosen: He was a thug and a brute. Why did you marry him?

Friend: You may be shocked to realize that I wasn’t aware that he was a thug or a brute.

Friend: Sometimes people aren’t what you expect.

Tosen: I suppose many people did have that experience with me.

Friend: Yes, I hear that you became a shinigami? Temporarily? As a - cover?

Tosen: As I said, I sought justice for you.

Tosen: I went through real channels first. I went to Central-46. But they refused to listen to me. They refused to tell me why they would not prosecute your murderer.

Friend: Yes it turns out that the Gotei-13 was not quite the bastion of peace and justice that I expected.

Friend: It’s pretty messed up in a lot of ways.

Friend: Did you know that they just don’t care that people in the Rukongai are starving? Like, it’s not even on their agenda!

Tosen: Yes, I do know! I know it very well! The organization is corrupt to its core!

Tosen: That is why I joined Aizen to bring it down. For justice.

Friend: …

Tosen: What?

Friend: The Gotei-13 had many, many problems. But I am not sure that “bringing it down” was the answer. 

Friend: I believed in the path with the least blood, remember?

Tosen: As did I.

Friend: …

Friend: You said you wanted to bring down the Gotei-13.

Tosen: Correct.

Friend: So, you were trying to start a revolution?

Tosen: Not exactly.

Tosen: Aizen-sama wished to destroy them all.

Friend: Destroy them.

Tosen: Yes.

Friend: Destroy them.

Tosen: Again, yes.

Friend: H-how is it the path of the least blood to slaughter everyone??

Tosen: …

Tosen: …

Tosen: It really made more sense when Aizen-sama explained it.

Friend: Oh, Kaname.

Friend: You know I wouldn’t have wanted that life for you! I wish you had never become a shinigami at all. You could have lived your life in real peace.

Tosen: Up until I became food for the hollows that roam the Rukongai, you mean.

Tosen: Unaided by the supposed guardians of peace, the Gotei-13.

Friend: I sense a lot of bitterness in you.

Tosen: You could say that.

Tosen: …

Tosen: I never believed in justice, you know.

Tosen: I took on your beliefs. I tried to make them a reality.

Tosen: But I never really believed, myself. I couldn’t.

Friend: I know.

Friend: It was a little hard for me too, one my husband murdered someone. And then murdered me.

Friend: I believe the Gotei-13 could be a source for good though! If only it reformed a little. Or a lot.

Tosen: It seems that it may be getting better.

Friend: Really?

Tosen: Yes. A human named Kurosaki Ichigo has done much to change the Gotei-13 for the better.

Friend: You must wish you were there to see it.

Tosen: No.

Tosen: I am blind.

Friend:  I meant -

Tosen: I know.

Tosen: In all seriousness, I am still glad I am not a part of it. I could never have forgiven them for what happened to you. Never.

Tosen: Had they changed for the better, that would have done nothing to ease my bitterness over the loss of you.

Friend: I am sorry that I caused you so much pain.

Tosen: You shouldn’t be. You brought me enormous joy as well.

Friend: I’m glad!

Friend: I do hope you made other friends after I was gone. Please tell me you weren’t alone?

Tosen: I did have a friend. A giant talking wolf who was always kind to me.

Friend: …

Tosen: It makes sense in context.

Friend: I don’t need context, I guess! I’m just glad you had a friend.

Friend: And I’m glad I was your friend while I could be.

Friend: Even if you literally never think about my name.

Friend: Not even once for the sake of the viewers.

Tosen: Pretty sure it’s more poignant this way.

Friend: I’m just saying it’s weird.

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Top 5 bleach ships??

Well. The first two are easy. 

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Everything else pales in comparison to the top two really, since I just kind of ship everyone else with everybody else. Based on my reading history lately, the three others I read mostly are probably… ByaRen, IchiRenRuki, and my shinigami husbands ship of Ukitake/Shunsui.