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Supporting Shinhwa's 2013 Comeback

It’s almost that time of the year again where Shinhwa will be on music shows promoting their new album. Let’s be ready to do all that we can to support them.

Here is a list of things that we can do. Most of the information is word of mouth data collected from other fans and various websites; they are not all officially confirmed. This page is just meant to describe all the possible things that we can do to support Shinhwa during their promotional activities. Corrections and additional information are welcome.

I know that this may seem like a lot of things to do, but it shouldn’t be too hard to take some time out of your day here and there to do a couple of these things. Shinhwa has continuously kept their promises and worked hard for us for the last 15 years, let’s do as much as we can to show them our appreciation. Heck, even if they don’t care about winning awards, let’s just do it out of our sheer pride of being Shinhwa Changjo. If it all seems too overwhelming, the one thing that I would recommend you do is the “Shinhwa Project” as that will be most effective in trying to improve Shinhwa’s chances of getting 1st place on music shows. 

The information found in this post can also be found on this side blog I made, “Supporting Shinhwa,” for those who don’t like reading long lists and prefer an easier-to-read format.

Music Program Ranking Systems

The things that music programs take into account in their weekly selection that we can participate in: 

  • Digital sales
  • Album purchases
  • Voting Polls
  • SNS Votes during music shows

★★ 1.  Digital Music Scores ★★

Downloading and streaming Shinhwa’s music from Korean music portals. This is the most important factor in music countdown programs. 

★★★  The “Shinhwa-Project” ★★★

SHCJ in Korea have set up a way to help fans from all around the world contribute to digital music scores (our contribution is usually limited without having a Korean social security number). What we can do:  

  1. Create IDs on Melon and Bugs for Shinhwa-Project 
    -    Create IDs with gmail addresses and set your password to tlsghk98.  
                   -    Tutorials: Creating Melon and Bugs accounts.
    -     Post your ID into the Shinhwa-Project ID support page (you will have to register on Shinhwa-Project in order to post there. Tutorial on registering on Shinhwa-Project). 

    They will use the accounts we make to download and purchase music. We do not have to worry about anything besides making the accounts (and it is okay if our accounts aren’t validated with a Korean SSN).

  2. Monetary Contributions for the Purchase of Songs 
    -    Deposit funds to Shinhwa-Project’s paypal account, to help them purchase the digital downloads. 

-   Purchasing Music through Soribada’s Global Website

  • Soribada is the one site that fans from around the world can easily purchase Kpop music from as the website is in English and easy to navigate. However, Soribada’s weight in the digital music scores is minimal at best compared to the other large music portal sites. K-SHCJ have told me that it would be much more effective if we transfer funds to them so that they can purchase music from Melon, Bugs, and Mnet directly since they carry much more weight in the digital music scores. It is up to you whether or not you want to purchase and download music from Soribada.  But if you want to legally download Shinhwa’s album, you can do so through Soribada instead of iTunes if you want it to contribute to the digital music scores.

★★ 2. Purchasing Albums ★★

Physical music album sales are a relatively small factor on music show charts, but they are still very important and a way for fans to support Shinhwa that can be done by fans from anywhere.

-    Where to purchase from (pending the actual release of the album):

There will probably be many more sites out there where you can purchase their 11th album from, just make sure that they are trustworthy before buying from them, and that they reflect in Korea’s CD sales charts (Hanteo, GaOn, etc.). It is up to you to find out the site with the best deal for you to purchase from, and try to purchase the album while they are promoting if you can. 

I just want to add one more thing. As fans, we should be LEGALLY supporting our artists. I understand that not everyone has the access or luxury to spend the money to purchase albums, but if it is possible, please find a way to legally purchase their music if you can. Please don’t post or spread links of illegal downloads of their music and please help flag down those kinds of links so that they aren’t widely propagated around the internet. Please, please legally support them if you can. 

★★ 3. Voting Polls ★★

Fans can participate in polls that contribute to music show rankings:

  • Mnet M Countdown Global Fan voting - You can register an account with a valid email address, facebook, or twitter account. Voting is from Friday 11 AM to Monday 9AM KST. You can vote once per day for each account, and up to 10 times for each IP address. (If you make more than one account, I suggest making an excel spreadsheet of your accounts and passwords for future use).
  • SBS Inkigayo & MBC Show Champion - Further information and tutorials will be updated pending on whether or not Shinhwa will promote on those shows.

Fans can participate in general polls that may indirectly contribute to music show rankings (pending if Shinhwa is included in the polls):

  • Music Star Sports Seoul - Goes to Bugs’ digital score. Click on the ★ next to Shinhwa’s name. 
  • Melon Chart Battle - Melon account required. Mark the box under Shinhwa’s number and click on the blue box at the end of the row.
  • GomTV - Mark the box next to Shinhwa’s number and click the last box on the row.
  • Sports Chosun - Click the yellow box with the smiley face under Shinhwa’s section.

There will probably be other general polls floating around with Shinhwa in it as they promote. Do spread them around when you see them :). 

★★ 4. SNS Votes during Music Shows ★★

  • Mnet M Countdown SMS Voting - If Shinhwa is in the Top 3 for that week of M Countdown, fans can vote for them during the live broadcast by sending a text message from their phones. Voting must be done during the time frame that the show announces to vote. You can only vote ONCE per phone number. To vote, send ’신화’ to +822566 (or +00822566 if that doesn’t work). It must be ’신화’ in Hangul. The text costs 200 won ($0.20) on the Korean website and whatever your telephone provider will charge you for an international text. If you cannot do international texts, try smartphone apps or websites that allow you to text internationally (like Yahoo Messenger, Textfree Web, and Slide SMS).  

  • MBC Show! Music Core SMS Voting - If Shinhwa is up for 1st place on Music Core, fans can vote for them during the live broadcast. Voting must be done during the time frame that the show announces to vote. You can only vote ONCE per hone and you must vote for TWO artists. Separate the group names with a comma like:  신화, 틴탑. To vote send a text to +820505 (or 00820505) with just the two submissions. You must only vote for 2 artists, must include a comma, and only send one vote or your votes will be invalid. You will also probably be charged for this text. 

★★ 5. Searching ’신화’★★

Searching  신화 on music portals may help digital scores. Fans are still unsure about this, but it does not hurt to try (and it doesn’t take much time to do so).  

So please search for 신화 or (the promoted song name) on each site a few times a day (try to coordinate with others to all search at once so that it can be more effective).

Whenever possible, log in to the site, and use Internet Explorer. Please wait at least 2 minutes before searching again.

Let’s do all that we can to support them. Shinhwa Changjo fighting! 

Eric and Advice to SHCJ
  • #Here4Leadernim
  • SHCJ:Oppa, last time when we did an age survey on the Shinhwa info Twitter the results said most of the fans are in their early and mid 20s. How about giving those in their 20s, including me, some advice as a senior in life?
  • Eric:Everyone thinks differently, live in different environments, and are fundamentally different, but I want to recommend just one thing that applies in all general situations: “knowledge is power.” I’m not just talking about academic knowledge. You’re afraid of the dark because you don’t know what’s there, but a few minutes later when you learn what is there your fear goes away. If you don’t want to be afraid, don’t go there. Basically, knowledge really is power. Even if you’re in a woman’s body, you can fight and win against Tyson in his heyday. Since you know how he’ll attack, if you just keep avoiding his punches and keep punching him back even Tyson won’t be able to stand it. I believe it’s the same in life. It’s important to first decide on a goal and specify it. Then if you really! want it to come true you should always draw it in your mind and always think about it. That method will unconsciously change your attitude, and it’s the easiest way to heighten the odds it will come true. Next, divide it into segments and specify it. Draw up a schedule willingly and “know” what will result from following it, live your day according to the schedule, and at the end of the day evaluate yourself on how well you followed it. Whether it’s a goal or something you want or anything you have to do, clear and well-formed “knowledge” of it is power. To my juniors in life, it may seem like such a basic thing to say but it is difficult to actually put it into practice. I hope you live a life in which every day you win against yourself and your hardships.
  • cr:eric twitter