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[Masterpost] 2017 UNCHANGING SHINHWA 13 Comeback - Support Guide

Fellow Shinhwa Changjos, please read through and follow the guides & tutorials below to prepare yourself on supporting Shinhwa during their comeback.

The criteria breakdown of each music show serves as a rough gauge to strategize on which part we should focus more or improve on.

Before moving on to streaming/downloading the songs, please read the basic rules first.












✦ LIVE VOTING ✦ (Only when nominated for 1st place)



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[Masterpost] 2017 UNCHANGING SHINHWA 13 Comeback - Digitals Guide








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leftyreea  asked:

Hello! Can I get Shinhwa reaction for when the girl is on their period? Please and thank you!

Hi there!^^ Sorry for the late reply :( Hope you’ll like it ^-^

Eric: *listens to her and comforts her no matter how grumpy she is*

Dongwan: *does all the chores and makes sure there’s food in the fridge* “Done, done, I should go visit my mom for the next two-three days”

Andy: *listens to her complaining despite growing annoyed at some point* “If I say anything right now she’ll go bazooka on me, so nope”

Hyesung: *when she’s complaining too much*

Junjin: *behaves like her best friend and brings her sweets*

Minwoo: *when she’s all grumpy and snappy*

anonymous asked:

hey hey!! i love your blog tbvh.. it's the cutest thing ever :)) i wonder if you could do reactions of shinhwa and block b (to anything, it's fine c;)

Aren’t you a sweetheart?! <3 Thank you for giving us the liberty to write what we want ^-^ And sorry for the late reply! Hope you’ll enjoy the reactions!

Shinhwa & Block B reaction to coming home and finding you sleeping on the couch in only panties and one of their t-shirts.


Minwoo: “It doesn’t matter since I’m gonna haunt you in your dreams, sweetie :>”

Hyesung: *sits next to you and imagines every possible scenario in which you are not asleep* 

Dongwan: *sits on the coffee table when he notices the text on your panties* “Eat organic, huh?”

Junjin: “I trusted you…”

Andy: “If she thinks tomorrow is not payday she’s much mistaken :>”

Eric: “Ehhhh?! What is this situation? Why is she sleep? But my body… is ready…” *confused af*

Block B

Taeil: “Thank you, Lord, for this miraculous view :>”

Jaehyo: “Is it hot in here or what?!”

B-Bomb: “Is this a prank? ‘Cause it’s not funny at all!”

U-Kwon: “Well, well, well, what do we have here? :>”

Kyung: “And to think I ran all the way here… pfff!”

P.O.: “OMGOMGOMG, y/n is asleep and I’m in the mood and her panties say ‘pop the cherry’ and OMG!”

Zico: “Does she think sleeping like that is safe? ‘Base B’?! Y/N, you’re asking for it even in your sleep!”

anonymous asked:

HII can i just say how much I love this blog because the reaction gifs are all so cute?! Imagine the reactions of the Shinhwa members when they see their girlfriend crying and want to cheer them up.

Hi there!^^ Sorry for the late, laaaaaaate reply, but here’s your reaction! Hope you’ll enjoy it! ^-^ Thank you! <3

Eric: *invades your personal space* “I’ll let my honey listen to my newest song if she stops crying~~”

Minwoo: “Jagiya, jagiya! Look, look, my eyes are spoons now so that I can spoon on your love!”

Andy: “You’re too pretty to cry.” *wipes away your tears* *Please don’t cry and talk to me, huh?”

Junjin: *starts making derp faces*

Dongwan: *makes an indecent proposal in hopes it will shock you so much you’ll forget why you were crying and you’ll just get angry at him*

Hyesung: *goes to the nearest costume renting shop and dresses up as a panda and comes running back to you*

anonymous asked:

OMG you guys are amazing! I just love your blog! Is there any way I can get a reaction from Shinhwa when they find out you show up for their show as a surprise? Thank you so much! These things make me smile everytime I see a new one.

Hi there!^^ Thank you, you’re very kind >///< 

Andy : “I did NOT see that coming!”

Junjin: *starts acting cool all of a sudden* “So, this is the schedule you were talking about?”

Eric: *is in a complete daze*

Minwoo: *thinks is a joke at first*…*gets super excited when he sees you walk in*

Hyesung: “Why are you doing this to me?!”

Dongwan: “Who is this goddess of perfection and… OH! y/n!”

[Tutorial] Vote Shinhwa: Seoul Music Awards - Fandom School Award Voting

Seoul Music Awards has included a new award category Fandom School Award, which will be awarded to the Star with the most votes on the Fandom School beta app.

  • Award is given 100% based on votes
  • Note: This is awarded separately from Popularity Award.
  • Voting Period: Until 15 January 2017
  • Allowed to vote 10 times per day per account
  • Max 3 accounts can be used to vote per day per device
  • 1 Vote uses 10 Chocos (초코)

1. Install 팬덤스쿨beta (Fandom School beta) app:

App only available on Android as of now

2. Open the app, login with your Google Account

3. From the list, scroll and choose Shinhwa as your Star:

3. Press on Star Voting:

4. Press on the Thumbs Up icon to vote for Shinhwa

5. A popup then appears, press 예 / Yes

6. When you have successfully voted, you’ll see this, & press 예 / Yes

7. When you try to vote again but see this message popping up, means you’ll have to open a box to get more Chocos. Press Yes and you’ll be redirected to the box inventory.

8. At the box inventory, you’ll see 3 boxes, Orange, Mint and Cherry. Press Open for the Orange box.

9. This popup will appear, press Yes.

10. And then the confirmation popup appears, press Yes

11. When you exceed 11 Chocos in your inventory and you try to open another box, this popup appears, press Yes. (So vote first then open another Orange box)

12. Vote till you’ve finished up all 5 orange boxes. You can then try getting the Mint boxes by downloading the apps listed. Press Box Recharging Site 2

13. You’ll see the list of apps to get Mint boxes. Each app shows how many Mint boxes you’ll get when you fulfill the Reward Instructions. Choose the app you want to install then press Participate. (Disclaimer: I have not successfully gotten the Mint boxes myself as countless of ads popped up after I pressed ‘Participate’.)

14. As for the Cherry Box, you need to use money to buy the boxes. (Disclaimer: Similarly, I have encountered an error popup message after pressing Buy. You may want to give it a try and inform me if you have succeeded. But I do not recommend this though)

15. To check how many Chocos you have left in your inventory, go back to the main page and press My Page.

16. At My Page, you can see all of your details.

Note: When popups like “Allow 팬덤스쿨beta to access your Contacts” etc, press Allow.

★  How to login with another Google Account

There’s no option to logout of your current Google Account you’re logged into on the Fandom School App. However, what you can do is:

Try to vote for Shinhwa as much as you can each day (Max 10 votes/day). Remember the star with the most accumulated votes gets to win an award! Fighting Orange Mafias!

© hearts-shinhwa | Please take out with full credits. Only for Shinhwa fandom.