I don’t know with this photo, it is so magical.
It’s like there is something wonderful going on between them.
It’s the “we look into each other’s eyes” of couples.
Maybe it’s just me? But i swear, i think they’re in love.
Having their own world during the concert,
And laughing because of the unzipping of jacket.
The smile that they could only possess, and
A feeling that only the two of them can understand.

Cr: owner of photo (sorry, i just saw it randomly on twitter)


Shinhwa 18th Anniversary Hero Concert - Encore Shooting Star (Rock Ver.) [ENG SUBS]

Source: Starry Ling Youtube channel. Thank you for sharing.

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SHINHWA is my HERO 18th Anniversary Project

March 24, 2016 marks our 18th Anniversary Celebration - 18 years of everlasting love, resilient loyalty, tight friendship, sweat of hard work, tears from victories, precious memories and most of all unfailing passion and perseverance to keep the promise that we made for each other.

SHINHWA IS OUR HERO ; the heroes that we always wanted to save yet as steadfast knights they are always one step ahead of us, ahead of their orange princesses to take every blow because they knew that we are worth it. We are worth it.

SHINHWA may not be responsible for our lives but all throughout our journey they expressed their love for us by not letting us fall. They stood bravely when anyone facing such situation could have given up easily. They mustered up their courage to fight for what they feel that needs to be protected, even when they are being attacked – it has been their default instinct to shield us first from any damage. Our mighty gentlemen conquered the odds and we will continue to support them in any way that we can to spread the orange love.

To all the people who sent their entries and participated in this project, you have my ultimate gratitude. Thank you for making a statement on this special day. I know that I am still lacking and I will continue to do myself to make better projects. :)

Hope you like it :)