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170317 Shinhwa Company IG Update:

Decalcomanie of the neighbors.

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t/n: “Decalcomanie” is a French word for an art technique. In Korea, it’s often used to describe people who resemble each other.  In this photo, Shincom means the mirroring of RicSyung’s crossed legs & both holding a phone are the exact same, like these art pieces below.


[ENG subbed] What is SHINHWA to you?

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20170529 Shinhwa Company update
this made me miss my OT6 even more TT
Happy ShinDependence Day! 

Shinhwa Company & CI ENT’s Updates: ABOUT DONGWAN’s INJURY

Shinhwa Company:



We are sorry to announce SHINHWA Kim Dongwan’s injury news to all the fans who are giving so much love and support to [2017 SHINHWA LIVE UNCHANGING TOUR].

Few days ago, Kim Dongwan got injured by falling in a wet road. Through examination from hospital, he got a diagnosis of ligament damage and a cast in his knee.

Because of his injury, we will minimize his stage line as possible for his fast recovery in this week’s [2017 SHINHWA LIVE UNCHANGING TOUR IN DAEGU] concert.

However, we promise to make the best stage for the fans who are coming to Daegu concert which will be the stage since 14 years ago. We hope you all understand and keep supporting us.

SHINHWA COMPANY will do our best to help Dongwan for his fast recovery and comeback to the stage and meet the fans in his best condition.

Thank you.


[NOTICE] Hello, this is CI ENT.

Last Sunday, due to a momentary carelessness, Kim Dongwan slipped and fell on a wet road.

After a thorough examination at the hospital, he was diagnosed as having injured his knee ligament, and the doctor advised him to rest and recover, while receiving treatment, and so he currently has a cast on.

Although he will continue to go on stage at the <2017 SHINHWA LIVE « UNCHANGING » in DAEGU>, held this weekend (25), unfortunately, he will not be able to put up a perfect performance.

The Shinhwa members and staff will pay more attention, to fill up Kim Dongwan’s limited movement, and Shinhwa Changjo, who will witness this, we ask for yout understanding with our apologies.

After the end of the Daegu concert, with the health of the artist as the top priority, we will do our best to make a speedy recovery through enough treatment and rehabilitation. In addition, we ask for your continued support for the Daegu concert.

Thank you.

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Shinhwa Company:



Nous sommes désolés d'annoncer des nouvelles de blessures concernant Kim Dongwan de SHINHWA à tous les fans qui donnent tant d'amour et de soutien à [2017 SHINHWA LIVE UNCHANGING TOUR].

Il ya quelques jours, Kim Dongwan s'est blessé en tombant sur une route humide. Grâce à l'examen de l'hôpital, il a reçu un diagnostic de lésions ligamentaires et un plâtre à son genou.

En raison de sa blessure, nous allons minimiser ses lignes sur scènes autant que possible pour sa reprise rapide pour le concert de cette semaine [2017 SHINHWA LIVE UNCHANGING TOUR IN DAEGU].

Cependant, nous promettons de faire le meilleur concert possible pour les fans qui viennent à Daegu, le premier concert de SHINHWA dans cette ville depuis 14 ans. Nous espérons que vous avez tous compris et continuez à nous soutenir.

SHINHWA COMPANY fera de son mieux pour aider Dongwan pour sa récupération rapide et son retour sur scène et rencontrer les fans dans son meilleur état.



[NOTICE] Bonjour, c'est CI ENT.

Dimanche dernier, à cause d'une imprudence momentanée, Kim Dongwan a glissé et est tombé sur une route humide.

Après un examen approfondi à l'hôpital, il a été diagnostiqué comme ayant blessé son ligament du genou, et le médecin lui a conseillé de se reposer et de récupérer, tout en recevant un traitement, et donc il a actuellement un plâtre.

Bien qu'il continuera à monter sur scène au <2017 SHINHWA LIVE «UNCHANGING» à DAEGU>, ce week-end (25), malheureusement, il ne sera pas en mesure de réaliser une performance parfaite.

Les membresde Shinhwa et le personnel accorderont plus d'attention, pour combler le mouvement limité de Kim Dongwan, et pour les Shinhwa Changjo, qui sera témoin de cela, nous demandons votre compréhension avec nos excuses.

Après la fin du concert de Daegu, avec la santé de l'artiste comme la priorité absolue, nous ferons de notre mieux pour faire en sorte que cela soit une récupération rapide grâce à un traitement suffisant et de la réhabilitation. En outre, nous demandons votre soutien continu pour le concert de Daegu.



161101 Shinhwa Company Updates: “2016 Shinhwa Live - Unchanging” Concert’s Poster Key Words from Eric & Hyesung

⚫️ ERIC’s Poster:
“Not at Olympic Gymnastics Arena~ Not there~ ”

⚫️ HYESUNG’s Poster:
December 17th - 18th, 2016
“Go early, early, because I’m worried…”

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[From the Administrator] Because it was a waste to spend my holiday in Seoul, I went to Mt Seorak to receive its energy and.. hahaha. 2015, Shinhwa’s Year! Happy New Year!
(on photo)2015. Eric, Hyesung, Minwoo, Dongwan, Junjin, Andy. Hope everyone is healthy and join forces with Shinhwa Changjo to make 12th album a big hit!! Please let Minwoo make an awesome choreography for the title song and let me stand in the middle often. 2015, Shinhwa daebak!

- 2015-01-08 Shinhwa Company Facebook update
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in photo:
Hey.. you’re so good looking..please give me your number..Minwoo oppa, I’m a fan of yours - Junjin

[From the Administrator]
Minwoo, Hyesung, Junjin, the three of them returned safely from Shanghai

- 2014-10-02 Shinhwa Company Facebook update
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(on Eric’s palm):
Shinhwa’s 6000th day since debut!! Congratulations! During the first broadcast for our debut, I thought there wouldn’t be any fans but the cheers were so loud that I asked the manager after the recording and he said there were just five people who cheered really loudly and then slowly disappeared..and hence my hands are 5FANS+No1=6 Shinhwa!

Shinhwa Company Facebook update:
[From the Administrator] Please read carefully the message from the fifth member

- 2014-08-28 Shinhwa Company Facebook update
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[Trans] 150813 Shinhwa Company update

Enjoy Shinhwa’s concert 100 times more!

The 6 members who will go to every corner using the stage that stretches all around!
Will go one step closer to everyone, in the mosh pits and the seats, while making the best use of the extended stage!

Highlight of the concert! The special Shinhwa-style VCR! Horror? Melodrama? Comedy??
It’s worth looking forward to it this time too!

Audience in the mosh pits, X to shoes with high heels, O to sports shoes that are comfortable for your feet.
And personal items goes into the locker!
Please come to the concert venue dressed simply.

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[From the Administrator]
The day a member of the ShinCom family gets married
Double MC Minwoo and Hyesung who are meticulously checking through the script
Congratulations on your marriage!!!!

- 2014-06-13 Shinhwa Company Facebook update
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Hyesung: A night where Hyesung shines. Hello, I’m Shin Hyesung. There seems to be really a lot of things to be thankful to everyone about recently. Not long ago, through the Ice Bucket Challenge, I nominated our fans as the next participant, and very gratefully, there were really a lot of people who participated in this meaningful event, and that makes me really pleased and proud, really, thank you so much everyone. Once again, I give my sincere thanks. Also, ‘Doll’ that was released not long ago, as compared to what I expected, everyone’s reactions to it was very good and listened to it well, I’m really very happy. Thank you very much. So, actually, to express my gratitude, I pondered over whether there was something I could do. Regarding the mystery at 2minutes 58second, I heard that many people are curious about it. So, to express my gratitude to those who have loved 'Doll’, I’ll fully reveal the truth to the 2mins 58sec mystery on “Hye-Bit-Bam”. It is surprisingly simple. Before the 2nd chorus, at the part where the lyrics goes “live while loving you”, I sang the main melody, and Changjung-hyung sang the harmony. And the 2nd chorus that comes after that, “I’ll miss you”, from that part till the end of the song, I sang all the harmony. And Changjung-hyung sang all the main melody. I guess I should take it as a compliment? That hyung-nim and my voice blended so well that everyone was confused over our voices. It seems to be something to be happy about. Anyway, everyone, the mystery at 2mins 58sec, I hope it has been fully resolved. And, last of all, what I want to say thanks for, it was yesterday right? The day that I, we Shinhwa, have debuted for 6000 days. Ah, 6000 seems like a really huge number. To have received everyone’s love for such a long time, I’m very happy, glad, and proud. Everyone, thank you. Quite a lot of people have sent in their congratulations too. And even flower wreaths so I’m really happy. Thank you so much. More than 6000 days, for an even longer time, I hope I’ll be able to spend it with everyone. Seems like today, from the start till the end, it’s full of thanks. But everyone, I sincerely thank you all. Then, I’ll be saying goodbye here. Everyone, see you again!

Liveworks Company Twitter update:
[Shin Hye Sung_신혜성]
ONCE AGAIN RADIO - A night where Hyesung shines 'Doll’ PART 10
Days filled with things to be thankful for goes by

Shinhwa Company Facebook/Twitter update:
[From the Administrator]
An audio message from the fourth member
“Days filled with things to be thankful for goes by”

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