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Relationship status: single. that’s right ladies, this awkward mentally unstable weirdo could be yours *waggles eyebrows*

Favorite color: pastel pink

Pets: a smol doggo named oreo 

Last song I listened to: beverly laurel by tame impala

Favorite TV shows: i don’t watch much tv tbh 

First Fandom: inuyasha. i was obsessed with that entire show as much as i am with pharma now >.> but i’ve actually never ‘participated’ in a fandom until transformers. before that, i just lurked silently. i regret that because being a part of a fandom is so fun!

Hobbies: drawing and obsessing over pharma. i also really love exploring nature but the place i live and hours everywhere around it are as flat as a pancake ahhhhh

Books I’m currently reading: i haven’t read a book in years lol. only fanfics!

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Rule: Tag six followers you want to get to know better

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Relationship status: :P

Favourite colour: Purple, Orange, Teal, and Red.

Pets: NONE

Last song I listen to: Bath Salts - Highly Suspect

Favourite TV shows: Oh god too many. Currently into MDTA, TMNT, Steven Universe. Almost any 80’s and 90’s cartoon. Yes even the native american bear one.

First fandom: First cartoon I really got into was Darkwing Duck. I guess fandom would be Mighty Ducks way back in the day. >_>;;; OH GOD THERE WAS THAT ROAD ROVERS STUFF TOO. God is that a distant memory.

Hobbies: Writing, Animal Crossing, and that’s about it because I fucking have no chill time.

Books I’m currently reading: The One Thing by someone I can’t remember and don’t want to get up to get the book. Its supposed to help with time management but it’s done nothing so far.

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