How amazing would it be if the new album was a full album not a minialbum? A ballad, some hiphop tracks, a rock anthem, some kind of slow grind nasty jam, Jongup’s Now, and a peppy pop outro.

We just want another full album but that’s a lot to wish for.

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VIXX when their girlfriend tries to dominate them in bed, it doesn't happen all the time just once in a while. Would they be a good sub for you or would they take control again?

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N – N would be totally cool with his girlfriend taking charge. He would, of course, make sure they took turns but would love it both ways.

Leo – Leo would not like this all that much. While he wouldn’t mind seeing his girl ride him of course, he would still be thrusting up into her. He wouldn’t be very good at being submissive.

Ken- Ken would be more than happy to see his girl take charge from time to time. Generally, I think he just enjoys sex in general, although likes to be in charge, but he would be so turned on when she takes control of everything and he just gets to enjoy. Especially if she rides him while she massages her clit so he can watch without touching.

Ravi – Ravi would like this is theory. He would love for his girl to take charge and tell him exactly what she wants or to tie him up or whatever she had in store for him. However, the reality is that he would hate the times where she wants him to not touch her while she takes control because he NEEDS to touch her and kiss her and have his hands on her. So, perhaps he would not be so good at being submissive.

Hongbin – Hongbin would probably not be sure about what was in store, but would be willing to give it a try. Especially when she pushes him down on the bed and straddles him. He would lay back and enjoy the whole experience. The next morning, he would ball his fists in his cringy way and quietly ask when you could do that again.

Hyuk – Hyuk would be skeptical. He is used to being the one that likes to be in control, so letting someone else be in charge will be hard for him. He would try if for his girl if she wanted but wouldn’t make it all the way through. He would have to take control to be able to get off.


“You=Heaven” Mirrored Dance Practice


☆ We’ll always be together, won’t we?

Today is the day, a day that seems like it was many years ago, that you were born. It was the day that all your dreams were laid out in front of you; a fragile, dim, untrodden path laid with not much more than uncertainty and wild hopes—but if you searched a little harder, there were also the stars that lit the way. You trekked forward, steps on fire, hiding your own fear and uncertainty, and as you went, your fire burned brighter, and you became stars yourselves—stars that shone brighter than any ever could from the sky.

Now, we are here; a momentary pause to remember that today is the day, a day that really wasn’t so long ago after all, that you were born; and every day, we who became the stars are grateful to you who did not fear the brittle path. Let’s go together, you and us, for as many more years as there is until the end of time. We will always watch over you and light your path, so you never have to fear what’s ahead.

Thank you for being born, thank you for being VIXX. I love you.

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