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How it will go...
  • Shukichi: Mary-kaa-san! Masumi! I'm going to marry!
  • Mary: That's great news. 28 years and you finally have the only one adult decision.
  • Shukichi: We're having a wedding next month! Will you attend it, kaa-san?
  • Mary: It would be quite a pleasure, but, you see, I have certain circumstances.
  • Masumi: Mama's a child!
  • Shukichi: It's fine! Yumi-tan will keep a secret! I want you three to meet as soon as possible. My dear mother, my sweet sister and my future wife...
  • Masumi: Now that I think of it, I think I met her.
  • Shukichi: Huh?! Where?!
  • Masumi: At the Ogura Ramen, with Wizard...
  • Mary: Then it's only two of us. Shukichi, will your wife keep a secret?
  • Shukichi: I'm sure about Yumi-tan!
  • Mary: Then it's fine.
  • ...
  • Yumi: Miwako! You won't believe!
  • ...
  • Sato: Takagi! You won't believe what Yumi just told me!!
  • ...
  • Takagi: ...By the way, Megure-keibu, have you heard? Sato-san has told me....
  • ...
  • Megure: Oi. Mouri-kun. That's a mystery just for the sleeping Kogoro!..
  • ...
  • Kogoro: Ran! Would you imagine? There's a medicine that can shrink people...
  • ...
  • Ran: ...SHINICHI!!!

The Great Detective

I was really hoping I can include more people but this itself kicked my ass. It was tough enough to figure out who should go where and drawing with a pen is really hard. Inspired somehow by that one ED Meikyuu no Lovers 

Cost of Freedom (24/52)

Summary: In which, with the help of Heiji, Kaito and Shinichi break into a police station to find Shinichi’s hidden case files. Prison!AU

If you want a song to listen to during this chapter, I’ve been listening to this while writing.

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“I can’t believe I’m doin’ this,” Heiji mutters under his breath, pocketing his phone. It’s not even nine a.m. yet and he’s already stood in the middle of a police station, preparing to abet two criminals and add more broken laws to his ever growing list of faults.

If his father ever finds about this… Heiji shudders, decides that it’s best not to think about that, and looks in the bathroom’s mirror. He wonders, not for the first time, if he’ll be able to convincingly lie to those around him, asks himself whether his facial expressions will give him away.

It doesn’t matter, he tells himself, because it needs to be done.

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100 reasons why I love Ran Mouri
  1. She’s a human being with weaknesses. She is not an ideal Mary-Sue. In fact every DC girl is.
  2. She is strong and beautiful.
  3. She is tender and kind.
  4. She is understanding and forgiving.
  5. Her clothing. Her dressing style. Everything looks amazing.
  6. She was sure Conan was Shinichi for about 20 chapters and she was quiet about it. She literally had every moment in every chapter to call him out on it, but she donated her blood instead. Only at this moments we can hear her thoughts.
  7. She figured out Shinichi=Conan first in the series. She was tricked later, but she was the one who made this deduction first.
  8. She loves her mother but stayed with her father because she knew he’ll hit the rock bottom otherwise. It was hard but she managed. A little girl was in charge of whole Mouri house.
  9. She is in charge of Mouri household right now. She’s cleaning, cooking, wait…
  10. She’s cooking. She’s able to cook for her family. And for Shinichi (canon info)
  11. She’s still trying to make her parents family again.
  12. As Shinichi said, Ran and Sonoko’s friendship. She never took money from her.
  13. Ran and Sonoko friendship in general. 
  14. She still uses old flip-phone Shinichi gifted to her.
  15. She is sensitive and romantic.
  16. She was different from her classmates and realized she’s in love only when she was 15. 
  17. She’s so cute when jealous :D
  18. With series progress, Ran matured so hard. In fact, I believe she matured onwards from Desperate Revival arc.
  19. Ran is a big sister to everyone. Ran is so Akemi-like to Haibara it hurts.
  20. Ran SAVED little girl from the bullets.
  21. Actually, Ran saw pictures of Shinichi in Jodie’s locker and decided to hide in trunk to find out what’s going on. 
  22. Ran actually asked fake Azusa/Vermouth she’s NOT Azusa. Ran asked a person perfectly disguised as her friend if she is a CRIMINAL who shot her. That was dangerous, Ran…
  23. Ran has telepathic link with Shinichi in canon. I’m talking about School Bombing case. 
  24. Ran is believable. She can be angry, sad, laugh at something on TV and be sarcastic. 
  25. Ran is ordinary everyday Japanese girl, not a secret agent, not detective, but she saved people.
  26. In fact, she saved Vermouth, thus indirectly protecting Shinichi (since Sharon knows about Conan=Shinichi because she was a close friend of Yukiko)
  27. She saved serial killer. She. Saved. Serial. Killer.
  28. Also she saved a person from being crushed to death with armour.
  29. Ran saved a bomber in detective agency because the believes nobody deserves to die. She just did it. Also she believed Shinichi would do the same.
  30. Ran found a way to the locked apartment to save a dying person, without any fear that there could be a criminal. 
  31. Ran actually said to Shinichi that he would’ve done the same to make him stop worrying. He didn’t, but.. 
  32. Ran actually went into the burning house to save a person she believed is her love rival. She was SCARED about her.
  33. Ran prayed about her ‘love rival’ to be fine and alive. 
  34. Said ‘love rival’ actually teased her and gave wrong instructions but Ran made lemon pie Shinichi found tasty. How? I don’t know, I’m too busy melting at happy Shinichi/Conan with Ran’s pie.
  35. She saw SO MANY horrible things but still remains positive.
  36. She’s scared of everything supernatural but
  37. She actually went to the school at night with Shinichi. To be honest, I would’ve refused to go at her age…
  38. Her friendship with Shinichi.
  39. Her blissful ignorance of Shinichi’s love :D 
  40. Her LOVE with Shinichi.
  41. Actually, those two love has 100+ reasons to love too. 
  42. After all those years together, they act alike and they value the same things.
  43. After Shinichi confessed to her, she worked as a team with him. In fact, their teamwork is the best. If only he didn’t revert to Conan.
  44. Ran agreed to play detective and to reveal the criminal. It was a shock to her, but she DID reveal her favourite teacher. 
  45. Ran is not a detective, but she figured out a case.
  46. Ran is smart. Not genius like Shinichi, but she tries her best.
  47. Ran is daring.
  48. Ran is faithful. Even when they were not a couple (they still not a couple officially BUT) she NEVER looked at anyone but Shinichi.
  49. Ran nonchalantly took off her sweater (a gift from mother) to show Kazuha she has no interest in Heiji.
  50. Ran is a big shipper of Heiji and Kazuha. In fact, so does Shinichi :D
  51. Ran also ships Sato and Takagi (but so does everyone :D)
  52. AND Ran also ships Sonoko and Makoto. Ran is us, people.
  53. Ran would become a great mother. Non-canon she supported DB in their love life (Movie 5) 
  54. Ran is strong, not only physically, but mentally. She breaks down only when something really happens. 
  55. She endured a year (canon) without her best friend/loved person being with her. He always was close to her.
  56. Imagine yourself at her place: somebody dear to you suddenly disappears and you got his small relative instead. 
  57. She had a time when she thought Shinichi really disappeared (before bowtie invention). Imagine that. She thought he might’ve been dead. Still, smiled for Conan.
  58. She silently took ‘call me Kudo-kun, Mouri-san’-phase and accepted that. 
  59. She genuinely loves Conan as a little brother.
  60. I wonder why she knows so much about children treatment… Maybe she wanted to become elementery teacher at some point of her life?
  61. Ran is feminine martial art master. She wears cute clothes and she can kick your butt.
  62. In fact, throughout the series she kicked a lot of butts.
  63. Ran took an armed gang of 40-50 people with Makoto. In ten minutes, I believe.
  64. Before that she cleverly tricked Agasa into revealing Conan’s whereabouts. If she didn’t do it, Conan would’ve been long dead. Even if you have kick-enhancing boots, those people will slice you up before you kick ball. 
  65. Ran’s nickname suits her well. 
  66. Ran is a guardian angel. 
  67. She protects people without having second thoughts.
  68. She saved Conan’s life when he didn’t have any gadgets = we continue watching series thanks to Ran
  69. She knows about Conan gadgets, btw. Thus I produce a lot of stupid theories, but that’s not the point here.
  70. In anime - her VA is amazing. Wakana Yamazaki didn’t play a lot of roles, but her voice is so distinguishing. 
  71. In anime - RESPECT YOURSELF, MUTEKI NA HEART (characterized her well imo)
  72. In anime - she encouraged Conan to sing with her in Karaoke so tenderly I melted.
  73. In canon Ran is not a damsel in distress. Why people call her damsel in distress if there were no case in canon where Ran had to be saved. 
  74. In movies she’s not a damsel in distress either. In fact, she saved Conan (M2), (M5), landed an airplane (M8), kicked spy’s butt (M15) and did a lot of other awesome things, sadly non-canon.
  75. Oh, and she sacrificed herself in movie 6. Like. Sacrificed her life.
  76. In movie 13 (the most non canon of them all, sorry) she actually DODGED A BULLET.
  77. Oh, and fought BO agent. The only reason she lost - she saw a RIPPED PERSON FACE. That’s pretty scary.
  78. And in movie 15 her fingers bleeded when she was trying to search Conan. Again, non-canon but that’s how non-canon directors portray Ran. It shows something, right?
  79. To be honest, Ran is my role model.
  80. Courage is a word of justice. It means the quality of mind that enables one to face apprehension with confidence and resolution. It is not right to use it as an excuse to kill someone. - yeah, THIS
  81. I just remembered that she was always there when Shinichi had breakdowns - she hugged him at Akemi death and was with him in moonlight Sonata case.
  82. Ran actually played on stage. 
  83. Twice (if we count non-canon OVA)+non-canon AO where she played in a drama. 
  84. Also I’m in love of how she deals with criminals and everyone who rushed to save her are staying with dot eyes ‘oh. riight’
  85. I’m still going on about how KIND she is after all that crap in her life.
  86. Ran is oddly 3D although she’s a 2D anime heroine…
  87. That’s maybe cheating, but again - Ran’s sense of style. Everything she wears is so cute, beautiful and feminine. I never saw her wearing anything that looked bad.
  88. Ran took Sera’s Jeet Kune Do one by one and befriended her afterwards. Sera was trained by Shuichi Akai.
  89. Oh, and she met Akai on street and while Conan was afraid of him/for her she actually talked with him (sending Conan into BSoD)
  90. She kicked Akai Shuichi, FBI agent (disguised as Subaru). 
  91. She lied to said Subaru about ‘Kinichi’-kun because she was not sure about him and she wanted to protect Shinichi. 
  92. Non-canon she was able to find out who Kid and the only way she was tricked into believing he was Shinichi is because Conan told about ShinRan childhood before. That rises a question - did Ran thought afterwards HOW Kid could’ve known it, huh,
  93. Oh, last ten reasons? Let’s keep them short - Ran is so beautiful and has so many various expressions sometimes I want to screen everything.
  94. Her hair is also beautiful. And when she was a little Ran, her hair were so cute.
  95. In fact, I’ll include smol Ran as a reason to love Ran, because smol Ran is everything to me.
  96. Ran is Gosho’s favorite character.  
  97. Yukiko ships her with her son :D
  98. HAIBARA ships them!
  99. Heck, almost every DC cast ships ShinRan.
  100. I wrote 100 reasons to love Ran Mouri, and I wrote it quickly, because those reasons wanted to be written. If you have 100 reasons to love some character, this character deserves love.
It's DC headcanon time! 2

Okay, here have some more of my stupid headcanons!

-When Hakuba discovers that Shinichi and Conan are the same person he started to feel really bad for that time he called him: Kudo-whoever-kun (episodes: Three days with Hattori Heiji) And he actually apologized.
-Heiji is so stressed by the fact of wanting to confess to Kazuha on a really special place that he ends up confessing by accident. Woops. So cute so cute.
-Before any of this Heiji asks Shinichi and Ran for help.
-When Hakuba sees Shinichi in person for the first time he is really unconfortable because he looks too much like Kaito. So for some days he acts really weird around them, stalker mode, trying to find different features between them.
-Shinichi can dance.
-Everytime Shinichi plays the violin Ran giggles because of that “thing” he does while playing. Shinichi always gets angry at her. She never tells him what that “thing” is.
-Shinichi is a funny drunk. Like literally, he laughts at everything.
-Eisuke comes back from America some times to visit.
-Takagi and Sato get married and have a baby. OH YES BABIES.
-Shinichi is really good with babies and kids.
-Heiji… not that much.
-When Shinichi and Ran are finally together, he is so happy he can’t stop smiling and daydreaming. Agasa is happy for him. Ai finds it creepy. Heiji just wants his grumpy friend back.

Cost of Freedom (26/52)

Summary: In which Kaito and Shinichi leave behind the police station. Kazuha demands an explanation. Aoko has her suspicions and Ran isn’t sure what to think. Prison!AU

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“What is wrong with you?”

Frankly, Kaito isn’t sure whether this question is rhetoric, so instead of offering a response, he grabs hold of Shinichi’s wrist, pulls him across the roof they’ve landed on towards the edge.

“You pushed me out of a window!” Shinichi cries.

Still, Kaito doesn’t offer an answer - maybe seeing Aoko has rattled him more than he thinks. He’s not sure, but it feels almost as if she’s following after him, a ghost by his side, holding her place until the real one can take it’s place.

He looks over the edge of the roof - it’s a long drop, about five meters, but Kaito thinks if they lower themselves from the gutter and shimmy across to the drain pipes, they’ll be able to get down to the ground in no time at all.

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Glory Days Part 18 (IM RP AU- Shun & Midi)

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18

❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥

Yukihisa’s POV

As much as I don’t mind  being showered in the kind of attention I won’t get from the average female who’s more than happy to open her legs for me quicker than she’d open a textbook - the night is just painful to watch as countless women attempt to shimmy and shove themselves into my best friends face - Shun seemingly a with his head on another planet.

Sighing, I shoo the woman who is in his lap away with a single gesture - suggesting we head elsewhere; not a party, not a bar, not a club - just somewhere he can either focus if he wants to or take his mind off things.  My offer is met with not so surprising enthusiasm and the moment we’re out of that place; no longer surrounded by the scent of baby powder, perfume and liquor, I slap a hand on Shun’s back knowing he won’t think anything of it before I fish his phone out of his pocket.

“What the fuck Maki–”

“You’ll thank me later.”

Quick to type out a message as Shun tries his hardest to snatch the phone back; I’m finally defeated seconds after I hit send satisfied with my small act of playing cupid. Knowing how my bestfriend’s head works he’d have just been avoidant and ruins his chances of anything. The text of ‘I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you’ gets a response quicker than expected. I’m quiet, wondering if he’ll respond.

Midori’s POV

Half awake, head resting on top of textbooks and the sound of the tv quietly playing in the background; the vibration of my phone earns a groan in response, not expecting to be contacted at this hour of the night yet my heart flutters at the text received and a burst of energy rushes through me as I pace the dorm room unsure of how to respond or if I should wait a while and give it time.

Ah fuck it.

Not wanting to waste time, I reply quicker to this text than any other one I’ve ever written in my life.

“Me too. I really want to see you.”

Shinichi’s POV (the following morning)

“That wouldn’t be a issue if you weren’t such a distraction.”

Breakfast, kisses, waking up on the floor a little unexpected - I can’t complain, not that I would even if the opportunity was given. Eri’s soft; lips melting against one anothers as my hands are just as inviting and curse filled as her body that I can’t help run my hands along.

Yesterday wasn’t exactly a date - yet with the time we’ve gotten to spend with one another; even helping her move out which provided the perfect opportunity to get to know her a little more than what’s on surface. For me that’s better than unnecessary flirtations over dinner or drunken rendezvous between the sheets
“A little forward”, I stated between kisses; multitasking by talking whenever we need to pause a take a breath, “But”, I continue pulling my glasses off and dropping them on the kitchen counter to allow us to get that tiny bit closer, “I hear there’s a ball next Friday, and I’m wondering”, I squeeze Eri’s hips gently, “if you had a date?”

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