I’m so thankful to you guys. It’s hard to explain because you guys maybe don’t know hoe we feel. Long time ago me and my sister were always fighting. We couldn’t even stay in one room without criticize the other. One time we saw a report about korean music. My sister was a manga fan so she wanted to watch it. I was very annoyed of her always saying “watch this manga it’s funny!” or “Get out of my room. I’m watching an anime!”. But since we saw the report about the biggest group Super Junior I was annoyed like never. But then I heard SHINee. At the first time I liked it. My sister showed me then Super Junior and then I fell in love in the first 5 seconds. From this time forward I heared Super Junior more and more and me and my sister we get along better. Our relationship changed. And now she is my best friend and we can laugh together. I can really enjoy my life now with my family.. Because of only listening to the music my life and that of my sister changed into a better one. I’m now happier and carefuller. I wanted to thank you and please stay healthy. Fighting Super Junior.