shinhwa 101



It seems new Kpop fans are daunted by how long Shinhwa has been around and not knowing where to start keeps them from checking out this amazing group. So now here is Shinhwa’s 17+ year history condensed into 10 slides. There’s plenty of stuff missing but I didn’t want to take away ALL the fun of discovering a new group ;)

So idk if you all know imma tiny late to this wonderful kpop world (I’m talking the last year..exactly the day BTS- Fire was released BUT THATS A WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY ILL WRITE OUT SOME OTHER TIME) but hearing about Beast rebranding as Highlight and having such a huge success with it made me happy. I honestly watched the MVs not knowing they were formally Beast… which I guess made it special because I fell in love without knowing their past. But, as I got filled in by my friends I got really saddened hearing their story. It’s unfortunate I entered this world as eras were shifting. I was lucky enough to see CL in concert before 2NE1 broke up and but that was just the first thing to happen. 10 years with Bigbang happened and TOP went off to the military, I fell in love with Winner before learning Taehyun left, I was so enthralled to find the Wonder Girls.. a badass girl band! But they disbanded as well. I’m currently watching Produce 101 and hearing the members of Nu'est admit they were close to disbanding shattered my heart. Learning about the whole BAP-TS battle I learned while watching their One Fine Day and I cried so much. The tragedy that happened with Ladies Code and the members leaving EXO I learned quickly getting into the kpop world, I’m sad it ended the way it did. I’m sure there’s a shit ton more I don’t even know about, but the purpose of this post is to acknowledge that, to the kpop fans who’ve been through it all, I can’t imagine being through that with the people you love the most and I really hope this new generation of kpop brings so much good. I may never know about how legendary TVXQ or H.O.T really was, or ever quite understand why everyone thinks SM is a bully to their idols, or even learn to love some groups before they leave, but I promise you, im going to try my best to learn it and appreciate what I have. Dang right I’m going to watch Shinwhas 18th anniversary special on vlive, and fuck yeah I’m gonna vote the shit out of Atom from Topp Dogg on produce 101, because they’re an underrated group who’s been around much longer than I have and they deserve that much.

Anyways. Now my little rant is over and I’m sharing this song because I just had a little cry over learning Beast’s last album was called Highlight and I think it really represents what I’m trying to say. I never loved Beast. I learned about them today. But I’m gonna support this new era called Highlight with my whole kpop heart and I hope you guys can do the same with me.

JJ Fan Service 101

check equipment before taking video.. :”)

test shot the Goofy Face that he prepared.. XDDD

make the audience unintentionally dizzy while showing his  location XDDD

act innocently like he didn’t do anything wrong XDDD

LMAO by himself and display happiest fail attempt XD

display CUTE GOOFY FACE again to distract audiences :”)

then perform EYE TO EYE interaction XD

send cheesy kisses ~ virtual kisses to be exact.. 

how’s your screen now? XDDD

gives his signature smirk *_*

and of course make us all agree that he is THE BOSS :””)

ahhh.. Jinnie Oppa..