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Rereading Vol. 21 & 22, Chap. 201-221, The Lucky Punch

A late update, but one nevertheless!

Today’s review is heavy on Takagi, because Aoyama finally formally introduces his character in these two volumes. Until now, he had been a minor, reoccurring officer, a nameless helping hand without a voice or a backstory of his own. But let us start chronologically, quite literally, because I am going to talk about the flashback first.

Shinichi’s First (Murder) Case:

I really had forgotten that Shinichi had only started working with the police one year prior to the beginning of the manga. I expected them to be all like “oh, what a coincidence”, instead, Megure and Takagi were like “who are you, and why are you tampering with the crime scene?” Actually, Megure only vaguely remembers Shinchi as a boy who hung onto Kudou Yuusaku’s shirt, so to speak. Which is kind of cute, but on the other hand, also horrifying. I am still waiting for Aoyama to show us the very first time when Shinichi accompanied Yuusaku to a crime scene. This story will never end…

Taking into account that this had been Shinichi’s first murder case, the fatal trip to America started off Shinichi’s unbroken streak of bad luck. Maybe the murders are just part of his bad karma? After all, he saved Vermout’s life and allowed her to escape, condemning others to their death and also dealing a blow to the FBI’s efforts to take down the black organization. I am not saying that he should have let her die… just that, in a twisted and ironic way, it makes sense that there’s some sort of deadly cloud hanging over his head since then.

Now, concerning Takagi:

The flashback case does not introduce Takagi, but he is dragged into the spotlight, because Megure directly addresses him. Their conversation is not merely based on “do this, do that”, but rather it creates a sort of “mentor-student” relationship between the two of them.

I am bringing this up, because it is important to understand that Aoyama shows us that Takagi is still lacking as a police officer. When confronted with Shinichi’s willingness to investigate the murder,Takagi is all to ecstatic to include the high school teenager:

“Then we can ask him to help us!!”

This spiritful enthusiasm is charming, sure, but Megure’s response points out that this is why Takagi is still not a fully fledged investigator. In the flashback, he is all too happy to choose the easiest way possible, which on one hand, is positive because he is open towards outside suggestions, on the other hand, he is also ridding himself of responsibility. Takagi nowadays is more experienced, and he has learned from his past mistakes. He is still willing to listen to others, but he will not yield control of crime scenes unconditionally.

When compared with this younger version, I much prefer the later one. He has grown into his uniform, and still, he prioritises solving the cases, not improving his own reputation. Overall, he has become very capable under Conan’s and the readers’ watchful eyes.

The case file following the plane flashback finally introduces Takagi by name, as well as Sato and Shiratori. Truly, I had forgotten that Sato outright declined Shiratori’s request for dinner, and also that she then follows it up by asking Takagi to accompany her for dinner instead. This is not meant as a work outing, because she does not extend the invitation to Shiratori. Apparently, Sato already liked Takagi when he was a good-hearted, but clumsy colleague.

It really took them ages to get their relationship sorted, especially when you consider that they were both on the same page all along.

That’s it for these two volumes. Personally, I feel like Takagi has been a lucky punch for Aoyama. I doubt he had intended to create such an outstanding police officer, let alone show the progress of said officer. Similar to the manga itself, Takagi has grown into his role. He has become more professional, he is used to the drills - but he also kept that charming, open-hearted personality that most people lose once they begin to see their job as simply that. A job.

How it will go...
  • Shukichi: Mary-kaa-san! Masumi! I'm going to marry!
  • Mary: That's great news. 28 years and you finally have the only one adult decision.
  • Shukichi: We're having a wedding next month! Will you attend it, kaa-san?
  • Mary: It would be quite a pleasure, but, you see, I have certain circumstances.
  • Masumi: Mama's a child!
  • Shukichi: It's fine! Yumi-tan will keep a secret! I want you three to meet as soon as possible. My dear mother, my sweet sister and my future wife...
  • Masumi: Now that I think of it, I think I met her.
  • Shukichi: Huh?! Where?!
  • Masumi: At the Ogura Ramen, with Wizard...
  • Mary: Then it's only two of us. Shukichi, will your wife keep a secret?
  • Shukichi: I'm sure about Yumi-tan!
  • Mary: Then it's fine.
  • ...
  • Yumi: Miwako! You won't believe!
  • ...
  • Sato: Takagi! You won't believe what Yumi just told me!!
  • ...
  • Takagi: ...By the way, Megure-keibu, have you heard? Sato-san has told me....
  • ...
  • Megure: Oi. Mouri-kun. That's a mystery just for the sleeping Kogoro!..
  • ...
  • Kogoro: Ran! Would you imagine? There's a medicine that can shrink people...
  • ...
  • Ran: ...SHINICHI!!!
It's DC headcanon time! 2

Okay, here have some more of my stupid headcanons!

-When Hakuba discovers that Shinichi and Conan are the same person he started to feel really bad for that time he called him: Kudo-whoever-kun (episodes: Three days with Hattori Heiji) And he actually apologized.
-Heiji is so stressed by the fact of wanting to confess to Kazuha on a really special place that he ends up confessing by accident. Woops. So cute so cute.
-Before any of this Heiji asks Shinichi and Ran for help.
-When Hakuba sees Shinichi in person for the first time he is really unconfortable because he looks too much like Kaito. So for some days he acts really weird around them, stalker mode, trying to find different features between them.
-Shinichi can dance.
-Everytime Shinichi plays the violin Ran giggles because of that “thing” he does while playing. Shinichi always gets angry at her. She never tells him what that “thing” is.
-Shinichi is a funny drunk. Like literally, he laughts at everything.
-Eisuke comes back from America some times to visit.
-Takagi and Sato get married and have a baby. OH YES BABIES.
-Shinichi is really good with babies and kids.
-Heiji… not that much.
-When Shinichi and Ran are finally together, he is so happy he can’t stop smiling and daydreaming. Agasa is happy for him. Ai finds it creepy. Heiji just wants his grumpy friend back.

miiwato replied to your post: Hops up and down to solicit a pickup. Let him be…

The inspector promptly picks him up and props him on her hip. “Is that better?”

Well, it’s not as high as he’d like, but it’s a decent compromise. It’s certainly warm curled against the police detective’s hip like a koala, and the vantage point is nothing to complain about. 

“Mmm! Sankyuu, Sato-keiji!”