“Khi anh khoác lên bộ âu phục, trở thành chú rể của người khác, em sẽ lặng yên không nhắc đến sự điên cuồng khi xưa nữa. Khi em mặc vào chiếc váy trắng, trở thành cô dâu của người khác, anh vẫn như xưa, vẫn là giấc mộng thuở ban đầu của em.”

- Weibo - Yingie Cassiopeia dịch


This totally sums up my thoughts on some fans reaction on ERIC’s wedding announcement.

seriously guys, don’t be a disappointment. be happy he found someone.

He protected Shinhwa, Shinhwa Changjo and the color Orange for almost 20 years. Are you really going to turn your back on him now? After everything he did? unbelievable.

we always prided ourselves to be a part of a mature fandom. this totally proves how mature we are. such a shame.

ERIC OPPA, get married. make beautiful babies and just be happy. TRUE FANS WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU.

as for the other members, it’s time to get married so we can also get married. hahaha. but seriously, be happy. you 6 deserve it.

to all SHCJs dont look at this in a negsative way. ERIC will never abandon shinhwa and shcj. he loves us too much. trust him.

cr. @elybuendia9001

(intro on the tweet: ely buendia is one of the most popular and respected musicians in the Philippines. he is also one of my musical inspirations.)

I feel an amazing kinship with this man. Seriously. And not even in a fangirl way. It’s pretty easy for me to tell that Oppayam has depression. He tries to hide it, but not really. He sort of spelled it out in his photo essay, his FB posts, etc. He has even mentioned that he thinks he has depression. When he smiles his beautiful smile, sometimes it doesn’t quite reach his eyes. Behind his smile, there is pain.

In Shinhwa Broadcast episode 5 when the members gathered for drinks, Dongwan was the only one absent. And he was unreachable. When Eric was asked about this, he said that Dongwan frequently disappears, that he’ll even go abroad without telling anyone.

In Shinhwa’s 2013 episode of Radio Star, the members said they became emotional watching Dongwan’s drama because his character reminded them of how he was in his 20s. Innocent. Eric said that the world had changed him.

The Unchanging Part 2 V-Live where he sat in silence without any expression? People who have a cold may be silent to avoid damaging their voice, but they don’t usually have no reactions.

There are more moments, but I would rather not list them.

I’m sure people will say that I can’t possibly diagnose someone. That is true—I am not a psychologist. However I have had depression for more than 15 years and I’ve worked with others who also have it. The signs are there. I may be wrong, but I don’t think so. But I hope I am.

If I am right, even with the numbness, lack of motivation, and shame that are depression, he manages to function; he keeps himself busy. He travels and goes on adventures. He reads, writes, learns languages, and donates to charity. He tries hard at everything he does.

This is why he is so inspiring to me. I find it hard even to eke out enough motivation to get out of bed. But watching Oppayam doing his best to fight depression makes me realize that it is possible to survive with it. He gives me hope that I, too, will be able to cope, and perhaps even thrive despite it. I want to thank him.

I want to tell him that true Shinhwa Changjos will always be there for him, no matter the mistakes he makes and his momentary lapses in judgment—because we all have them.

I want to tell him that I care more about his happiness, career satisfaction, and what he wants to do in his career than I care about the “accolades,” the trophies and recognition, that could come with it.

And most important, I want to tell him that he should never feel unworthy of receiving love. No matter what.

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When Eric & Dongwan are Bored ^^

Dongwan Oppa will naturally perform in front of the camera.. while our Eric Oppa’s busy playing his favorite game..

And then all of a sudden he will interrupt Dongwan Oppa for a song request.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

since it’s Eric Oppa’s request, Dongwan Oppa would gladly do it..


and like SHCJs.. Eric Oppa will wave his hand and sing with him cutely.. YES with this handsome aegyo.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

and Dongwan Oppa will do his best up until the last note of the song


now this is what i call L-O-V-E ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


But we, Shinhwa, will never let you fall.

“That’s right. I’m not responsible for your lives. Shinhwa members are not responsible for your lives. Never, ever. Not whatsoever.

But we, Shinhwa, will never let you fall. So to do that, we can’t fall either right? For us not to falter, we need you. Your love, your attention, and the very being of you guys. In other words, Shinhwa Changjo!”


really! OMG. this concept of face-phone scenes are making my day better.. i always try to think how our Eric Oppa will look like if he is directly going to react randomly in front of me like FACE TO FACE!!!

these clips that they are producing are really a good way of providing awesome fan service..



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