[Eng Sub] 180917 Oh! My Crazy Idol - Dongwan & Andy

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I got bored but this is important

SNSD-Taeyeon, Seohyun and Tiffany
BTS-RM, V and Suga
SHINee-Key, Taemin and Jonghyun
BTOB-Peniel, Minhyuk, and Sungjae
NCT-Johnny, Yuta and Doyoung
BAP-Yongguk, Jongup and Himchan
BEG- Ga in
ZE:A-Dongjun and Hyungsik
Block B-U-Kwon
Jay Park
Stray Kids
Eric Nam
Cross Gene
Mad Clown
FT Island-Hongki
Monsta X-Wonho
Super Junior-Donghae, Ryewook, Kyuhyun and Heechul
Wonder Girls-Yubin
BigBang-GD and Seungri
Lee Hi
Jo Kwon
f(x)-Amber, Luna and Krystal
EXO-Baekhyun and Chanyeol
GOT7-Bambam, Mark and Jackson
The Boyz
iKON-Donghyuk and Jinhwan
Wanna One-Daehwi
Former Idols- Minsung(Formerly Hansol of TOPP DOGG), Luhan(EXO), Tao(EXO)
Also, I’ve added Jjong based on requests, I originally didn’t because I was worried it my reopen some wounds for fans of him, so if necessary, please contact me and I will remove it.
Let me know if I missed any


Huehuehue - this should be fun.



I do not hate BTS at all. However, I do hate ARMYs. Not all armys just before I get messages saying “NoT aLl ArMyS”. I do hate ARMYs like you, the ones that give ARMYs and BTS a bad name. Let me guess? You’re one of them ARMYs that believe the boys are yours? That they can’t date because they should focus on you? You’re one that believes BTS is all k-pop is.


BTS was one of my first groups, however ARMYs did help drive me away from them. Again, not all ARMYs, just the immature ones like you who give them all a bad name. You wonder why ARMYs became one of the most hated fandoms? I have nothing against the 7 of them, they’re amazing with what they’ve accomplished and I absolutely, hands down, wish them the best and hope they continue to make massive achievements and make the world proud.


Now: IF IT’S IS TO DO WITH MY BIO “mostly groups starting with B” !

There are many groups that begin with B, and ones that I actually stan, groups that are underrated and deserve better, ones that [in my opinion] are better than BTS.

Let me give a few shorts examples.

  • BigBang
  • B.A.P
  • BtoB
  • Block-B
  • Boyfriend
  • B1A4
  • Buzz
  • Boys Republic

Now. These groups all begin with B, and yet, have you noticed I don’t just post them? Let me again, give a few small examples of who I post.

  • TVXQ
  • Super Junior
  • SHINee
  • Shinhwa
  • EXO
  • Team H
  • Epik High
  • M.I.B
  • A.C.E
  • iKON
  • Winner


If you specifically want to see BTS posts then I highly recommend blogs dedicated to them. I could tag a few great ones if you’d like? Maybe you could follow the tag BTS!


Now I won’t be surprised if I get a lot of replies talking about how “it isn’t all ARMYs” which I’ve already said that I know or “but other fandoms do it too” but we’re not talking about them necessarily. Such as, commenting about BTS EVERYWHERE. You get them on other groups videos (especially on YouTube), on their Instagram lives / VLives, Twitter etc (just look at all them reporting Baekhyuns account). It’s so disrespectful to be always talking about BTS on something that is about a different group. You even get them where K-POP isn’t even mentioned, you have to know your boundaries! AGAIN NOT ALL ARMYS, I KNOW!


Now to slightly go off topic.


- Don’t discredit other groups because they’re one of the “big 3”. Many groups trained for years, overcame struggles, worked hard and fought for their debut. Not only that but they also work hard to keep active and not disband, they work hard to have what they have and that shouldn’t be took away because “BTS came from a small company”.

Guess what? They’re not the only ones either

Block-B & B.A.P (as 2 examples) came from “small” companies [basically not from the “big 3” is what I’m saying]. They overcome A LOT!

These two amazing groups overcame lawsuits against their companies and stayed together, Block-B filed a massive law suit and yet their leader, Zico, still managed to keep that group together and continued to produce and sell AMAZING songs even when they changed companies (very amazing to be able to stay as Block-B even after leaving and joining another company FYI). Did BTS do that? No. Will I discredit them because they didn’t have that hardship? No.

Just because they come from different situations doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be counted. Many groups have struggled and gone through a hell of a lot, even if they are part of bigger companies but you can’t discredit hard work because of where they come from, to show you how stupid that sounds it’s like you like saying

“Well it doesn’t matter what Einstein did because he was ALREADY smart anyway.”

See how stupid that sounds? Would you discredit him for all of his hard work because he was already in, what some may say, a more advantaged place? No. It’s just silly.


Let’s start off when ARMYs try to say that BTS are legends and “_____” are just old or trash etc.

Yes, BTS have done so well but they’re not legends, not yet. They’re still a fairly new group, I’m not saying they aren’t amazing, because let’s be honest, they are! However, you CANNOT say that they are more legendary or “better” than groups like H.O.T, MBLAQ, TVXQ, Shinhwa, BigBang, SHINee, Roo’Ra etc. When other fandoms say that them groups paved the way for your favourite BTS, they’re not being disrespectful but they are telling the truth.

Do you really believe BTS would have come this far if it weren’t for all them groups? Maybe. Maybe they would have, maybe they wouldn’t have but we don’t know. K-pop became what it is and known because of them legendary groups! BTS may now be helping pave the way for newer groups too but never ever try and disrespect an older group and say that they had no impact on the industry.

Remember: BTS looks up and admires these groups such as BigBang!

I again, do not hate BTS (in fact I have something about them coming out soon that had been requested).


A lot of ARMYs that are toxic always bring up the fact that they [BTS] do everything themselves. Now, again for examples I’ll use Block-B and B.A.P first.

Zico - one of the best rappers and producers in the industry. Him and Kyung have produced all of Block-B’s albums. He writes his own lyrics and music.

Yongguk - with his latest songs, he directed, edited, produced, wrote the lyrics, arranged, mixed and mastered it. Now, that takes serious skill too.

A hell of a lot of groups & artists produce their own music / own lyrics / own choreography etc so don’t try and say someone else does it for them all.


I feel like I’ll get a lot of hate for what I’ve said [especially seem as I’ve went off on a tangent] but I feel like you’re very mad that I don’t post BTS but why should I? It’s just like when you get hate for saying that you don’t like BTS or you prefer other groups? Why do you feel the need to attack? It’s okay for you to say that you dislike so and so etc but as soon as someone says they don’t like your favourites you go mad? Grow up.


Another reason I don’t necessarily post about BTS is because they’re everywhere already. Nearly every blog posts about them so why is it such a bad thing if I don’t? Again [im making assumptions but oh well] you’re probably one of them ARMYs that thinks it’s all about views, hm? Always on about them breaking records well let me tell you


Just because a video has more views than someone else’s does not mean they are better nor does it mean they’re more popular. See, a lot of ARMYs watch the videos to get records and are always STREAM STREAM STREAM while I’d rather watch it because I want to enjoy it and enjoy the music, not once does it cross my mind that “this video needs to get 1M views in 5 minutes” or “they need to beat _____!” Sometimes I believe that videos do deserve more views but I will never put another group down because they have less than my favourites.


My name is “TOPBAP” as in T.O.P of BigBang and B.A.P - so, literally nothing on my blog has anything to do with BTS so why should I post about them? Lol. I know I went on a tangent but it just pisses me off that everything has to be about BTS. I will maybe, occasionally post about them but I like to post about the groups I love the most. If you have a problem with that block me or just don’t look at my account. Like I said earlier, there are plenty of accounts dedicated solely to BTS, go follow them if you’re that bothered. 



[W.Idol ver] Idol’s reaction when they didn’t recognise their own song

1. G Dragon

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2. BamBam

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3. Donghae

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4. Gikwang (ft. Doojoon)

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5. Eric

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(he was rlly confused for the whole random dance segment 😂)

KPOP Titles, IMO


Kings: H.O.T

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HOT was the first real big boy group to explode, so much so that SECHSKIES (😭) admits they lost to them.

Legends: SHINHWA

Originally posted by bbcblackjack

SHINHWA was from SM just like HOT and was even more popular than them. Their fandom name even means legend or myth. They’re also the first and one of very few groups who STAY together over 5 years. It’s not common anymore but for a long time there was a ‘5 year curse’ on boy groups and they would disband at 5.

(Yes that’s it for then, back then kpop wasn’t as big as it started to get, the few groups who were actually popular set the stage for generations after)


Gods: DB5K

Originally posted by saramoonwolf

So a lot of new fans aren’t familiar really with DB5K. They were literally considered Gods of kpop during their time. They broke the world record of biggest fan club (800,000+ in their fancafe) broke mult records in Japan as first kpop group or foreign groups, and really started the hallyu wave. Their name literally means ‘Rising Gods of the East’.

Legends: Super Junior

Originally posted by randomsuperjuniorgifs

Super Junior is without a doubt one of the two (Big Bang the other) Hallyu Wave Kings. Super Junior blew up in international popularity as well as the subgroup Super Junior-M. Again, another artist decorated in achievements such as the first Teen Choice Award for a kpop group from what I recall.

Kings: Big Bang

Originally posted by daesungstrash

Big Bang is the biggest boy group and literally are the Kings of KPOP. A lot of non VIP like to dismiss it but it’s true. You can see it through all their achievements, world wide recognition, how many people went to their Last Dance concerts, and achievements in the fashion industry as well. Granted yes they didn’t get as much exposure as BTS is getting right now, but they didn’t have the help from the Billboard or anything. They even won the MTV EMA Best World Wide Act and it was a HUGE DEAL. (Look up Britney Spears reaction to BB 😂) Tumblr already had a pretty good kpop community and seeing non-VIP or non-YG stans posting links and reminders to vote for BB, just brought us all together. And I could literally write a whole post of what Gdragon contributed to kpop by himself.

Princes: SHINee

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SHINee is another incredibly decorated group who took kpop by storm. One of the few groups who were already very popular from debut on. Their amazing voices, acapella talent, and all around charms won a lot of people over. They’re also one of the few groups who’s popularity hasn’t really fluctuated.


Legends: GOT7

Originally posted by gsvnrewind

GOT7 has recently gained so much momentum and popularity, esp overseas as we saw this last year with awards. Being a mult cultural group with smooth voices and overall appeal easily captivates people. I remember for the longest time they didn’t get the recognition they deserved so it’s good to see they finally are.

Gods: EXO

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Omg EXO. So I’m not too familiar with them tbh, I’m working on it, I’m addicted to their music, BUT what I do remember is when they debuted they did not need any time for their popularity to grow. See before now most groups would debut and then over time gain popularity. I mean, the public doesn’t know you really when you first debut. You hear older idols talk about it all the time. For instance, now groups debut and if you automatically top charts it’s a good debut. Well that wasn’t the norm at that time. As long as you charted at all it was a good debut, but for EXO they were popular right away, both as EXO-K AND EXP-M. Everyone’s attention was on them and I totally believe they are Korea’s iconic boy group. The Olympics proved that.

Kings: BTS

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BTS achievements really speak for themselves. We see it everywhere, esp now that they have won the US over. LITERALLY no one else has done that. A long time ago SE7EN (former solo artist of YG) tried to debut in the US market, even having Lil Kim on his single and it was a flop. BOA tried as well with ‘Eat you up’ and that didn’t work out either. SNSD and CL were somewhat successful but none are anywhere near the success BTS has. They’re literally everywhere and it’s much deserved. I wasn’t an Army until last year but when BTS debuted no one really thought they’d make it. At the time many boy groups had similar styles and BTS was just one of many. Literally no one, including BTS, saw this coming. They’ve come a long way.

Princes: Seventeen

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Seventeen is a well rounded group, obvious balanced by their sub groups within the whole. Proven with their success from today and back. When they debuted they were on multiple Billoard charts/lists and charted for a while here in the US as well, as ROOKIES. They’re full of charm, amazing music producer, and continue to release quality music.

So I don’t think BTS being called Kings is in any way a diss to Big Bang. There have been many titles out there and I get it but there are a lot of new groups and new fans, it’s just how it is. They are this generations Kings. Big Bang are KINGS OF KPOP. There’s a difference.

(But wait till Big Bang comes back, it’s over for all y’all bitches)

And you can think I’m Biased but I’m really not. I’m a huge YG Stan and only BB is on there. I’ve been into kpop since 2004, I only remember the year because I had just moved schools and kpop helped me a lot through the hard times, so I’ve seen it all. Believe it or not the internet was around at the time.

Also since I’ve been in kpop since I was in fucking middle school, I don’t get the generations thing. Idk what years start and end one so forgive me for just mashing timelines together?

I have no idea as to why the hell Shinhwa doesn’t appeal to younger audiences. Their songs are nothing but bops, every vocal could be easily a main vocal, they have great rappers, minwoo and junjin probably invented dancing and they have great solo work. Surprises me that some people don’t even know them. Also, please support their lastest comeback ‘Kiss Me Like That’ 

Japanese Boy Groups That Kpop Stans Love

I made a girl group version earlier and there was a good response, so here we go with a boys version. Again, I’ll only be posting groups with an easily countable number of members (~7-12). And obviously, only groups with serious vocal/dance talent that I have found appealing to kpop fans.

If you like BTS, Seventeen, iKON, TVXQ:

1. Generations

7 members, 5 of which are dancers. Those are solid numbers for a performance based group and it means that the vocalists are always stable, even during lives. Heavily EDM inspired. The members are diverse too; Alan (bottom left) is half Filipino and Mendy (top right) is half Nigerian. 

Generations~ Alright! Alright!

If you like BtoB, Got7, JBJ:

2. Da-Ice

A quick change of pace from Generations here. Da-Ice have two vocalists and three dancers. Whereas Generations is a performance based group, Da-Ice relies heavier on the vocalists Yuudai (short black hair) and Sota (red hair). Sota especially hits crazy high notes. The group has a more familiar Jpop sound.

Da-Ice ~ Toki

Yeah, yeah, it’s an older song on their discography. But Toki still holds up and it’s super catchy.

If you like BigBang, Super Junior, Shinhwa, Shinee:

3. J. Soul Brothers

Company seniors to Generations. J Soul Brothers began as a project in the early 90s, hence the old~ish R&B name. In the early 2000s, the second generation of the group was formed. And most recently in the 2010s, we have the third generation. The Sandaime. Another performance group like Generations, but they have that stage presence that only age and experience can bring. Again, 2 vocalists and 5 dancers. Elly, in the top left, is also half-black like his labelmate Mendy.

JSB ~ Summer Madness ft. Afrojack

If you like BtoB, Block B, Dean, Winner:

4. Solidemo

An 8-member consisting of only vocalists. Seriously, the ultimate group for ballads. The name stands for “strong emotions” and every comeback delivers just that. Honestly, I seriously respect the group for going against the usual “~everyone has to be a visual~” theme. Excellent vocalists >>> flower boys in my opinion. 

Solidemo ~ Our Days

If you like BTS, Seventeen, Wanna One:

5. Ballistik Boyz

So this last group hasn’t even debuted yet, but I’ve added them in because they are already in “controversy” with kpop fans and specifically BTS stans. The current rumour is that Ballistik Boyz is a copy of BTS, but frankly it’s completely unsubstantiated. 

For one, why would a Japanese boy group be called Tado Sonyeondan as has been “reported” on Pann? That’s Korean, y’all. How does that even begin to make sense? 

Second, the shorthand for Ballistik Boyz is Ballibo, not BTZ. That’s another rumour that came out of literally no where. 

And third, god forbid a group have 7 members, 3 rappers, and 4 vocalists. I guess BtoB and Block B also copied Bangtan before they even debuted. 

Frankly, I’m excited for their debut. They’ve worked hard in LDH’s training system and this has been a long time coming for those of us who follow the company. 

It’s a shame that someone decided to pull “facts” out of their ass and post them to a fan board on Pann. It’s even more of a shame that international kpop fans took that as truth and ran with it. And it’s just straight up embarrassing that Soompi, NetizenBuzz, and Allkpop is where people got this information from. Those aren’t exactly bastions of reliable journalism y’all.

I get the feeling that like all of LDH’s other boy groups, Ballistik Boyz will be popular and I recommend we keep up with their development.